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by Maryse on March 4, 2015 · 4 comments

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WARNING!!!! I’m hearing this one is not for everyone. I MEAN IT!!! So read the comments below to gauge it… and even then, I’m still not sure it’s a proper gauge, ’cause I haven’t read ‘em yet. But I think this says a lot. Just sayin’ confused

Okay so… THIS series? Makes me nervous. No. Actually…. SCARES the heck outta me!! Why? Well, y’all know I’m a dark-read fan, and after reading the comments from my fellow readers and friends about this series? I’d now say I’m a mid-level dark read enthusiast. I say this, because I’ve loved some that I thought were hard-core-ish dark reads (like Comfort Food and Captive in the Dark). And believe me, by my comfort level, these ARE hardcore! It requires much attention to detail when describing these to those new to this kind of read. I handle the recommendation with kid gloves, ’cause while I HIGHLY recommend those two up there, I recommend ‘em to a certain group. Everyone else, well… gotta break ‘em in, and all that. ;) *snort*

So when MichelleS and Jean were discussing this series, saying:

MichelleS: This is one of those books that you feel like you have to delete off your Kindle so when you die or if it gets lost no one will ever know you read it. It’s that bad. So wicked. So dirty. So controversial. OMG. I keep reading it!!!”

Jean: Just like I said, a bad car crash that you can’t stop looking at. I need resolution so I will definitely be reading the last book (and then yes deleting and denying any knowledge of them… Lol!

MichelleS:  …I’ve never been so offended in my life! And yet, I didn’t walk away. I can’t say anything, but Jean, you know what I am talking about…

eek What what whaaaaaaaaat!!??

*blink blink* OMG my fellow book-friends below have had quite the ride. They are suffering. And I’m not sure I’m tall enough to ride this one. neutral

HEY!!! neutral Don’t look at meeeeee… Jean started it!!! :P

Jean: Just remember, I warned you about The Life of Anna. Some parts are hard to handle. The author even has a warning…..”just when you thought it couldn’t get any darker, it does…” I am really liking it!

MichelleS: So you remember Jean’s “dare” post: “I know and I had a dare all ready for you! To read The Life of Anna books by Marissa Honeycutt! They are dark, erotic, mindf&$kery, with a splash of paranormal”. I took her up on her dare: I read book one, and she wasn’t kidding with the mindf&$kery. I had to take a little break in between, but I started book two. More mindf&$ery and finally some paranormal. This is one of those books that you feel like you have to delete off your Kindle so when you die or if it gets lost no one will ever know you read it. It’s that bad. So wicked. So dirty. So controversial. OMG. I keep reading it!!! Jean – are you still reading these? It’s messing with my brain. I am actually okay with Wilhelm and all that weirdness. I need a Life of Anna support group. Jean?

Jean: I just finished book #4 and it did get darker and darker just like the author warns! Last book comes out in April I think. Just like I said, a bad car crash that you can’t stop looking at. I need resolution so I will definitely be reading the last book (and then yes deleting and denying any knowledge of them… Lol!

Jean: Some parts are hard to take but it is so different that it’s not something your will forget. Like I said not for the lighthearted. Reading it with 2 friends and we are so anxious for tomorrow release!

Jean: MichelleS, I don’t remember how I found LoA, just that the first book was free. A couple girls from my work have been reading it with me so we’ve had each other’s support through it. Don’t know if I could have read the series without them! Debauchery is the perfect word for it though!

MichelleS: that whole “Life of Anna” didn’t come from you and that is the scariest reading I have ever done – it’s kind of making the Tied Man look tame. IT IS JEAN!!! Don’t say it isn’t so!

Fabi: I started LoA last night and was at 50% this morning before tearing myself away from it. Totally hooked. Wish my iPad had a privacy screen for my plane ride.

Maryse: Okay Fabi, what’s LoA?

Amy: LoA is the Life of Anna series which Jean recommended that is really dark…like Tied Man dark. Actually, worse than that. Courtesan-level dark. And I can’t wait to read them. ;) MichelleS and Jean said they are the kind of books you read and then delete from your device so no one ever knows you had them, LOL!!! I know, I know…you didn’t ask me but I had too much coffee and I’m wound up and my hubby is hiding from me so here I am. Answering questions. Whether or not I was asked them. :P

Fabi: Just finished LoA, Enslaved. Who and what are Devin and Alex? What about Wilhelm? Is Kurt one of them? Is Ian bad or good? Jack was good but then bad? Are Tony and Seth going to play a bigger part? Who and what is Anna that makes her so important to these men and their society?

MichelleS: Fabi – did you read the entire book one of LoA? Because by the end I knew a bunch of that info! Very quickly into book two you find out what makes her so special to these men, and their brotherhood. Jack is bad, very very bad, in my opinion. Kurt is Alex’s brother… nothing particularly special about him yet revealed. Wilhelm, Alex & Kurt’s dad is a guy you just can’t help liking. And Devin….. Devin is revealing himself to be so so bad, but then he has this wacky soft side that I can’t reconcile with his behavior. It’s a complicated mess, isn’t it? Which is why I kept going. And the paranormal thing come in pretty quickly in book two.

