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by Maryse on December 18, 2014 · 1 comment

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The conclusion to this ROCK STAR trilogy is releasing tomorrow (I posted it below).

Cheryl: Love Ginger Voight but think I’ll wait till her new series is complete.

Maryse: It’s ready Cheryl!! No more waiting…

And it’s sort of a crossover (spinoff?) from her fantastic angsty rock star series “Groupie Trilogy” that made me FREAK OUT! LOL! (check out my review). Check out our fellow “Groupie” lovers:

Lisa:  I enjoyed the Complete Groupie Trilogy by Ginger Voight.

Lucylou: These books are AWESOME!!!!   I love the picture of Vanni,  he is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! :)  Ginger, you’ve got the right stuff when it comes to creating our fantasy Rock Star!!!  Thank You!!!  :)

Kelsey: Brilliant series. I can’t stop raving about it. I’m like a bad penny turning up everywhere ;)

Kelly: Read this series and WOW! A bit of Thoughtless meets Avoiding Series with a touch of Taking Chances. Wasn’t sure if I was rooting for Vanni or Graham until the end….. while Graham was thoughtful & caring, Vanni had a way of sucking me in when I really wanted to hate him. Really enjoyed the angst and drama in all three books.

I wonder if this series will have the same effect? I’m thinking yes, by this part of the blurb:

“Enter music executive Graham Baxter, who offers them both a way out…by competing for a recording contract they both need.”

Good ol’ Graham. ;) He always throws a monkey wrench into rock star love.

About book #1:

When Jonah Riley’s father dies unexpectedly, he, his grieving mother and ailing sister are forced to move from the country to Austin, Texas. Jonah finds work at an auspicious night spot called Southern Nights, where he earns a few extra bucks as a bouncer-turned-musician.

There he meets fiery songstress Lacy Abernathy, who has no use for him or anyone else in the club when she’s not on stage. This is an entirely new experience for this ladies’ man. The opportunistic club owner latches onto this chemistry to fill her club, playing with their hearts and livelihoods for her own questionable motives.

Enter music executive Graham Baxter, who offers them both a way out…by competing for a recording contract they both need. Now if only they can fight the intense chemistry that keeps them locked in battle, when they’re not locked in each other’s arms, that is!


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Cheryl December 18, 2014 at 10:08 PM

Yeh, Maryse no more waiting!!!! I didn’t realize this was a crossover/spinoff series, maybe more Vanni & Andy!!

I felt the same about the Groupie Trilogy- my stomach was in knots the entire time. Hope this one gives me the same feelings!! Might have to borrow Amy’s manatee! ;)

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