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by Maryse on March 27, 2013 · 3 comments

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Another series that looks right up our alley. Tattooed bad boys!! A few of our fellow readers have been mentioning (and discussing) it and I was just told that book #2.5 is LIVE right now.

Allyson: Hey… I’ve got a new book for you! Pretty steamy, filled with the tattooed bad boy you’re supposed to hate, but love instead. Nothing too gut wrenching, but definitely a fun read!  More Than Meets the Ink By: Elle Aycart
Corrina: ’More Than Meets the Ink’ by Elle Aycart 4 stars was hot. Tattoos, bad boy persona and steamy. Did I mention steamy? This guy really turns it up in the bedroom, against the door, over the couch….. oops sorry got side tracked there for a minute, hee hee

Pamela: sweet story, easy read, there were times where i got annoyed , but I guess its always a good sign that you get annoyed, means you care enough to be annoyed … I bought it and have no regrets. I liked it enough can’t go wrong when the guy is all inked up…

Jeannie: I ordered the book!! I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done reading it! Hopefully I’ll like it too!! :) how can you go wrong when they say tattoos and a bad boy! Right?!

Michele:  Inked Ever After is live on Amazon right now!! :)

About book #1:

Wickedly sexy James Bowen is a bad boy of the highest order — tattoos and attitude included — which unfortunately ranks way up on Tate’s not-a-chance-in-hell list, right there along with skydiving naked over Teheran and juggling Ebola vials just for kicks. But what the heck, she’s on holiday, the guy is absolutely irresistible, and she needs to unplug from her life. With her dad and brother gone, Tate is left to deal with the family restaurant, which is fast going down the drain. Her employees are acting out, her boyfriend has bailed out, and her very own private stalker is emailing her to death with lovely threats of doom, fire, and dismemberment. So yeah, maybe a little holiday fling is in order. Strictly sex though, and no follow-up whatsoever once.

She hadn’t counted on her take-charge holiday fling having an opinion of his own and stubbornly sticking around, before and after the sex, making himself at home in her life. There is definitely more to James than meets her prejudiced eye, and even if she’s not ready to look deeper, James isn’t prepared to permit her not to.


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Erica March 28, 2013 at 12:05 PM

I’ve been wanting to read these, but everytime I pull them up on Amazon, the price gives me anxiety! I’m sure they’ll be worth it – anyone else have this issue?

Pam March 28, 2013 at 1:57 PM

I read More than Meets the Ink a while back because well, Im a sucker for tattooed bad boys!! I was pretty disappointed in this one. It had some pretty hot moments. But it just felt forced and even kinda hokey. I dont know, didnt really work for me :-(

Lisa76 March 28, 2013 at 3:30 PM

I borrowed More Than Meets The Ink and thought it was pretty decent. I dont personally feel they are priced that well. I wouldnt have been disappointed if I paid around $2.99 but almost $7 is steep (for me). I’ll read #2 but I’ll wait for a sale on it :)

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