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by Maryse on July 10, 2016 · 3 comments

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<— ROCK STAR ROMANCE ANGST LOVERS, REJOICE! This duet (two book series) is complete and I am reading it right now as we speak!!!!! Why?

Because this:

Misty: Maryse, u have to read Forget and Blur. I’m totally having a Kellan and Kiera dejavu and loving it! Each book has a different feeling and the first ends on a cliffhanger, so you will go right into the second. They are well written, have a good story line, are humorous, and full of angst.

Allison: I read a book a LOOOOONG time ago (OK a couple of months) that I absolutely LOVED but didn’t recommend because it ended on a HUGE cliffhanger. FINALLY the second book was just released this week and I read it in 2 days. The first one is Forever and the second one is Blur and both are written by NA Alcorn. …When the first book ended . . . . I. Almost. Died. The second book was just as good. i love this couple so much! Their rapport, their chemistry, they way they communicate through music, the hot sex, it’s all there and more! I cried during BOTH books!

Lisa: They sound great Allison, right in my lane!! Thanks for the recommendation.

Tessa: I’ve read 29 books so far this month. Of them, NA Alcorn’s Blur is probably number one. I love my rockstars, but that one was pure, believable rock life. The first one was really good, but more of a set up for the second.

Lisa: Just finished Forget and Blur from NA Alcorn and I have to say the H is right up there with Kellan from Thoughtless. Book 2 has very similar feels, messy triangle, angst, lots of awesome use of music and lyrics and heart shattering song dedications. Plus he whispers sweet and dirty in her ear in French. And his manwhore brother could rival Griffin. Book one is a CH but no issue because the story finishes with book 2. Amazeballs. ;)

Grace:  Whoever encouraged me to read N.A. Alcorn’s – Forget. Finally getting to it and loving it. Thank you! *blows kiss* (into the air apparently, cause I can’t remember who it was) …I thought it was an amusing Rock and Roll story, but I got blindsided! I’m all snuggled in bed right now and I need to make a decision about the second book like RIGHT NOW! OMG! What if Lisa doesn’t check in here! I need to know that I’m not going to end up wanting to go postal because there were scary hints of not good story direction possibilities! This book was NOT supposed to mess with my head!

Jean: Forget and Blur!!!!!! OMG, I devoured them this week! LOVED! (Especially the second book)! Totally gave me the “Thoughtless feels”…..not the same type of storyline, but definitely the feels! Thanks Grace and Lisa! Maryse, you’ve seriously need to read Forget and Blur! They are so right up your alley!

Maryse: I’ve tried THREE different books this week, all seem good enough to finish but just not holding my attention so now I’m on “Forget” by N.A. Alcorn. Those mini reviews up there look just TOO good to not read it now. :D

About book #1

Brooke Sawyer is a successful record producer living in L.A. While attempting to escape her painful past, she sets off on a month long trip to Paris. The last thing she’s expecting is to fall in love with gorgeous, tattooed, musician, Dylan Bissette.

To Dylan, Brooke is like an intricate guitar riff he can’t resist. One he’d gladly play over and over.

Lost in his magnetizing presence, Brooke isn’t in any rush to let their song come to an end.

Meeting him was fate.
Pursuing her was a choice.
Falling in love was out of their control.

Sometimes the best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn’t one.


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Lindsay July 10, 2016 at 8:04 PM

I loved these books!

Cheryl July 10, 2016 at 9:17 PM

I LOVED these books too!!

Jean July 11, 2016 at 9:18 AM

I love that you are reading these books Maryse! Can’t wait for your reviews!

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