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I’ve only read one book by this author but I FREAKED over it. LOVED it like crazy, and even though it was a short book, there was just something about the intensity of every single emotion I felt while reading it that, to this day, has me remembering every single thing about it. And I read it a few years ago! I was intrigued with the initial start (overly sheltered girl curious about the bad boy drug smoker next door), and then I was giggling and titillated by their interactions, and then WHOA. HOT HOT HOTNESS.

K says: “Sheltered. . . Is. . . hands down. . . One of the sexiest books I’ve ever read. I can read it at any given time and be like. . .OMG! This is hot there are very few books I can claim that with…

Yep. Some of the hottest stuff I’ve ever read and yet so NOT what you’d expect, and I was also constantly on the edge of my seat, scared for what was coming. Here’s MY REVIEW.

Wow, looking through her booklist (and reading those blurbs eek), I’d say she writes full-on titillating unconventional love stories, daring… some taboo and even forbidden.

From that one book I’ve read I’d say she’s got that… Cara McKenna/Megan Hart feel we so love. Kind of… personally and emotionally dark at times, yet steamy and the potential romance is exquisitely detailed. Exciting love stories, that have us feeling… everything. Where some of my favorite romance novels have that delicious “candy” flavor (and I LOVE candy so don’t mistake me there) and you just know things are going to work out in the end, these authors have a more… dark chocolate and caramel flavor. Rich and indulgent. ;) Hehe. Well you know what I’m trying to say. And what makes these authors extra… mesmerizing, is that as they seduce you, you have that constant trepidation wondering if they’re gonna pull the rug right from under you. And sometimes they do. Their journeys don’t necessarily guarantee a typical HEA. Or maybe they do. ;)

And when I read a few blurbs from THIS author’s upcoming new releases (and they all gave me blurb-jolts), I knew it was time to explore her book world.

jen: ohhhhh! a new Charlotte Stein book!! Just clicked the pre-order for The Professor

Betty: Love love love love love her! First book I read was Deep Desires, about the voyeur. That led me to read all existing books and constantly hound for new ones. Personal favorites: Beyond Repair, Addicted, Telling Tales, Run To You. Great writing, naughty, and most importantly, great plots.

Michelle:  I also read Reawakening by Charlotte Stein which is literally romance during a zombie apocalypse – it was fun but more of a fluffy erotica book.

Jean: I got Forbidden AND Intrusion by Charlotte Stein because I just read a short book of hers…..Sheltered…. and really loved it! OK, I’m done now!

Maryse: I LOVED Sheltered like CRAZY!!!!! OMG MORE people need to read that one. It’s THE awesome book that not many know about. LOL!

LaurenB: Loved Sheltered as well :)

Tina: Sheltered… Just finished this book in a few hours! It FLEW by–and I loved it! I would have liked more of a “showdown” at the end—-if you get what I mean, but it was a FUN, quick read! *VAN–heh heh heh….SQUEEEEEE!

Trisha: I usually don’t read any short stories because I always find them lacking, but I’m so glad I took your advice and read Sheltered! It was so surprisingly good and I loved Evie’s inner dialogue.

Kara: Just finished reading this and it was FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC!!   You keep finding us these awesome shorts Maryse, thank you!!  I usually don’t love such short stories (and mostly for the simple fact that they usually leave me wanting more or just not caring enough about the characters) but with Connected and now this one I actually felt completely satisfied!  Extremely wonderful story, highly recommended!!

Ready to see that list? Wow, she appears to write just about every titillating “unconventional romance” thing that we love!! :D They don’t ALL have my attention but there are at least 10 on this list that have me very excited to read them! And don’t forget, just because it’s “short” doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded in *oomph*… at least per my experience with Sheltered. It was short-ish but awesome.

