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by Maryse on May 29, 2014 · 1 comment

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I haven’t read this series yet, but book #3 has just been released, and each book is over 400 pages! From skimming the reviews of book #1 it would appear this might have that Dom/sub angle. I hear major cliffhanger with #1, but hey! No need to wait, as #2 & #3 are live. And while the reviews are a bit all over the place (at least for the first book), I have received some excited-sounding recommendations:

Lisa: Maryse, wanted to let you know about Denial by Ember Chase. I could not put this down! It was over 350 pages! I didn’t think I would fall for the characters as much as I did. The description of this book was a little vague. Maya sets off for full time training with Isaac at the request of her boyfriend. Oh the tension and angst builds from here! At times both characters frustrated me to no end and some of the story left me feeling sick about the boyfriend. But i could not put it down as there were little bits of information about both of them slowly throughout the book. I try to avoid the big cliffhanger books because I’m not a patient gal :)  and whoa does this have a cliffhanger…

Sondra:  I am reading “Denial” by Ember Chase.  OMG.  I can’t put it down!  This book has taken me in a totally diff direction that I thought originally and it is soooo good.  I have laughed more than I expected.

About book #1:

I used to have such good judgment. A solid head on my shoulders. Then I met Isaac.

We are just supposed to work together, that’s it. There is no way I’m falling for this wealthy control freak with major anger issues and a different woman in his bed every night. Even if he is super adorable and ridiculously sweet sometimes.

I’m not like other girls. I don’t believe in love and I don’t have time for fairy tales. I fought hard to get where I am today and I’m not letting it slip away because of those mischievous green eyes, that cocky tilted smile, and a pair of hands that can make the world disappear.

People say that I’m damaged, that I’m missing something inside. They’re not exactly wrong. Turns out he’s even more twisted and broken than I am and that just makes me want him more. He tells me to let go. He promises to catch me. But no one can protect me now.

Isaac doesn’t have a secret, he is a secret. We can’t be together. In 30 short days, this assignment is over and we’ll go our separate ways like it never happened. Why does my heart stop beating when I think about that? This doesn’t mean anything. I am not in love with him. I can’t be.


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julie o May 29, 2014 at 10:39 PM

I very much enjoyed “When You’re Ready”. In fact it is in my “keeper”
file on my kindle. I would suggest to read it and enjoy. the other 2 books in the series are not about the same couple. Different couples and haven’t read those. Author is a good writer.

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