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by Maryse on February 28, 2015 · 2 comments

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Brought to my attention with the release of book #4 (that was just released today)! Lots of great reviews (and I mean GREAT) throughout the series, and full-length books to boot (#1 is a novella length but 2, 3 and #4 are all over 300 pages).

So for anyone looking for a new MC series to try (although I think this one might have an extra-dark edge to it), this one looks like it might be worth checking out.

Especially when Britney told me this:

Britney: Try out the mc series by Kira Johns. was the best of the year in my opinion why it’s not on the list I don’t know but it should be.

Kelly: I liked the series. I’m excited!! I didn’t realized book #4 was out. Thanks for the post!!

Fiona: Read all of them a. Must read is anyone like me fed up with trilogy’s get into a book then see others on their way I give up,and then wait for them all to be published and the books with 70 pages ugh…

About book #1:

Jade Moore was no stranger to the MC lifestyle. Growing up the daughter of the President of the Satan’s Rebels, she knew all about family and loyalty. Her world slowly crumbles when she loses not only her parents, but her brother and best friend. Her Uncle steps in and becomes the family she so desperately needs.

But what happens when the only family you have left betrays everything you have ever known?

Jade is dragged into the Condemned Warrior’s world where she is imprisoned for four agonizing years. Beaten and brutalized, she wishes for death, but it never comes.

Reaper inherited the MC from his brother, Halo, and will do whatever it takes to keep the club safe. Anything, including handing over his niece to the club’s enemy. All he has to do is convince her brother, Tank, and best friend, Shadow, that she has run away. Easy. But what Reaper never expects is for Tank and Shadow to come home looking for answers years later and discovering the truth.

Tank and Shadow return to their hometown to investigate missing funds. It’s when they begin digging for the evidence, they discover a much darker secret that Reaper has been hiding. Enlisting the help of the club’s Sergeant at Arms, Viper, they set out to rescue Jade and bring her home where she belongs.

Viper’s reputation is well known both inside and out of the MC. He is a cold-blooded killer, incapable of any feeling but hatred. His allegiance lies with Tank and the club. He will do whatever it takes to bring Jade home, even if it means crossing enemy lines to save her. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for her.


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Lisa March 2, 2015 at 3:37 PM

Hi guys,
I started with number one and although the idea of the story was a good one it wasn’t very deep and went fairly quickly from one very serious point on to the next so even though the issues were serious it seemed to move on very quickly.
Still I thought being a novella I have number two a shot as it did have promise but honestly after 30% in I can’t finish it. The writing and the expressions for me just make me feel like I’m reading a book written by a 16 year old who’s parents have let them watch too much Sons of Anarchy.
The author shows promise but having only never finished three books in my life I don’t think I’ll pick another up by this author any time soon.
Maybe it’s just that I have been so spoiled with amazing writing especially with the authors you find on this blog. There are many many greater MC series out there.
Lisa x

Stephanie Gonzalez March 3, 2015 at 7:21 PM

I am reading #4. I really loved these books even though I cried like a dozen times.

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