Jean: Happy Friday all! Such a long week! I’m dreading and looking forward to Maryse’s list today!

Ela: *waves to Maryse* Bring on the list….

Maryse: I’m making it!!! :D I think this one has an extra-special feel to it.

‘Kay… it’s ready!! Oh yesssssss and I mean that with HUGE excitement. This list is the kind that gives me a tummy-ache.

SATURDAY UPDATE: A couple of EXTRA fantastic sounding finds I just couldn’t resist but to add on!!

Jeannie: I just finished The Piano Man Project by Kat French and loved it!!! It made me laugh, cry and I had no idea how it would end – the best kind of book! And it’s only 99 cents! It has a more contemporary romance feel than NA, which was a nice change. Best line in the book – “He was borderline rude ninety per cent of the time, but the other ten percent was worth waiting for.”

Maryse: YAY!!!!!! Jeannie that sounds PERFECT!!!!!

Gabby: Have you read The Memory Thief?! It’s a must read!!

Maryse: Ohhhh thank you Gabby!! I’m going to look it up right now!

Kim: I just read The Memory Thief by Emily Colin a few weeks back and literally bawled my eyes out the whole time! My hubby has been warned.

Half if ‘em are new releases (awesome sounding ones that could prove to be absolute gems, and from favorite authors). Super bargain finds (lots of 0.99 cent ones to try!!) and adamant reader recommendations (tried and true makes our decision making so much easier).

And still… I can’t decide which one next, plus I have a few from last week’s that make me antsy. Shooooooooot. I have to make a new “new TBR” list, don’t I? And then how do I choose out of those? That’s okay. Considering the amount of books I’ve one clicked over the years, a girl can’t have too many TBR lists. Helps me keep track, and backtrack…

PLUS! Good news from one of the new releases on this list. It actually answered one of the questions on the ”Where did they go? Currently seeking some of our missing favorite authors…” page. I LOVE when author & book mysteries are solved! :P

Oh and my own -blurb-squirreling mini list? Bottom Feeder and it’s just released sequel, Lowlife (I remember how much everyone loved Bottom Feeder a few years ago, but I was waiting for the sequel and NOW it’s finally out, so I just may jump in – I posted a few of the reader recommendations for it below, you’ll see!!!), and Force (if done right… might be just the bad-guy alpha male I’m looking for…) and Villere House (author says no insta-love, we have to work it… plus it seems to be just perfect for this Halloween month!) and To The Steadfast (this one sounds like the epitome of unrequited love… NOW THAT BLURB HAS ME!), Fade to Red (I 5-star loved book #1, and Cheryl said this one was even better!!), and BEWARE is making ELA scream at us, she can’t contain herself. LOL!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! :D

P.S. Let me know if I’m missing any or if you loved any (from this list or elsewhere).

P.P.S. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! Amazon offers various free Kindle apps and a free Kindle Cloud reader for any and ALL of us to use. You can either use the free Kindle App for your smartphone, tablet, AND your desktop computer (just like you’re using a Kindle, but right through your web browser <— No need to download anything! :D )

EBOOK BARGAINS & READER RECOMMENDATIONS (NOTE: bargain priced when I added them, but prices can change on Amazon, so make sure to check before you finalize your order).

