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MichelleS found us a new author (she has loved BOTH series this author has written) and is freaking out with book-giddiness! I mean how can you resist a fellow reader that says:

“SQUEEEEEE!!! yay – I just finished – I actually called in sick today- I kid you not. I couldn’t sleep. This book had me in knots. It was fan-freaking-tastic. 5 stars!!!”


And she updated us as she read each book and OMG I WANT TO START THESE NOW!!!!!!

MichelleS: I went out in left field again…. I had an itch for a teacher/student romance, and found this: Roam Series. It’s not new… it came out a year ago… but it has everything I love in one book! Paranormal elements? check… Teacher/student older/younger thingy? check…. Time Travel (like Regin and her Berserker or Time Traveler’s Wife)? check… just started it, but liking it so far… keeping fingers crossed that I found a good one… :-)

MichelleS: Speaking of heaven, you guys…. you guys!!!! I am loving this book ‘Roam’ – OMG. I almost fainted at 59% from overheating – and it was fairly innocent compared to our usual smut-o-meter. I can’t stop thinking about it and talking about it. My poor hubby had to hear the whole story so far. LOL. It even has that love triangle that some of us (cough cough) hate – but I love!! GAH. It’s such a find. Might be the find of the season? or year? for me anyway…. and AMY and MICHELLE… due to your love of the Covenant series, I am highly recommending this one to you two. Same feel. More for me, actually. So much action. So many twists. Steamy without being explicit. YUM. Can you tell I am excited, or what?

MichelleS: More “Roam” talk, because I am obsessed, I tell ya’….

He’s 27, well, he’s actually 680-something, but his body is stcuk at 27 (perfect). And he’s a big guy (I love big guys). She is 17 and a senior in this life… yup, I said it… this life. It’s her 7th, BTW. She doesn’t now it yet. He has to find her and save her and their BABY – uh huh – bay-bee….. to save the world. But she has a boyfriend that she has loved since kindergarten who is just perfect! He takes a job at her high school as her history teacher to keep an eye on her so he can protect her because the prophecy also involves some bad dudes who want to kill her and prevent this baby from happening. He has failed to save her SIX times (so tragic). He is determined to save her this time. That’s why he is so close so early! And the fun begins…. crazy, whirlwind, forbidden, paranormal, time travel, teacher/student, love triangle… I am seriously obsessed!! Someone else read it so I know I am not crazy.

MichelleS: SQUEEEEEE!!! yay – I just finished – I actually called in sick today- I kid you not. I couldn’t sleep. This book had me in knots. It was fan-freaking-tastic. 5 stars!!! Yes, it ends with an “oh no” and I have already downloaded book two… I have no idea how many are planned or if this is it, but I’m kind of glad. I am not ready to leave West and Roam. I highlighted everywhere and when those two were together my panties got soaked. And the dialogue and angst was totally believable. I’m a happy PNR dork right now.

MichelleS: Having now read Roam I am reminded what a true 5 star read is for me…. because in case you haven’t figured it out ROAMis da bomb!!!! I’m on book two – called FALL and loving it just as much.

Michelle: Fabi and I are doing a Roam buddy read if anyone else wants to join in :D

MichelleS: Oh fantastic Fabi & Michelle. I am almost finished with book two. It just keeps getting better. It just doesn’t stop with the angst. I can’t take it anymore. What else can possibly happen? Where’s Amy? This is totally up her alley. I may re-read it just to experience it all again. (Don’t judge Roam too much for all her bawling… I’d be a sobbing mess too if I were her… the only, and I mean only criticism I have and I even talk myself out of that).

MichelleS: So original. No boring parts. great dialogue. Go figure…. my attention span is usually not this long for anything in a series… but I am hooked.

MichelleS: none of them are tempting me enough to veer away from the Roam Series. I am now on book six. Back-to-back books!!! Haven’t done that in for-e-ver. Have no idea what I will do when it’s over. I’m in a book fog now.

MichelleS: I have to clarify that Roam and West’s story absolutely DOES NOT resolve in book three. Stupid stupid me – book 6 just made me shy of neurotic. I was a nervous mess. My poor husband had to hear all my rants and the whole story because it was just so unbelievable!!! My top read of 2014 for sure. The whole series. No stand alones. Sorry – you really do have to commit to the whole 6 books if you want this story in full.

Robyn: I don’t know how you missed Roam either.  It is one of the best series I’ve ever read!

Fabi: Whoah! Just finished Roam.  Sooo good!

Michelle: I finished Roam and thought it was great! Really unique premise and promising start to a series. With that ending I was tempted to jump into the next book and still might soon after I finish a few others. The chemistry between Roam and West was amazing and I liked how they just seemed to not be able to help themselves which lent to the fated vibe I suppose. I did think Roam was a little annoying but the author leaves her room for growth in upcoming books. I just hope the time travel/fantasy aspect does not get too convoluted. Thanks for a wonderful rec MichelleS :)

MichelleS: I am in such a fog now. I don’t know what to do with myself. I started a couple, and I’m like…. “meh”…. I miss Roam and West and Logan and Eva and Violet…. so I picked up book one again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? (I did this once – years ago – with Twilight when I finished the 4 books…. don’t judge me!!!)

About book #1:

Roam Camden is a bright girl in small town Ohio, eager to graduate high school and pursue her dreams of teaching history. Her well-planned path includes Logan, her life-long best friend, and now boyfriend.

On the first day of her senior year she meets the new history teacher, West Perry, and senses that there is something deep within her soul that remembers him… and a life they once shared.

Roam quickly learns that her fate is not as simple as she once believed. She has spent six lifetimes, as far back as the fifteenth century to as recently as the 1970s, struggling to survive a prophecy that has forsaken her… and the man that she has loved throughout time.

Evil is near, and now, in their last life together, West must protect Roam for the last time, save their unborn child… and in turn, save our world.


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Michelle S December 16, 2014 at 5:06 PM

I am a freakazoid. That is just embarrassing. When you put it all together like that I am borderline manic! Let me just explain to others that those were over MANY days!!! LOL!!!

Hope you love it like I did, Maryse. It’s for the Maryse that loved Bella & Edward and Kat & Bones and even Perry & Dex. THAT Maryse will love it! The ‘After Hours’ (one book has everything) Maryse – no, not so much. Definitely need to read the whole dang story!! Can’t wait to hear your review.

Maryse December 17, 2014 at 7:34 PM

LOL MichelleS!

I LOVE your enthusiasm over this one. It deserved it’s own post and you sold me! I wanna be a freakazoid too! ;)

Selenity Jade July 22, 2015 at 4:13 AM

^_^; Just thought I’d point out this author republished this series under the name Kimberly Adams – combining all her pseudonyms, I guess. ^_^

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