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by Maryse on May 27, 2010 · 1 comment

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Well guys…I’m off again on yet another trip, but this time, I made sure to get a blog babysitter! Believe me, she will keep you entertained and laughing, and she is preparing some book reviews as we speak! And best of all, she loves vampires (and fae, and weres, and greek gods and – well – you get the picture ;) ) A girl after my own heart!

So here she is, my blog bud, Lily.

Hi ya’ll! Maryse is out of town, she had to go to the Area 25 Sheriff meeting, so she left me in charge of the house. She is my maker, you see. She commanded me to keep this place clean and not have anyone over while she was gone. Well, you guys aren’t anyone, you’re friends! So come on in and have a nice warm bottle of TruBlood. We got got some O positive, it is “positively” my favorite! OK, I know that was cheesy, but I’m new to this whole undead vamp thing and I am not so cool and laid back yet.
I plan on taking over the blog for a few days, I am going to be talking about books behind my makers back, and even maybe hinting at some naughty stuff in them. You have to forgive my prudish maker, she is from the 1600’s after all. She kind of flipped out when she saw my ankles and elbows the first time in public.

“Act like a Lady!” she told me.

I was like “Yeah, yeah Ma, I know, I know. I’m 8 months old – I’ll dress how I want.” Like any smart child I didn’t say this stuff out loud, but you know, I’m hardcore like that. Unless she sees me, then you know nothing of this. NOTHING I TELL YOU. NOTHING. She did command me to watch my mouth and since we all know how once the maker commands you must obey I will be on my best behavior.
See you guys later, please remember to put the empty bottles in the recycle bin on your way out, we recycle in this house.

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Paula May 28, 2010 at 2:19 PM

great job you are doing. If I’m not careful I will be laughing so hard I’ll start coughing. Definitely a great job you are doing blog sitting.

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