  1. Menagerie (The Menagerie Series Book 1) by Rachel Vincent <— JUST RELEASED & RIGHT UP MANY ALLIES HERE!! Michelle is reading this one as we speak! “Menagerie by Rachel Vincent. Just started and will not get far tonight but someone on Goodreads said it had an Others by Bishop feel so yeah catnip x 1000 for me :D
  2. Kill Shot (Code 11- KPD SWAT Book 6) by Lani Lynn Vale <— JUST RELEASED!
  3. Pink: Hot ‘n Sexy for a cure: The Books for Boobies 2015 Anthology <— JUST RELEASED 28 STORIES!!! Only 0.99 cents! “Join 28 of today’s hottest romance authors as they introduce you to their most memorable and beloved characters in all-new, exclusive, scorching scenes. All proceeds of this year’s anthology will be donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, to help support women in need of mammograms.
  4. Going Nowhere by R S Burton <— JUST RELEASED! HER EX-BULLY ALERT?! Daughter of famous rock stars, she is trying to live a normal life and more or less… hides away and “Her normal life is tipped upside down when the son of a family friend returns after 5 years away. Xavier, A boy who helped make Scarlett’s life hell in High School returns from College. Only he isn’t who everyone thought he was.
  5. In Jacob’s Arms by Alicia Rades <— JUST RELEASED! EX-CHILD STAR trying to find love, and everyone she tries dating doesn’t work out because they know who she “was” but… “That is, until Juliet sets her up with Jacob, who has never heard of Siobhan.”
  6. Cape Cod Promises: Love on Rockwell Island by Bella Andre & Melissa Foster <— JUST RELEASED
  7. So Far Into You by Lily Malone <— JUST RELEASED! SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE ALERT!! ”Seth is old money. She is no money. He’s the boss. She’s his employee. He is society connections and expectations. She is threats and bad decisions and lost dreams. They seem to be so wrong they can only be right — until a costly mistake and a timely deception drives them apart…”
  8. The Ghost Tree by Sara Bain <— JUST RELEASED! SCARY READ + ROMANCE!! YAY OCTOBER!!!…he is forced to contend with a number of strange events that distance him from the local community. Turning to Libby for help, they find themselves challenged by a series of bizarre and terrifying occurrences which defy all logical and scientific explanation…
  9. White Lightning: Episode 2 (Rising Storm) by Lexi Blake <— JUST RELEASED! She thinks she sees a murder, but there is no body… “While the police use the tag to jump-start their stalled investigation, Alicia sets off on her own to find the missing woman. Her search takes her into the heart of Miami’s Cuban-American community, where she meets the attractive but brooding Michael Cordero, who has his own demons to vanquish…
  10. Beautiful Storm (Lightning Strikes) by Barbara Freethy <— JUST RELEASED
  11. Kade (Armed and Dangerous Book 4) by Cheyenne McCray <— JUST RELEASED
  12. Christmas in Mustang Creek (Brides of Bliss County Book 4) by Linda Lael Miller <— JUST RELEASED
  13. Wish Upon A Christmas Cake by Darcie Boleyn <— JUST RELEASED!  SINGLE FATHER ALERT!! “Katie never expected her ex-boyfriend, widower Sam – and his two adorable children – to turn up on her doorstep…”
  14. The Hidden (Krewe of Hunters) by Heather Graham <— JUST RELEASED! HAUNTED & 2nd CHANCE ROMANCE ALERT!She recently came to Colorado, reeling after her divorce from FBI agent Diego McCullough. Diego—who’s just been asked to join the Krewe of Hunters, a unit dealing with “unusual” situations… When Scarlet unwittingly takes pictures of people who’ve been murdered—just like the Kendalls a hundred and fifty years before—the police look at her with suspicion. Then the museum’s statues of historic people, including Nathan Kendall, begin to talk to her, and she knows it’s time to call her ex-husband…
  15. Fairy Tale Confessions by Tish Thawer, Sarah J. Pepper, Amy Daws, L.P. Dover, Elizabeth Montgomery, Shannon Morton, Brynn Myers, Wendy Owens, Cameo Renae, Kellie Sheridan, M. Clarke, Jessica Sorensen, Kristen Strassel, K.R. Wilburn <— JUST RELEASED AND SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!Fourteen bestselling authors twist up your favorite fairy tales into all new content. Will your favorite have a happily-ever-after? Get ready to meet some sexy, not-so-valiant princes, punk-rock princesses, villains turned heroes, and truly vile monsters wreaking havoc within our favorite tales.
  16. Force (The Underground Book 1) by Becca Jameson <— JUST RELEASED MAFIA BAD GUYS, KIDNAPPED & UNDERGROUND FIGHTERS ALERT!! LOL! Wow this has it all… but the blurb, while long, did get my attention. Done right, maybe this could be one of those that gives me butterflies… here’s a sample of the blurb. So… she’s been kidnapped/in hiding and doesn’t understand why and is antsy to get out… “…he secretly rescued Lauren from the Russians and has done everything in his power to keep her sequestered and therefore safe. His motives aren’t purely altruistic. He’s been in love with the gorgeous Lauren for over half a year. He and his partner, Mikhail, work hard at construction sites during the day, still managing to work out and fight for the underground MMA circuit on Friday nights. They’re supporting not only Lauren, but Mikhail’s sister, Alena. Lauren is done hiding. When she sneaks out and gets a job at a local bar, Dmitry becomes frantic worrying about her safety—and by default his…
  17. Lowlife: A Bottom Feeder Novel #2) by Maria G. Copes <— JUST RELEASED SEQUEL IS FINALLY OUT ALERT!!! OH you guys!! I remember book #1 and how everyone loved it so much. In fact!! This author appears in our “Where did they go? Currently seeking some of our missing favorite authors…” page because everyone was waiting for more from her. And guess what? Janet found us the goods!! “Lowlife by Maria G. Copes—I have been waiting for this part 2 for so long I forgot why…almost. …you have to read Bottom Feeder first. It was 5 big stars for me. Romantic suspense, realistic military, abuse. Angst, just really crazy stuff with really strong characters. only .99 each
