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I was searching the web for any interesting info that I could find on future works by Kathy Love (for instance, if she was going to continue with the “Young Brothers” series). I came across an interview (admittedly, it is almost a year old) but still quite relevant in revealing what her upcoming plans are, who are her favorite characters are, and how she writes!

Highlights of the interview:

  • She speaks in detail of how she came up with Rhys, Christian and Sebastian
  • Sebastian is her favorite character from the Young Brothers
  • She has written entire books at Starbucks (having a young daughter does not allow her time during the day to write, and therefore she either writes at night or outside of her home).
  • She had sold three more paranormal romance books that are part of the series following “Any Way You Want It” featuring the sexy Vampire “Ren” and (and recently released: the 2nd installment called “I Want You To Want Me” featuring his brother “Vittorio”)
  • Good news! Even though she does have interest in writing other styles, she will be sticking with Paranormal Romance!

You can read the entire interview at “Media Blvd Magazine” by clicking the link below:

Kathy Love Interview

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