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SEXY BUT VERY DIFFERENT BROTHERS… and that one to the left is going LIVE TOMORROW!!! :D !!

Yep! I have a fun treat for you! This isn’t going to be just a reading order. The authors have put together a little “personal” post about the main characters for us to get to know them a little better, right off the bat.

“The Sexton Brothers are San Francisco’s most notorious bachelors and heirs to a media empire. Just because they’re related by blood doesn’t mean they’re alike. Each brooding hero has a unique story and kickass heroine who gives him a run for his money!

Each book is a full-length, standalone romance with drama woven into the three storylines, tying them together in a powerful way! They can be read in any order so pick which one fits your mood and dive in!

Here is a look inside the heroes we lovingly refer to as The Racer, The Suit and The Artist.”

Austin (The Racer)

Austin Sexton may be the Vice President of Sexton Media, but his true person is being Falcon, the Camaro-driving racer with a bad attitude and an unbeatable winning streak. When a girl wanders onto the track causing a false start to a race, Austin forces her to ride with him as punishment. Little does he know, she’ll be more of a handful than he ever imagined.

Jalynn Smith has spent her entire life picking up the pieces of other people’s mistakes. When she finds herself in the car of a hoodie wearing, low-hat slinging racer in the outskirts of Oakland, she realizes she might need saving for the first time in her life. After an intense night of racing from the cops, Jalynn finds herself wanting to know more about this mystery man, including if she’ll ever see him again.

The next morning Jalynn arrives at her new job only to come face-to-face with her boss’ brother, the same blue-eyed man who captured her breath the night before—Falcon, aka Austin Sexton. Knowing Jalynn is the only person who knows his secret, Austin must make a decision to keep her at arms length or realize she may be the only one who can stop him from running away from his demons.

Bryce (The Suit)

Bryce Sexton is a media mogul workaholic with a heart of stone. He’s broody AF and yet every woman in San Francisco wants him. When he finds himself hiding from a crazed female in a museum garden, he realizes he’s alone with a woman who is unlike anyone he’s ever met.

Tessa Clarke is a modern day Cinderella who is headed out to the ball. That is, if Cinderella was a single mom and the ball was a stuffy Children’s Benefit Gala. After spilling her drink on a socialite and getting hit on by a married man, Tessa escapes to the rooftop garden and embarks in an epic game of Truth or Dare with a handsome stranger.

When Tessa learns her mystery man is a known womanizer the two part ways only for the memory of their shared moment to linger in their minds. Wherever Tessa goes, Bryce is there, trying to force his way into her world. What he doesn’t know is she already has a man in her life – a tiny redhead who loves Legos and superheroes.

Tanner (The Artist)

Tanner Sexton is hiding away in New York City as he prepares for his turn at the head of Sexton Media. A student at Columbia University, he spends his days taking classes he doesn’t need and expresses himself by painting the abandoned buildings of Harlem. When Tanner’s friends take him out for happy hour, he becomes enchanted with a muse in a black dress. Problem is – she’s looking for anything but him.

Harper Doyle is only looking for one thing: a suit to have a one night stand with so she can get over her cheating ex-boyfriend. Instead she meets Tanner, a gorgeous man in street clothes, messy hair and the sexiest smile she’s ever seen. When her ex shows up to the bar, Tanner kisses her just so the prick can see, then walks away leaving her breathless.

Doing what any rational person would, Harper chases after him onto a subway car, and embarks on a wild night on the dark streets of a Manhattan with a complete stranger. Their romance is one for the ages but age isn’t the only thing standing in their way.

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