Reader Question – The older book about the marriage of convenience and they disliked each other…

by Maryse on July 20, 2017 · 0 comments

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Okay so we’ve read quite a few in this genre (so much fun reading about two strangers, or even acquaintances that are stuck together and develop a bond). All that initial annoyance, and even angst is so fun!

But what makes this one difference is it’s an older book!

Fay asks:

HIII. I read a an amazing book about 10 years ago, and cannot now remeber the title. Would so love to read it again.

What I can remember is that it was a marriage of convience. Think the heroines name was Gail maybe?  Think the heroine entered the marriage to help her father not to lose money or something like that. The couple was really different and disliked each other, different upbringings and the heroine thought of the hero as a snob.

They were with other people in the beginning as well.  The heroine had a boyfriend and the hero dated. The author was male, think John something maybe?

Help please!

Does anyone remember this one?

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