<— Lauren just found us this one, and she’s excited!! LOL! “OMG, OMG!!!!!! Victoria Ashley released Cale (Walk Of Shame #3) a few days early!!!! It’s LIVE!!!

AND… Kim found us these: “Some, not all, of Mia Sheridan’s books are on sale for $.99 right now. Archer’s Voice and Kyland are included in the sale!!” I LOVE Archer’s Voice like crazy!!!! (Here’s my 5-star review)


We have a little bit of EVERYTHING on today’s list, from a few brand new releases, to reader recommendations & favorite series that have been bundled. Looking for a specific genre? They all look sooooo good! From comedy romance, to dark reads to psych thrillers, to billionaires, to bad-boy fighters, the emotionally scarred and all! You’re in the mood for something in particular? I bet it’s here.

Okay so what I’m reading right now? THIS!! Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny <— I’ve changed it up a bit to keep up with my 2015 Reading Challenge list. And since one of my friends is reading this one (hi Kayla!! :D  ), and due to my own interest in this story (’cause I LOVED the “Girls Next Door” show) I had to jump in. Yep! An autobiography, and this is no hardship for me ’cause I love autobiographies (especially the juicy ones). The ex-Playboy girls sure seemed like quite the story and I’m having fun! I should be finished tonight so review to come shortly. And I certainly have a few things to say about this one…

Teri: I finished this yesterday. Very enlightening read! I want a Bridget tell-all now! She was always my favorite :)

Maryse: I loved Bridget the most too!

Carrie: I want to read this :)  Bridget was always my favorite!

Tessa: Holly Madison, huh? You’ll have to tell us. She always seemed so calculating. When it was on, I saw little bits. The other two were seemed sweet, but she just seemed cold emotionally.

And then next, it’s gonna be hard for me to choose… likely something from my latest TBR list, or the latest Kristen Ashley biker book (Ride Steady (Chaos), OR Jezebel that I’ve been dying to know what all the twist-fuss is about!! I’m about 40% into Sloth, so I might switch back to that…

P.S. Let me know if I’m missing any or if you loved any (from this list or elsewhere).

EBOOK BARGAINS & READER RECOMMENDATIONS (NOTE: bargain priced when I added them, but prices can change on Amazon, so make sure to check before you finalize your order).