  18. Bottom Feeder #1 by Maria G. Copes <— LOVE TRIANGLE ALERT!! And here is book #1, and it too is only 0.99 cents!! Claudia says: “Wow I loved this! Must read! …I’m in a really Confusing love triangle with this one b/c I LOVE Dom a little more than Jackson” and Janet agrees! “Did anyone else read this? I landed on it yesterday buried in my kindle looking to go into a book cold and find a surprise. Boy did I. This book was so much more than the description–which I didn’t check out until after I finished. I highly recommend this one. Totally blew me away.”
  19. Crazy Good by Rachel Robinson <— ONE OF MY 4.5 STAR FAVORITES ALERT!! from a year or two ago is only 0.99 cents right now!! My review (I gave it 4.5 stars and STILL remember everything about it)! and Kandace agrees! “I loved this one too!”
  20. Set In Stone by Rachel Robinson <— Christina is the one that found these deals for us!! “Rachel Robinson’s Crazy Good and Set in Stone are $0.99 right now!” Maryse: “YAY!!! Thank you Christina!!! I LOVED Crazy Good, now I’m going to look up Set in Stone! :D” Christina: “Do it!!! You won’t regret it!”
  21. Villere House (Blood of My Blood Book 1) by CD Hussey & Leslie Fear <— PERFECT FOR THIS SPOOKY MONTH ALERT! It’s on SUPER-SALE, and it’s a GHOST STORY & ROMANCE ALERT AND it’s only 0.99 cents today!! The author says: “One is set in New Orleans and is about Xavier and his romance with Lottie. Book two is about Xavier’s brother, Julien and his romance with Nichole. Both are rich in mystery and both will make you work for the intimacy. No insta-love or insta-sex for my readers.” YES!!! Sounds right up my alley! :D
  22. Bayou Grise: Sins of Sanite (Blood of My Blood Book 2) by CD Hussey & Leslie Fear <— Book #2 and this one is ONLY 0.99 cents today too!
  23. To The Steadfast By Briana Gaitan <— WHOA! UNREQUITED LOVE ALERT!!!! and I think this one just might deliver! It’s only 0.99 cents today and hrmm… sounds SUPER-angsty, and after reading a few of the less-than-excited reviews, it now sounds even angstier! YIKES! I kinda wanna… ;)As my best friend’s brother, he ignored me before noticing me. He protected me, bought me my first beer, but eventually became my undoing. There was a time I would have died to get him to notice me, now I’d do anything to forget him. I’m not the one who can tame him, and he’s not the guy who will change for me. This isn’t a story about falling in love, this is a story about falling out of love. Unrequited love, and finding the strength to stand up for myself…
  24. Defy (Defy Series Book 1) by Sara B. Larson <— TWISTS & TURNS ALERT!! Tessa recommends this one!! “OMG, I don’t even want to do anything but read Defy! It’s insane! I guessed one person but not the other. And and and, it’s not done and I just want to read all day. And then get the next book.” and then… ”Finished Defy and loved it! Now I have to go to the library and get the second book. Just, yeah good.  :D” and fabi agrees! “That book is so good. And the twists and turns… Gah!”
  25. BEWARE by Shanora Williams <— OMG CRAZY PAGE TURNER ALERT!! Ela and Jean are LOSING it for this one… LOL!!! Ela: “OMG BEWARE KIND OF REMINDS ME OF RAW, ALTHOUGH RAW WAS WAY MORE MESSED UP (F WORD NEEDED)!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR IF THIS BOOK DIDN’T HAVE A SEQUEL I’D KICK SOMEBODY OR SOMEONE HARD!” Yeah she’s screaming. hahahaha!!! and Jean agrees! “I am loving Beware! Its a total page turner!”
  26. BEWARE 2: The Comeback by Shanora Williams <— Here’s #2 so nobody has to kick anyone. LOL!!! :P  And after a few more screaming fits, Ela explains: “Sorry for the screaming Jean and gang…I tend to get emotional when a book is getting on my nerves or the H/h is just pissing me off…ya know??? *shakes everybody* YOU HAVE TO KNOW” <— LOL!!!!
  27. The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen <— COUPLE-SWAP & BROKEN RULES ALERT! And I’m bringing this one back, since so many of us LOVED it, and book #2 will be out in just a few weeks. :D Cristina says: “YES! YES! YES! Time to re-read book 1! I know this story isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea.” Would I dare try something like swapping? No. My heart is too tender for an arrangement like that. But… BUT! I have always been curious about the mechanics of those types of arrangements. Like how in the world could it not go wrong? This book deliciously feeds into that curiosity and delivers in spades!!
  28. Fade to Red by Willow Aster <— HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ALERT!!! Recently released and only 0.99 cents today AND AND!!! And Cheryl HIGHLY recommends it!! Since I LOVED book #1, this makes me even more excited! “Maryse, Fade To Red was soooo good. It had suspense(a creepy villain) a slow-burn hate to love romance, angst and a hot rockstar. The very end was wtf?!!! Not a cliffhanger, but there has to be more. It was also enjoyable to get more of Ian and Sparrow (and their baby) from True Love Story. I thought it was even better than TLS!!  :)
  29. True Love Story by Willow Aster <— And here is the first one (but I think both can be read as a standalone). THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD and heartache-y and cheaty. And it’s only 0.99 cents today too!!!! (my review)
  30. SHADES: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Outlaw Series Book 3) by Nicole James <— BIKER BOOK ALERT! Kathy found us this one!! “Shades by Nicole James is on sale for .99. This is the 3rd book in the series. The first was Outlaw. I have been waiting for this one to go on sale. Definitely my next read!”
  31. OUTLAW: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 1) by Nicole James <— and here is #1!

