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by Maryse on January 17, 2011 · 4 comments

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 I’m back from my weekend business excursion, and as usual, I was so busy that I barely had a chance to read. It works out fine though, since I’m saving myself for Barrons, and really shouldn’t get caught up in another series just yet ;)

Whaaaaaa? Did you just ask “who’s Barrons?”. Why he’s the absolute hottest, and most emotionally aggravating hero of my 2010 reading experience. He’s the one that makes you sigh and grrrrr in frustration at the same time. You sigh cause he *almost* said something sweet, but then his hard-ass ‘tude ruins it. Well… in my case, it really just solidifies my crush, but to each her own as they say ;)

This is the book (Shadowfever) that we Fever addicts  have all been waiting for. The end of the series, but the one that will finally provide all of the answers (and they better be the right ones!)

Anyway… as always, on my business trips, there was a little *surprise* that made my weekend, even though I spent it working. No…it wasn’t another crazy “prince-frog”. Nope, not another rock star either… even better! It was my best bud Lily! I was so thrilled that I squeee’d. Out loud. Like a little girl. So, here we are, flesh and blood humans (she’s the one on the left)!

She’s a frequent guest-blogger on my site, and now, here she is, in “digital” person. I’ve seen her in real life, only a total of three times. And due to my social pariah-ness (remember, I spend my free time with fictional characters), I’ve been a little (ahem…a LOT) awkward around her.

This time, though it was so different, so easy. Considering we literally spend every single workday together online, (we DO work, though, I swear it - tee hee!!), you’d think we’d be just as familiar in person. But nope. We (or was it I?) just seemed to stare blankly at each other, trying to find something to say, giggling nervously. Stupid awkward silences! Funny how, in our chats, we never have that problem…LOL!

It’s all good though, guess third time’s the charm ;) and we actually had the good sense to capture it on camera! Now we need to plan some outings to book conventions, so we can be bratty and all fan-girly-like.

Alright, so on to my next course of reading action. As you know, Karen Marie Moning’s “Shadowfever” is next on my list, but after that, I’ve decided I will start and hopefully read right through P.C. Cast’s “House of Night” series. The publisher is sending me the latest book “Awakened (House of Night)” for review, and guess what? I have a whole lotta catching up to do *blush* :? . This has always been on my TBR list, and yet, I haven’t. I absolutely cannot read the last book in the series without knowing what happened before it, so my “what’s next” decision has been made. It’s YA, but has often been recommended, so I’m curious. Anyone with me? And for those who have read it, I’d love you to join along in my discussions.

Interested in the House of Night series? —> P.C. Cast – House Of Night Series Reading Order:

Interested in the Fever series? —>Karen Marie Moning – Fever Series Reading Order

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Jennifer Bakley January 18, 2011 at 8:49 AM

WooHoo!! its finally here,,,and would you know it,,,I have this little problem,,,what do you call it Maryse? Oh yeah “Responsibility” Im working till 6pm …6pm yes 6pm which means Im not going to be able to get started till nearly 7 tonite that nearly 12 hours away…sheesh,,should have called in sick..
can’t wait for some discussions hehe talk to ya later..

LilyofDarkness January 18, 2011 at 12:36 PM

It was not just you, I was nervous and giggly too the first two times. Remember when I threw Lover Mine at you and leaped back in my truck like I was on fire? Good times.

We have to plan some book convention outings….we got to!

BARRONS! My nook did some crazy stuff last night and wouldnt let me download until 7am – the book was up for sale at midnight and I preordered it – B&N better shape up…..

I’m down for the PC Cast marathon. Let’s just get through Barrons first ;)

Maryse January 19, 2011 at 10:03 AM

LOL! Yah that was hilarious. Well, at least you threw a good book at me ;)

And I’m knee deep in Shadowfever now, so you can bet I’m a happy camper…

Jenn January 19, 2011 at 11:33 PM

I cannot wait to read Shadowfever!!!! I am currently on a waiting list at the Library.

House of Night series was really good. The first one was a little slow at first, after that they all picked up. I just finished Awakened.

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