  1. Wasted Lust: (A 321 Spinoff) by J.A. Huss <— JUST RELEASED!!! This one came out just a week ago and I missed it! SO here it is. :D Author says CAN be read as a standalone but best to read the others before it ’cause the character in this one was a child in the other books (now this is HER book). The love of her life leaves her for her own good… “Sasha Cherlin died the night she let Nick Tate walk out on her for a life of crime. Her very essence was destroyed when they broke their promise to one another…
  2. Three, Two, One (321): (A Dark Suspense) by J.A. Huss <— DARK READ ALERT!! And for those that missed it, here is the first book, that had so many jaws dropping! Donna loved it saying: “I’m at the 69% page of 321! Please tell me if I am going to be heartbroken so, I can prepare myself.. Loving this creepy raunchy book” and then… “321 was definitely my kind of book 5 stars for me.” and Fabi agrees: “…it was a 4.5 star read for me. I may be a little stingy with my stars, idk. But it was good.”
  3. One to Chase (One to Hold Book 7) by Tia Louise <— Can be read as a standalone and just recently released!
  4. Bang Switch (Code 11- KPD SWAT Book 3) by Lani Lynn Vale <— JUST RELEASED SEXY BAD-BOY COP ALERT!! “Lachlan Downy was a lover, not a fighter. Okay, he wouldn’t lie, he was a fighter, too. But nobody had to know that. Especially not Memphis Tennessee Conner and her stuffy attitude when it came to cops and ‘men like him.’
  5. A Forever Family (Forever Trilogy, 6) by Sandi Lynn <— JUST RELEASED!!! I remember this series being really popular a few years ago!
  6. Jezebel by K. Larsen <— JAW-DROPPING TWIST & JUST RE-RELEASED!!! This one had tongues wagging in excitement upon it’s release a few weeks ago, but the attention was overwhelming and the author took it down for a bit while she got a handle on some anxiety issues. Well… she’s back, it’s back AND!!! She’s released a brand new novella, too! YAY US!! :D
  7. Lying in Wait: A Companion Novella to Jezebel by K. Larsen  <— JUST RELEASED & IT’S THE FOLLOW UP NOVELLA to Jezebel!
  8. Lust (The Fight Club Book 6) by Becca Jameson<— JUST RELEASED MMA FIGHTER/EMT ALERT! He keeps having to rescue her… LOL!! And he’s hot! “When Zane arrives to rescue a woman trapped under her back porch, he almost swallows his tongue at the first sight of her fine legs and sexy butt. If that isn’t enough, Abby can’t seem to stay out of trouble. He has to rescue her yet again the following week from an accident…” Sounds like it could be guilty pleasure fun. Plus, of course, there’s danger when her best friend gets in trouble with the mob…
  9. PLAYER by Joanna Blake <— FAMOUS FOOTBALL PLAYER ALERT! Bargain priced and his childhood neighbor is not impressed with him at all… “he’s even forgotten me, the snot nosed brat from next door. So much so that he hits on me when he comes in to eat at the barbecue place I work at to pay my way through school. But the jokes on him when I turn him down in front of all his meathead buddies.” Tee hee!!!
  10. The Kind Worth Killing: A Novel by Peter Swanson <— PSYCH THRILLER ON SUPER-SALE ALERT!! & HIGHLY loved by those that love the psych thrillers, and by many in our own reading crew. It’s one of Sadie’s absolute favorites and she’ll throw peanuts at you if you don’t read it. Sadie: “ I have been telling maryse to read “the kind worth killing” forever so I’ll throw some peanuts for them.” I totally one clicked it Sadie, I promise! :D
  11. Fearless: The Complete Novel (Dartmoor Book 1) by Lauren Gilley <— GRITTY BIKER BOOK ALERT!! My book-bud Kandace LOVED THIS one!! “Last week I picked up Fearless by Lauren Gilley and absolutely loved it. It’s a Motorcycle Club story! This book has everything we love in our MC books: gritty, intense, amazing club dynamics, protective and fierce bikers, a epic love story, strong h. You all will love Mercy. He’s something special. He’s all alpha. Fearless is a standalone. It’s over 800 pages but I promise you’ll wish it was longer. You won’t want to let them go.”
  12. Power Play (Risky Business Book 1) by Tiffany Snow <— TIFFANY SNOW/SALLY LOVED THIS RECENT RELEASE ALERT!! So it’s back on the list! She says: “I READ it and LOVED it ! If you are a Kathleen Turner series fan I KNOW you will love it! If you need a little something more than just romance in your books like ME then Romance/Suspense is probably what you are looking for…”
  13. All-American Girl by Meg Cabot <— I heard a TON of squeeing over this author at RT 2015, and this one is on super-sale! Teen love and she’s the middle child between 2 sisters, and she’s in love with her big sister’s bf, and the president’s son just might be in love with her! *wheeeee!!!*
  14. Unbeautiful Series: The Complete Set by Jessica Sorensen <— BUNDLED SERIES 2 BOOKS/BOTH EMOTIONALLY SCARRED & BARGAIN PRICED ALERT!! She’s the beautiful cheerleader with emotional scars and anger, and he’s the tattooed & pierced bad-boy that is mute! “Maybe if they knew, they wouldn’t fear me so much. Then again, maybe they’d fear me more.” Ohhhhh!!!
  15. Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set (#1 Resisting, #2 Falling, #3 Choosing) (CAN’T RESIST) by Violet Duke <— BUNDLED SERIES 3 BOOKS LOVE TRIANGLE & BARGAIN PRICED ALERT!! OMG is it gonna be a LOVE triangle? She’s helping her best friend raise his little girl, and a bad-boy lawyer is trying to entice her… “Abby Bartlett is the quintessential nice girl. Between teaching, volunteering, completing her PhD, and helping her best friend raise his daughter, Abby never gets the chance to be anything but nice. That is, until the all-wrong-for-her man she’s only ever known from afar starts daring her to simply take that chance for herself…
  16. The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection Boxed Set (Mine For Tonight, Mine For Now, Mine Forever, Mine Completely) (The Billionaire’s Obsession series Book 1) by J.S. Scott <— BUNDLED SERIES & BARGAIN PRICED ALERT!! “Once a serial trilogy, The Billionaire’s Obsession is now complete with a bonus story in this complete collection about Simon and Kara…”
  17. The Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken <— BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND ALERT & SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH ROMANCE LOVE TRIANGLE FUN!!! She’s into her brother’s best friend (sexy firefighter) but he only sees her as his friend’s “little sister”. But they end up being last-minute dates to her brother’s wedding. And then… her best guy-friend from college shows up to the wedding, and he likes her… and then it’s war! LOL! And Katherine just said: “Whatever you do – do NOT read “The Consequences of Loving Colton” in public. I could hold in giggles – but full on snort-laugh was not going to be subdued, and I did that a lot with this novel!:P YAY!!!