    For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free ebooks deal —>

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PRE-ORDERS (next 2 weeks!)

  1. Claimed: An Outlaws Novel (The Outlaws Series Book 1) by Elle Kennedy <— releasing October 6th 2015 and bev just reminded us (“Claimed by Elle Kennedy out Oct 6. Dystopian romance, buddy read?”), and Michelle just lost it! LOL! “*shrieks* Elle Kennedy AND dystopian romance!! Omg omg omg…I’m reading it release day no matter how much it costs! Thank you Bev! The House looks good but I’m all over Claimed since it’s exactly what I wanted more of in books, of course if it delivers.” and fabi agrees! “It’s an automatic pre-order for me Bev. It will also be a stop, drop and read on the 6th. Thanks for the heads up for it!”
  2. The House by Christina Lauren – October 6th 2015 <— and many of us are buddy reading this one!!
  3. Ms. Manwhore: A Manwhore Series Novella (The Manwhore Series Book 3) by Katy Evans – October 5th 2015
  4. Entranced by Jessica Sorensen – expected release date October 6th 2015
  5. Madame X: A Madame X Novel by Jasinda Wilder - October 6th 2015
  6. Brighter Than the Sun by Darynda Jones - October 6th 2015
  7. Redemption Road: A Vicious Cycle Novel by Katie Ashley – October 6th 2015
  8. Rock Redemption (Rock Kiss) (Volume 3) by Nalini Singh – October 6th 2015
  9. Wicked for You (Wicked Lovers series Book 10) by Shayla Black – October 6th 2015
  10. Too Hot to Touch: Three Breeds Novellas by Lora Leigh - expected release date October 6th 2015
  11. White Trash Zombie Gone Wild: A White Trash Zombie Novel by Diana Rowland - expected release date October 6th 2015
  12. Love To Hate You (Love/Hate Book 2) by Isabelle Richards

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Happy Saturday!!! It’s time to play in someone else’s “favorites list” and see how close to us they are in book love, and discover something new to read! After all… if they love it that much, and they so obviously have similar book tastes, then that must mean we are missing something awesome, right? YAY US!!!

And Lisa agrees! “Gosh I just love these lists!!!! They not only remind me of my long forgotten but much loved books but also give me new tbrs.

Today’s list features our fellow reader and friend, Lisa! Let’s find out a little more about Lisa, shall we? Oh there is SO much good stuff to list!!! She’s been actively chatting with us since May of this year, but she’s been “with us” for much longer, and I feel like I’ve known her forever!!