  1. Sheltered <— THIS IS THE ONE THAT I LOVE SO MUCH!!! She’s a sheltered girl being raised by a severly-strict & scary father, and he’s the pot-smoker that hangs out next door… (my review)
  2. Deep Desires <— SHE’S A VOYEUR/RECLUSIVE NEIGHBOR! She’s hiding from her abusive past, and her reclusive hot neighbor also seems to be hiding… but… sometimes he let’s her watch…
  3. The Things That Make Me Give In (Black Lace) <— A COLLECTION OF HER SHORT SEXY STORIES!! “Be seduced by obsessions that go one step too far and dark desires that remove all inhibitions. Each story takes you on a journey into all the things that make a girl give in.
  4. Beyond Repair <— SHE FINDS A FAMOUS ACTOR IN HER LIVING ROOM!! Surprise! But she realizes… “He needs normality. The only problem—Alice is hiding a secret that is far from normal. In fact, her name isn’t even Alice at all…”
  5. Reawakening (Forever Dead Series, Book One) <— ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE & HE FINDS HER! And offers her quite the solution to her problem… “…promising her safety on a little paradise island, she isn’t quite sure she can trust him. Especially when he tells her that it’s just him, and his equally big, burly, handsome friend Blake…
  6. Doubled <— IDENTICAL TWINS!! <— “One big, gorgeous guy is enough for her. Two might be more than she can handle…”
  7. Closer <— SHE’S GOT THE KINK! This one’s short, super-short but whoa. That blurb made my eyes bug out! “Judy has a bad habit, one that gets worse during the busy Christmas season. She likes to rub against strangers on trains…
  8. The Horizon <— SCI-FI ENEMIES! That are being pumped full of lust gas and wanting to… you know… “do it”. ;)
  9. Guarded <— HER GUARDS WANT HER!When Amina is captured by the Maharaja of Hadad and forced to read his prophetic scrolls, all she can think of is escape. But then Ashan and Orin are assigned to guard her…
  10. Past Pleasures (Desire Through Time) SHE’S THE LAST WOMAN LEFT!! <— she time travels to a world where women no longer exist. Only men. Oh oh. I’d be all… eeeeeep! Get me outta here! LOL!!!
  11. Raw Heat <— HUMAN NURSE & WEREWOLF <— Human nurse living “underground” caring for a werewolf that they’re experimenting on…
  12. Giving <— SUBMISSIVE BOYFRIEND! <— He asks her to dominate him for his birthday… (super-short). The story… not him. Er…? *snort*
  13. Tigerlily <— NAKED MAN IN HER GARDEN ALERT! Another super-short but… “Oh what’s a girl to do, when she finds a sexy, naked man in her back garden?”
  14. Make Me <— MENAGE! Reunited… and they want to pick up where they left off.
  15. Waiting in Vain <— BROTHER’S WIFE’S BROTHER ALERT! It’s super-short (the story ;) ) and it’s at Christmas, and his hand is on her thigh… under the table.
  16. Ever Unknown <— ANONYMOUS EMAILS AT WORK! Another super-short but could be fun…
  17. Lust Dazed <— BEST FRIENDS EAVESDROPPING! Super-short too, but… “When Ellie hears what Evan and Jimmy have been doing behind her back—watching smutty movies that feature women who look just like her—she doesn’t know whether to be bemused or offended. Or maybe just hugely turned on…
  18. Telling Tales <— PROFESSOR GIVES COLLEGE STUDENTS HIS HOUSE (for their reunion…) and she likes two of her old college friends. A lot. “Back in college, Allie and her friends used to come up with the wildest stories…
  19. Run To You <— MORE KINK with a high-flying business man…
  20. Addicted <— AUTHOR NEEDS HELP WITH HER STEAMY SCENES! So enlists the help of a sex addict, that wants to show her…
  21. Control <— TWO SEXY GUYS WANT THE JOB!! She’s got a sexy bookshop and needs to hire someone… “When Madison Morris wanted to hire a shop assistant for her naughty little bookstore, she never dreamed she’d have two handsome men vying for the position—and a whole lot more. Does she choose dark and dangerous Andy with his sexy tattoos? Or quiet, serious Gabriel, whose lean physique and gentle touch tempt her more than she thought possible?
  22. Power Play <— OFFICE ROMANCE er.. KINK!! “…office junior, Ben, seems like just the sort of man to fulfil her needs. He’s willing to show her all of the things she’s been missing – namely, what it’s like to be the one in charge…”
  23. Intrusion: An Under the Skin Novel <— HERMIT/RECLUSE ROMANCE? Sounds like it! “Everyone says he’s dangerous. He never comes out of his house—a place that looks like it could be featured in Serial Killers Monthly.”
  24. Forbidden: An Under the Skin Novel <— FORBIDDEN PRIEST!! “I burn for Killian—a man who’s intent on protecting me. On healing me. He doesn’t get it. The only thing that can heal me is him. But Killian will soon be a priest. Untouchable. Forbidden.
  25. Taken: An Under the Skin Novel - PRANK GONE WRONG!…now the deed is done, and I have to face the consequences. He says he just wants to hold me here until the police come, but it’s been hours and I’m still here. Chained to a pipe in his back room like a prisoner.” expected release April 14th 2015
  26. The Professor <— TEACHER-STUDENT ROMANCE!!! “Esther has always been an average student. She coasts through life on a sea of Bs, until a fatal mistake jolts her out of mediocrity and into something else entirely. She accidentally leaves a story in an essay for her teacher — one that no teacher should ever see. And especially not Professor Harding.” Eeeeeep! eek LOL! expected release date April 24rd 2015
  27. Sweet Agony <— HER BOSS CAN’T STAND PHYSICAL CONTACT!! “The live-in position is an opportunity for Molly to earn and escape a problematic family. There’s just one drawback. Her employer is the most eccentric, aloof and closed off man she’s ever encountered.“ expected release date May 28th 2015
  28. Never Loved: A Dark Obsession Novel <— STREET FIGHTER! Sounds right up our alley! She’s finally in college and away from her abusive father, and he’s a street-fighter! “beneath his harsh exterior, Beatrix discovers a kindred spirit who knows what it’s like to be a misfit. Most exhilarating—and terrifying—is what he does for a living: illegal street fighting.” YAY!!! MINE. expected release date June 23rd 2015
  29. Never Sweeter: A Dark Obsession Novel <— expected release date October 20th 2015 (no blurb yet for this one…)


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