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by Maryse on September 2, 2017 · 3 comments

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This one was just featured in a recent reader question!!! It sounds pretty darn great, and book #3 will be released in just a couple of weeks.

Tasha: Tiffany Snow’s books 1 & 2 in The Corrupted Hearts series Follow Me and Break Me… I’ve read both and looking forward to #3. This is I think my second favorite series of hers, next to Kathleen Turner.

Dani: I’m reading this now, I think its Follow Me (Corrupted Hearts) by Tiffany Snow. Book 3 is out in September, start rereading now!

Laurie: Yay, that’s it!! I thought it was a series and the other day when I wanted to check to see if a new one had come out, I couldn’t remember the title. Thank you so much!

Leslie: I haven’t read this one yet but Tiffany Snow’s Kathleen Turner series was best love triangle EVER!!

Laurie: Agreed! If you liked that series, I really think you’ll like this one too. The main character is so funny!

Sally: Book 1 & 2 are on super sale right now… Nows the time to catch up!

Amy:  I love this series!

Rebecca: I just happened to be reading book #2 when the reader question was posted (random!) and I am very ready for book 3. The end of book 2 made me OMG.

About book #1

Brilliant, quirky twenty-three-year-old China Mack is totally satisfied with her carefully ordered, data-driven life. A computer prodigy who landed a coveted programming job at the cutting-edge tech company Cysnet before even graduating from MIT, China is happiest when following her routine: shower before coffee, pizza only on Mondays, bedtime at ten thirty sharp.

But then things start to get a little…unpredictable.

First Jackson Cooper—Cysnet’s rich, gorgeous, genius CEO—assigns China to a dangerous and highly classified project for a government defense contractor. Her sixteen-year-old runaway niece suddenly arrives in town, begging to move in with China. And then there’s her sexy but oddly unsettling new neighbor, Clark…

Quickly the Cysnet assignment becomes disconcerting—and then downright scary—as key staffers turn up dead. China suspects she’s being followed and isn’t sure whom she can trust. For the first time ever, she’ll have to follow her instincts, rather than logic, if she’s going to survive.


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Tiffany Snow September 3, 2017 at 5:55 PM

Thank you for the post, Maryse! ❤

Maryse September 3, 2017 at 6:08 PM

My pleasure Tiffany!! :D

Leslie M September 3, 2017 at 9:21 PM

Omg!! Fangirling a little here. ;)

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