  • Lisa is Australian and has a thing for our book “sports stars”. ;)
“Think I have an ice hockey/football player crush going on……too bad we don’t have either in Australia”
  • Just perfect for this Halloween month, she regales us with a spooky tale! She suspects the last place she lived in was haunted:
“I swear the last house we lived in was haunted. The microwave would turn itself on at random times…like the middle of the night! It would totally freak me out when I was home alone. And lights in the main bedroom would flicker and dim at times. My husband would hear loud footsteps along the timber hallway, thinking it was me, only to have no one there when he’d look. We found out the previous owners wife had died there. Too spooky.”
  • She gives us an Australian “man-bun” lesson:
“…they’re called Muns in Australia (man buns) and as long as they’re not paired with Meggings (weird man leggings) I’m OK with the look *snort*”
  • Lisa loves book boyfriends, but she has her limits!
“…if misogynistic self centred self serving manwhores are the characters being written for us to fall in love with I think Im done!!!! AND female leads who are every other woman’s worse nightmare don’t give me warm and fuzzies either…”
  • But later she revises her “manwhore” rant my saying it’s not so much that, as it is, that certain women “were his to emotionally abuse (shudder).”
  • She likes angst… but with limits: “Love a bit of angst….but not the heart wrenching pain!”
  • She tells us her “book-catnip”
“I think my book catnip is tortured heros who are kind of jerks initially…like Remy and Colton and Travis. And I totally agree with Tessa. Secondary characters that are well fleshed out really turns a good story to a great story for me. Loved all the characters in Jay Crownover series for that reason. Felt like I knew them and missed them when I finished.”
“Love a jerk who turns into a hero and love it when the H is wounded and troubled and the h heals him.”
  • She also loves when authors do this:
“Another book quirk I love is when authors add a play list and you get that multidimensional feel by listening to the music and reading at the same time. (Trust me…listen to the choral music when reading 50 shades red room scenes *gulp*). Ofcourse the beloved Colleen Hoover did it to perfection with her colab with Griffen Peterson for Maybe Someday. My husband thinks it’s just another way I block the rest of the world out when I have my iPod earbuds in and my head buried in my Kindle!! ;)
  • Her TBR list is outta control. ;) Sounds like us!!!
“good grief Ive had to make my tbr list its own folder on my kindle….there is literally no room in that folder for my book Dom either!!……Ive had to make room for him in the linen cupboard”
“Don’t you love it when you’ve read a great review…pre-ordered….promptly forgotten about it…then you wake up to discover your clever little kindle has uploaded all these gems you forgot you bought weeks ago….its like book Christmas.”
“If the character being cheated on is a bit sketchy I can usually justify it in my heart….but when I really relate to the h and she is being cheated on……no way, not happening. I have abandoned books too when Ive got that yuk stomache churning feeling or the ‘woman-scorned fury’ feeling.”
“Mmmmm. I wasnt a Kiera hater in Thougtless either but I loathed the cheating in Overruled. Double standards maybe…”
“About to start Affair with trepidation (am I up to it)….I loved Arsen and that was pretty brutal. We’ll see.”
  • Annnnnnnd…. she made my day once, when she called me Master. Tee hee! I think I’m her new “book-Dom”? *snort* :P
“Hi Master… “
“Maryse!!! Maryse!! B*&%$y auto correct. Even though you are the book Master.”
LOL!!!!!! Stupid autocorrect!!! Hilarious. :D

And now… her list! *ahem* She lists this as her “TOP 10″, but with all of her honorable mentions, we’ve actually got ourselves a nice TOP 37. LOL!!

“Hi Maryse,

Thought Id send in my top reads…its so much fun reading everyone else’s.:

I’ve been checking out your blog for a couple of years now and can thank you for some of my most favorite book recommendations.  I love reading all of the banter and comments from your peanut gallery.  There are some pretty funny discussions!  But mostly I love their book recommendations and have a ridiculously long tbr list (like if I read non-stop from now until the day I die I still won’t finish it long – yikes) thanks to them.  Being an Aussie I get a giggle at some of the ‘cultural differences’ in some of the language in the chat…..thongs really really should only ever go on your feet people!!


Here’s my list:

1. Colleen Hoover - I know! Not a book….but seriously I would read a cereal box if she wrote the blurb – and love it! My fave is Maybe Someday.  We use sign language for our daughter so perhaps it resonated with me.  Honorable mention to Slammed series – Will and Layken too. Her characters are real and the kind of people Id like to meet. And she does coming of age love to perfection.

2. How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo.  If I rate books by how long the characters stay with me when I finished their story then this is my all time most loved book. Paul Hudson will stay with me always in his hideous pea green suit strumming ‘Just Like Heaven’ on his guitar.  I love him. I wanted to add Tiffanie’s other book God Shaped Hole: A Novel to this list too – but really  this book wrecked me so badly I needed a quiet weekend to myself to get over it!!  Too painful to be able to say I loved it – but it was ‘rip you heart out and stomp on it’ amazing. Ugly ugly crying was involved.

3. One Day by David Nicholls – another rip your heart out book that I couldn’t put down.  Dexter is the anti-hero who I spent as much time despising and wanting to throat punch as I did cheering for.  Emma was neurotic and divine and I want her as my best friend.

4. Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren (love these two ladies and laughed my a**e off when they vowed to never use the word ‘vulva’ in a sex scene) – this book was the first laugh out loud sexy romp style book I read and the banter between the characters Bennett & Chloe is golden.  It introduced me to others that became faves also like TangledWallbanger, Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat, The Redhead Series.  I enjoy reading these books in between the previously mentioned rip your heart out books – cos really I’d be rocking and mumbling in a corner somewhere if it was all God-Shaped Hole!!!!!

5. Sweet Thing - Renee Carlino. She hasn’t written a book I haven’t loved and her recent Before We Were Strangers almost tops Sweet Thing – almost.  I just adore the way she writes such heart-achingly beautiful love stories and can fill pages with such longing and loss – it’s astounding. Her hero’s are beautiful and not the usual alpha dick’s but just gorgeous. Sigh.

6. The Driven Series K Bromberg – one of the first series I read after 50.  There are so many of these types of stories out there but for some reason this one stayed with me. Colton was a gigantic d**k but I couldn’t stop reading these books!!

7. The REAL Series Katy Evans – what can I say.  Remy is my book catnip.  This is how you write the emotionally shattered alpha manwhore character.  I’m loving her Manwhore series too.

8. The Pact - Karina Halle.  It’s hard to pick just one of her books but this one broke me. Linden and Steph – I wanted to bang their thick heads together with frustration.  This is the perfect ‘friend-zoned’ book.

9. The Mighty Storm series – Samantha Towle.  I love a good rock god story and there are plenty of these out there but Jake and Tru’s story stuck. Honorable mentions to the The Resistance SL Scott, Mayhem Series, Stage Dive Series Kylie Scott, High Strung & The Lexi Series T Gephart and the original…… Thoughtless and yummy, yummy Kellan.

10. The Dark Duet books CJ Roberts – so darkly disturbing I’m not sure if they stayed with me because I was traumatized or if I actually really liked them.  I do remember having to frequently put the book/kindle down and walk away at times, it was just too painful to read. Indebted by Pepper Winters is my current selection in self torture….I have to really be in the mood to manage this kind of book and will frequently follow up with lighter reads or a tried and true Kristen Ashley - that I know will give my heart the HEA it needs to recover.

Soooo many more I could mention – Vi Keeland - ThrobBeat, anything by Penelope Ward, Bully (Fall Away Series) by Penelope Douglas, The Deal, The Mistake by Elle Kennedy and The Friend Zone & The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan, Left Drowning by Jessica Park, If I Stay & Where She Went by Gayle Forman, Archer’s Voice & Kyland – Mia Sheridan, This Man Series & One Night Series by Jodi Malpas…………and on and on it goes.

I think I need more reading time and far fewer recommendation for must reads.  No! Not true….happiness is a long tbr.  So keep the recommendations coming Maryse!!

So that’s me. Cheers!! Lisa xx



BEWARE!!!! This dark series (well… “duet” – and it’s complete!) will make you crazy with book-delight and total throw-your-ereader frustration (my fellow readers are losing their minds right now over it, in fact).

Jean: My friend is freaking it about Beware (Shanora Williams). Has anyone here read it?

Ela: That sounds not so bad Jean??? Looks like Tessa 5-star’d it….

Tessa: Beware is on sale by Shanora Williams. It’s soooo good, gut wrenching, dangerous and just great… A big recommendation from me. …I LOVED Beware. Serious adoration for that one. I need to read the second one, but that first book side swiped me big time.

Jean: Think I’m gonna read Beware based on Tessa’s rec. My friend is just about done the 2nd book and she loves it!

Ela: Beware is awesome sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean: I am loving Beware! Its a total pageturner!

Ela: OMG BEWARE KIND OF REMINDS ME OF RAW, ALTHOUGH RAW WAS WAY MORE MESSED UP (F WORD NEEDED)!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR IF THIS BOOK DIDN’T HAVE A SEQUEL I’D KICK SOMEBODY OR SOMEONE HARD! …“It’s all supposed to be over. Right?” Beware 2: The Comeback by Shanora Williams Oh it better be what the the title hints at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tessa: Ela… If the second book hadn’t been out, I’d have told you don’t read it. When I read it, there wasn’t going to be a second book. Total standalone instead. I read Raw at the same time and I got a bigger jolt by Beware. I went into denial, honestly. I was just saying, “Nope. There will be a book two. Just, nope.” *sighs* Such a good book.


Jean: You sure are screaming a lot today Ela! Lol!