    For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free ebooks deal —>

    1. AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as AUDIOBOOKS AT A BARGAIN-PRICE!<—Audiobooks for ebook super-sale prices. I’m thrilled with that, and what’s fun is you can flip flop from reading it, to listening to it without losing your spot… This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL! (This is the “Whispersync” thingie). :D
    2. Fallen Crest High: Fallen Crest Series, Book 1 by Tijan <— HOLY MOLY it’s SO CHEAP!!!!!!!!! The audiobook version is available via Amazon’s “whisper sync” (meaning if you already have the Kindle book, you can get the audio for SUPER-CHEAP!!!) and considering the book version is free… OMG). MINE. Totally one-clicked this. Now… and I gonna read it, or listen to it? ;) No matter what, I HAVE TO get this series under my belt. Melanie just reminded me saying: “Maryse, I was getting up to date on my news feeds, and read that Tijan is really close to publishing the next book in the Fallen Crest Series. That’s when it got me thinking back to your TBR list and recalled this wasn’t on it. You HAVE to bump this up on your list somewhere so you can join Team Mason.” Yep. I think I have peanuts in my hair again…


PRE-ORDERS (This month!!)


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Looks like my fellow readers are antsy for more personalized reader recommendations! This is getting to be a weekly favorite. I knew it would, ’cause there’s nothing better than 1.) Getting to know our book-buds and 2.) finding out what their favorite books are. After all, if we have similar tastes, these very books might just rock our worlds, too!

Grey: So, I’ve got my butterfly net out and I’m ready to collect all of the thrown peanuts. I’d love to get suggestions…and this is my trusted spot for recommendations. It would be awesome if everyone just posted with their favorite or couple favorite books.. *throws peanut* LOL!

Amy: Ooooh Grey, you are just asking for it with that kind of request…you’re bound to get bombarded with recs now!! Maryse has started posting readers’ favorites lists on Saturdays…I can’t wait to see whose list is up next!

I got just the thing, Grey (and crew!!). MichelleS has been a long-time member of our community and loves a little bit of everything! Historical, fantasy, paranormal and of course contemporary romance. Take a look at her list (and notes). I have read and absolutely LOVED the majority of her favorites on this list so I know those that I haven’t read will be awesome!

MichelleS: I am SURE I have left off something fantastic. I am only including the genres and titles that I think may interest fellow readers of this blog. If I go way back, I will never get through the list. These are the books I have read more than once – which is kind of my big decider for 5 stars.

  1. The Tairen Soul by C.L. Wilson. – Read all 5, best Fae series, hands down
  2. A Hunger Like No Other by Krelsey Cole – best of  Immortals After Dark
  3. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – my book husband, Jamie Frasier
  4. The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons  - achingly beautiful WWII in Russia
  5. The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley – had me at page one
  6. Transcendence by Shay Savage - who would have guessed?
  7. Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2) by J.R. Ward – My fave of this series
  8. Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan – just stuck with me
  9. On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves – best beach read
  10. Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan - best MC Club book
  11. After Hours by Cara McKenna – how is this so hot?
  12. Surviving Raine by Shay Savage – best gritty beach read
  13. Real (The REAL series Book 1) by Katy Evans
  14. Making Faces by Amy Harmon – best coming of age
  15. Take (Temptation Series Book 2) and Try (Temptation Series Book 1) by Ella Frank – best m/m
  16. Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy Cherry - best teacher student
  17. Roam Series by Kimberly Stedronsky
  18. Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
  19. The Highlander Series - by Karen Marie Moning (Adam Black & Daegus MacKeltar)
  20. Moon Called by Patricia Briggs – love all of the Mercedes Thompson Books
There are so many more – but don’t want the list to be too long! Sweet Dreams, Knights of Black Swan, How to Kill a Rock Star…. GAH! How to pick?