Tessa: I can’t wait to read Life of Anna, but each time I start reading it, I just eep too much and deviate to something happy.

MichelleS: I went right into Life of Anna, after Tight. Man, oh man. Mind fuc$ery is right! So, I should say that based on what you don’t like to read in books, Fabi, stay away from this one. I treat my dog better than she is getting treated. And Jean…. the piercings are freaking me out a little. I have this image burned in my head now. This book is so whacked. Talk about dark. Do you remember watching Eyes Wide Shut with Tom cruise and thinking, “what the heck is this?”, but you kept watching? This book is like that. YOu just keep reading even when you should be totally turned off.

MichelleS: Life of Anna update for Fabi – in between “things” I pick it up and read another chapter or two. It really is a train wreck that I can’t abandon completely, no matter how offended I get. Part three is called Embraced – so I am hoping for some good things – but then part 4 is called Ensnared! Oh No! Not again. This women as slaves thing turns my stomach. At this point, I am waiting for her to come into some power or something and kick some serious butt… especially Devin’s… and Jack’s… and that neighbor’s… and…

Jean: MichelleS and Fabi, can’t believe you’ve stuck with LoA! Embraced (#3) was my favorite (if i can even say that) of the series so far and then Ensnared (#4) just got SO SO DARK (not that 3 wasn’t)!!!! I’m now dying for the 5th and final book of the series…Emerged, which with that title, sounds promising!

MichelleS: Jean – book 4 is so so dark??? OMG…. what are we calling books one and two? it gets worse? what did you get me into Jean???

bev: So…… Jean must work in a fun place if that is their group read. I love that MichelleS won’t read it in public & Jean is all work place buddy read, lol. Jean, you surprise me. ;-)

Fabi: I Started LoA 2 and have now stayed up two hours later than I should have. At least in this book, so far, it is clear who is the villaim and who is the hero. Jean, these are addicting. LoA2 – I spoke too soon about the clear lines between good and bad. The good guys are still doing some really bad things. Its driving me crazy. I’m going to go on a character killing spree and black magic marker every one of these characters.

MichelleS: Fabi – I know, right? You want a hero so bad that you latch on to any sign of one, and then she gets betrayed AGAIN by these macho beasts. It’s one giant orgy train-wreck and it offends every single one of my sensibilities, yet… I go back for another chapter! And Jean says Book 4 gets so so dark… I don’t even know what that could mean. So far Aaron seems to be a potential savior…. Alex, grow a pair…. and Devin… I should loathe this SOB, and yet, I don’t 100% – I do – but not 100% – this book is messing with me. I am glad to have a support group, finally!

Fabi: Yes! I definitely need to vent about these books. I know I sound insane most of the time, so it’s great to hear someone else has the same reactions. How far along are you? I’m only at 16% and will not have a lot of reading time until next week. :-( BUT, I can let you borrow my black sharpie if you need to kill off some characters. :-)

Jean: MichelleS and Fabi, I am so proud (and shocked) that you’ve hung in there with LoA!! Lol! IT IS ADDICTIVE!!! “Orgy train wreck”……ha exactly! And yes so offensive! So why do I keep reading……. because I need answers!!!!!!

Fabi: Oh Jean. I hate Alex. I despise Devin. I just want to burn that whole world down. When is book 5 coming out? I think I’ll die if I have to wait for the end of this series.

ela: Emerged (The Life of Anna #5) by Marissa Honeycutt was released on Friday, and I believe it’s the final book.

MichelleS: “Life of Anna #5 eh? hmmmm…. that series scares me – I have to be in the right mood! When are we ever in the mood for that level of forbidden? GAH! I will go back and finish it though…” eek Eeeeeeeep!!!

Oh. Em. GEE!!!!!!! eek Eeeeeeep!!!

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Michelle S March 4, 2015 at 7:16 PM

If I get arrested for having this in my possession, I think Jean should have to bail me out of jail. (It’s that bad). I am shocked it hasn’t been banned from Amazon. **** Read at your own Peril **** you have been warned.

Maryse March 4, 2015 at 7:17 PM

Eeeeeeeep!!!!!! *gasp* *thud* <— I fainted.

*picks myself up*

Is it that bad, Michelle?


Michelle S March 4, 2015 at 7:32 PM

Yup. If I gave you examples it may spoil it. Believe me, I wish I could. It would have helped to talk about it.

Jean April 28, 2015 at 9:25 AM

I am just seeing this post for the first time! Don’t know how I missed it! Wow, we sound completely crazy! Lol!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 5th book had a completely different feel! I loved it and the ending rocked!

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