Maryse: *snort* :P

Jen C: gotta add my 2 cents – read BEWARE by Shanora Williams a while ago and it was so good! Messed up crazy good and really addictive!

Jean: Oh and I just finished Beware and loved it! So happy the 2nd book is out already! Jumping right into it!

Tessa: Beware is a two book series. Originally it was a standalone, but she wrote the second due to MAJOR requests. … Beware did NOT have a book two until everyone demanded it due to that ending. You remember me talking about a book that I loved, but I was in denial about the ending, that I wanted a book two? THAT BOOK!

Jean: Loving Beware 2 The Comeback….maybe even more than Beware! Great series!!!!!!

About book #1:

Ace is bad. Very bad.

After losing my brother, I know I should stay away. So why can’t I? He’s irresistible. He’s confident. He’s amazing… but he’s dangerous. He was there the night my brother was murdered. He watched it all go down. I should stay away. The things I saw weren’t acceptable. I should want Ace as far away from me as possible—I should consider him a monster and a threat—but when my life is at stake I know I no longer have a choice of the matter. He’s the only one that can protect me.

He’s done what he can to keep me out of danger, but it’s not enough. I need answers. I need the truth. He refuses to give it to me, and because of that I don’t trust him. He refuses to tell me what really happened and to just forget about it but I refuse. I won’t back down until I get answers. But there’s one thing wrong with getting too many answers. It leads to lies. It leads to trouble. It leads to danger. But worst of all, it leads to me falling deeply and madly in love with him.  I’ve gotta be out of my mind.


London Stallone hasn’t always had the perfect life, but she did have the perfect older brother. He did everything for her. He took care of her when no one else would. He’s always been the shoulder she could lean on, but when he ends up murdered, things turn for the worst. London soon demands answers, and the first person she runs to is her brother’s co-worker and good friend, Donovan “Ace” Crow. Ace isn’t the ordinary guy. He doesn’t come equipped with flowers and chocolate. He doesn’t hand out smiles and hugs to every female he meets. He’s strict and only about business, and London believes he’s a part of the reason her brother was murdered.

Soon, after finding out life-threatening news, it leads to something Ace never thought he’d have to do for anyone. Protect her.

Although he doesn’t want her to get hurt, it doesn’t stop him from being selfish or bitter. He’s promised to protect her, but has he done enough ? Has he sacrificed everything in order to keep London out of harms way? Sometimes love can get in the way of your priorities. And sometimes love can easily become your enemy—your worst nightmare. It can destroy you.

This is a story full of dishonesty. Disloyalty. Broken hearts. Pain. Suffering. Lies. Destruction. This isn’t a fairytale love story. This is real. And it just might break you. You’ve been warned…



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I LOVE office romance books, and Brandi needs us!! Sounds like a nice long-term office romance crush that we get to indulge in, and HE finally notices her… but the question is, he… who? What book is this?


I have been thinking about a book I read forever ago.  One scene that is stuck in my head! I seem to remember the h and her BFF working in an office setting together.  h is not the outgoing type and has had a secret crush on a certain man in the office for FOREVER.

During a business meeting,  h finally catches H’s eye.  Maybe H has dark hair and blue eyes,  goatee maybe? I have read so many books it is hard to keep track!  I thought it was “Neanderthal Seeks Human“  but I just finished a re-read and it wasn’t it!

Please help me!!

I immediately thought DeLuca from Alessandra Torre’s Innocence series, but… no I don’t know. But then I thought of one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE romance comedies of all time, The Plan by Qwen Salsbury. I think it might be that one! What do you guys think?



Zoe from Wattpad found us more free reads that will likely rock our worlds (and links us to genre categories that are right up our romance alley), and she answers a few reader questions about how Wattpad works!!

Also, I’ve been getting AWESOME feedback from our fellow readers telling us that sure enough, they’ve checked out these recommendations and have gone CRAZY for a few of them.

Anna: I looove Wattpad, really. Oh, I’m currently reading one of the books mentioned here: “Kissed” by Carla Krae, it’s amazing <3 I’m reading a lot on Wattpad, sometimes more than on my Kindle lol.

TheWelshBird: I love Wattpad and am always on the look out for new (good) novels on there to review on my blog. It can seem like a needle in a haystack sometimes, but there are plenty of gems. I’ll be checking out your list.

Fritz: I loved The Michevous Mrs. Maxfield! It is one of the books in Wattpad that I really enjoyed reading and was successful in putting a smile and sometimes a good smirk on my face when I was reading it. You should read this Maryse and everyone.