Who’s in the mood for a foul-mouthed sex-addict male stripper? Book #3 was JUST RELEASED and wow, the blurb for #1 has me BLUSHING big time. Looks like we’ll do more than blush, though. ;)

Maryse: Just by the blurb I’m allllll *whoa*. “When I’m not f&%king, I’m slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed; another thing I’m good at. Every woman’s darkest fantasy brought to life.” But!! Then he meets that girl that changes the whole game (and she’s not interested). WOW! The reviews for this one make me wanna one-click it SO BAD!! Okay… done. LOL! … Those reviews (well the titles) had me grinning like mad, excited to give this BAD BAD BOY a try.

Tanya: Holy Crap Maryse, you weren’t kidding about SLADE, I saw what you wrote and went to see for myself. Oh yeah that was soooo one clicked.

Jean: OK I just checked out Slade too…….I am speechless and of course I want to read it! :) Thanks for pointing it out Tanya!

Maryse: RIGHT!!!?? SLADE???? I gotta start this!!! Has anyone started it yet? Writing style? Flow? Slade? Whatdya think so far?

Lindsey: I read Slade–it was hot! Good too.

Lee: I loved Slade! 5* read

Kelly: This was HOT. Dirty, dirty boy! Loved his filthy mouth

Jean: Hey guys! Finished Slade late last night and although I struggled with the beginning, I was flipping the pages for the last 50%. It was a slow connection with the characters initially, but eventually I got there. And it definitely left me wanting to know more about the guys who will be featured in the next 2 books, Hemy and Cale, who were also hot, confident strippers (with issues of course)! Slade had the dirtiest mouth and the sex was HOT! (I often skim like you do Maryse so that is saying something).

Amy: I’m adding Slade to my TBR list, Jean. I never turn down a dirty-talking hottie! In a book, of course. ;)

About book #1:

My name is Slade Merrick and I’m a f**king sex addict . . . I’ve been told it’s a problem. But I see it as a passion; something that I’m good at. And who the f**k stops something that they’re good at?

They want me to seek help; get my c**k in check. Don’t judge my lifestyle. You’re no better than me. Just admit it, you like to f**k too. Sex is what I do best; my own personal high, so I embrace it instead of being ashamed. When I’m not f**king, I’m slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed; another thing I’m good at. Every woman’s darkest fantasy brought to life.

So, am I stopping? Fuck no. Sex is beautiful, raw and erotic and I get off knowing I can have it with anyone I want . . . with the exception of her.


She walks into the club swaying those hips, instantly drawing my c**k to attention. She’s pure perfection. That is, until she opens that mouth, drawing me in and for the first time in forever I want something more than sex. I want her and she hates it. Things get dirty. Dirty is what I like; it’s how I live. But . . . she’s playing a game she can never win.


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Jezebel by K. Larsen <— IS it my imagination!??? It’s BACK UP my friends!!!! For some reason it was up for only a few days, BLEW READER’S MINDS and then it disappeared off of Amazon, and I have no idea why… Ohhhhh the intrigue ’cause EVERYONE seemed to have LOVED the first version.

AND NOW THE COMPANION NOVELLA IS UP TOO!!! —-> Lying in Wait: A Companion Novella to Jezebel

Amy: Maryse, don’t forget about Jezebel in the midst of this week’s bookgasms. ;) That. Freaking. Ending. I was REELING. Even if it seems slow at parts and even if you think you have things figured out, stick with it! The ending will have you saying WTF, even if you don’t ever say that, LOL!! …  I was saying yesterday that I was pretty sure I had figured out what was happening (the twist), and I even started to feel a little indifferent towards the story near the end because I was right about it, but then BA-BAM!!! What happened was so WTF to me and was so NOT the ending I was expecting. If for nothing else about it, read Jezebel for that twist. ;)

Joy: OMG …OMG… OMG…. I just finished Jezebel!!! Who else has read this???

