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About the series (quickly, from what I gather, it is a take on the age-old story of the battle between good and evil, “Lucifer the Morningstar led his rebel angels against Heaven” and so on…Looks SO good!!):

After the Second Battle, the seraphim retreated from Caelum and from Earth. They bestowed upon Michael the power to protect humans, and to transform into Guardians any men or women who had sacrificed their lives to save another from otherworldly threats. In addition to immortality, wings, strength, and the ability to alter their appearance, these Guardians were given individual Gifts to assist in their fight against the demons and nosferatu.

Because they had once been human, Guardians can easily walk among those they protect. But despite their great powers, Guardians are also limited by the Rules.

Human life must always be protected, and free will must always be honored.

As per the author (depending on where you decide to start reading, she gives a mini-course on “the story so far”

“Falling for Anthony” in HOT SPELL opens the Guardian series. It is set in 1811, England. If you are starting here, there is not any background to the series that won’t appear in the novels…What you need to know before reading “Falling for Anthony”: technically, nothing.

A note on series order: the novellas take place outside the main story arc. If you are starting after the first book, catch up on The Story So Far with the Guardian primer.”  sidenote: <—– will link you back to the “primer” on her website.


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