Maree: Wattpad has a mobile app, too, so you can read from anywhere on your phone :) Some Wattpad authors choose to publish chapters on Wattpad as they write each chapter. Some prefer to wait until they’ve written the entire book, then release it chapter by chapter on a regular basis — for example, a new chapter each week. There are both published books, and unpublished stories, available to read. And you can tell if a story is finished by the “completed” button attached to the story. Wattpad now has many published author members who’ve posted full books to the site. So if you find yourself reading a published book, you may well find the eBook either available for purchase — or free to download — at vendors such as Smashwords, iBooks, Amazon etc. Finally, if an author does plan to pull a completed story posted to Wattpad, they generally give heaps of notice, so that those currently reading the story can finish it before it’s pulled. Hope this helps answer your questions :)

And Zoe wanted us to know:

“I saw some of the questions about how best to find Wattpad content. You can use Search, or peruse our category pages to see what’s Hot (popular), or Featured (picked by editorial staff) or New.

But I thought I’d also show you our tag pages – I’ve been digging our New AdultCollege and Biker one, but you can swap out any word in the URL and it’ll bring you to the tag page for that theme! I just tried Urban Fantasy and it looks fun!

Do any of your readers want tips on Writing for Online Engagement: Fiction in a Digital World? One of my fave romance writers, Rebecca Skye, has a new Skillshare class (for free!) that details her tips. Check her Wattpad book The Cheaters Club, with over five million reads to see what she’s accomplished.

And this is cute and different. Margaret Atwood talking about technology and writing, animated!

Also, we found this list yesterday and it totally made us lol in the office. It’s called Netflix and Chill and it’s filled with bookclubs!

And finally – All the girls in the office have been binge-reading this book No Fury obsessively. Trigger warning in the beginning for your readers, but it’s been a big topic of conversation over here and I think you’d be into it. I’ve been calling it the gateway drug into fanfiction, especially if you don’t think you’re a Harry Styles or One Direction fan :)

Ok, hope you have a lovely week! Back to reading :)

Wow… now I HAVE to check out No Fury!!

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A series that is being released over the next month and a half, installment by installment and each one is written by a different favorite author (and I mean SQUEEWORTHY!!)!!!! This series was brought to my attention when Ivi went crazy for book #1!

She says:

Hi Maryse, first time writing a suggesting a book. Big fan of your reviews and list! Just read, Tempest Rising by Julie Kenner (Rising Storm Series) I had tears through the entire book, but could not put it down, I sat for 3+hours non stop to finish it. It has so many suprises and leaves you guessing and anticipating what’s next. It’s a colaborative series by different authors with the first season realising every Thursday until November. You probably know but, I been out of the loop for a while thought I’d share just in case.”

About book #1:

Secrets, Sex and Scandals …

Welcome to Storm, Texas, where passion runs hot, desire runs deep, and secrets have the power to destroy… Get ready. The storm is coming.

Nestled among rolling hills and painted with vibrant wildflowers, the bucolic town of Storm, Texas, seems like nothing short of perfection.

But there are secrets beneath the facade. Dark secrets. Powerful secrets. The kind that can destroy lives and tear families apart. The kind that can cut through a town like a tempest, leaving jealousy and destruction in its wake, along with shattered hopes and broken dreams. All it takes is one little thing to shatter that polish.

Ginny Moreno didn’t mean to do it, but when she came home to Storm, she brought the tempest with her. And now everyone will be caught in its fury…


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Toni needs our help!!! Her book title was kidnapped. ;) Actually no, it involved a kidnapped character but she can’t remember the title. She’s looking for the book that had a blurb that sounds something like this:

I saw a blurb for a book and noticed it was a part 1, usually I will add it to my TBR list, but I didn’t and now I cant remember name.
so I am asking for suggestions of what it might be.

Does anyone know what book this is? Now… I’m going to admit to one book coming to mind which I thought this might be, but it’s a bit of a spoiler if I say so. It. Was. FABULOUS!!!! And the thing is, I know for a fact, the blurb didn’t mention a brother (whether one was involved or not… I won’t say ;) ) , so it just can’t be that one, right?

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover <— Blanca wonders if it’s this one! “I’m thinking Hopeless by Colleen Hoover?”

Inevitable Detour (Inevitability Book 1) <— Lisa: “Is it inevitable detour by R.S. Grey?”



Tattooed bad boys and their angsty love stories! Book #4 was just released!

About book #1

I’ve always known she was too good for me, but that never stopped me from wanting her. And then I finally had her for one night. A night I don’t remember.

I figured I’d blown my shot. But now she’s walked back into my life, and this time, I have the upper hand. I want my second chance. Will she be able to see the man beneath this ink?


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