Reader Question – The M/M book with a character named X or Z (Xavier…?)

by Maryse on March 30, 2017 · 1 comment

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Lee needs our book help! She’s in an excited panic, but has some specific details so I think someone here will know it. Plus I LOVE the line she remembers. Very poignant, and so often the case. Okay so…

She asks:

M!!!! LADIES!!!! *hi ..hi *sends kisses to everyone*

I am looking for an M/M book.. actually an M/M novella.

*insert scream and pulling hair* ..

I don’t remember much. All I remember is:

#1 It was an introduction of new series, it had about 70 pages or so…
#2 The intro was about a couple – I don’t remember the names – and the main characters of Book One.
#3 One of the main characters (of Book1) was named X (Xavier) or Z. I know it was one of those letters.
#4 The last scene of the book, X was on a car and said something like “I am looking for a love like that -talking about the couple of the novella because one of them was his best friend-” and the other person in the car said something like “That person is right under your nose, you just can’t see” talking about himself.


Anyone have a guess for us?

Leanda:  Never Say Never (Sniper 1 Security Book 2) by Nicole Edwards

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LeeC March 31, 2017 at 2:01 PM

GAAAAAAH!! When I got your email I was solo excited. even though I love Nicole AND loved this book so so much, it’s not this one. I am 110% it’s a novella like book 0.5 or something.

Thank you Leanda! <3

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