Brenda: Omg!!! It was so good! I read all day. Could not put it down!

Milissa: Omg has anyone read Jezebel?I can normally see how the book will end. But let me tell you I was totally mind f**ked. Yall have got to read it..

Maryse:  I have it!! I got it before it went off Amazon, so I’m waiting for it to be available again so we can all read it together. :D

Di-Ann: Oh my goodness. I just finished Jezebel by K. Larsen and OMG. So unique, beautifully written and that ending slayed me. Just when you think you have figured it out, NOT!! I dare anyone to tell me they saw it coming! LOVED IT!!!!!

Ela: Maryse you must read Jezebel by K. Larsen just as your crew pointed out!!!! I set up a spoiler thread on your blog

Okay I just found out from the author’s Facebook post here about why it went down… she had an anxiety attack!!:

“…Jezebel was killing it rank wise- I should have been celebrating and jumping for joy- instead- I was chewing anxiety pills like candy. I cried. I didn’t have dessert. I didn’t drink anything but water. I laid in bed all day. I lost 8 lbs total since June 5th. I didn’t sleep. My heart rate was over 100 for 7 days. From Saturday the 6th until Saturday the 13th I. Didn’t. Function. If you’ve read my bio- you know all of that is 100% the opposite of who I am.

In that mindset- I thought pulling Jezebel would alleviate my anxiety. Anxiety is a fairly normal reaction to stress…”

Ahhhh…. okay that explains it. I want to hug her!!

BUT!!! IT IS LIVE once again and I hear the twist in this book is SO CRAZY it will blow your mind. Author also says it’s a standalone even though there’s a crazy twist (so I assume no cliffy) but there will be a novella released, too.

When asked on her Facebook page if it was a standalone, she says:

Kind of. There is a small novella that comes out June 3rd. But, otherwise, Yes!

sidenote from Maryse – I think she means July? *crosses fingers* OH!!! My crossed fingers worked ’cause HERE IT IS ALREADY LIVE!!! Lying in Wait: A Companion Novella to Jezebel <— *snort* :P  

Okay YAY!!! I finally get to read it! I bought it when it was first released, but held off to read it with everyone… now that it’s available again, I’m on it!


“Guess the book” time! Dana needs out book help! We still need help with this reader question! We tried on Facebook, but our fellow reader said still no go, so maybe someone here knows?

She asks:

“I’ve been driving myself crazy for the past week trying to remember a book I read. Not sure when I read it, I need to start keeping a book journal.

Anyway, the book was about a woman who was interested in learning about being a submissive and had a girlfriend who was into that scene.

The girlfriend was close friends with a man who was a dominant. He worked with the woman via online chat, teaching her the basics. I believe the women worked for a catering company and the man was a well established businessman in their city.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember the author or the title of the book. If you could make some suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! I swear I didn’t make up this book!”

And here were some of the Facebook guesses:

Kandace: I dunno … The Agreement by LE Lund?

Sherry: Maybe check Dawn Robertson‘s books…

Dana: Thanks for the suggestions ladies but unfortunately those weren’t it. Though because of your suggestions I found some new books to read!!!

And now a few more:

Kelly: Could it be Nexus?

Maryse: Which Nexus, Kelly? There are a bunch on Amazon.

Maryse: Dana!!! I know of one that sounds very much like this but it was DARK AS HECK!!! It’s called Tender Mercies by Kitty Thomas. Her friend was into the scene, and she ended up meeting a Dom online and falling for him and moving to an island with it’s own set of laws to be with him (since it’s a D/s island, the women didn’t have any rights for the most part)… once she got there, she realized he was an absolute MONSTER. And she was stuck… Here is my review.

Anyone else want to venture a guess? Submit your guesses and there will be a $10 Amazon gift card giveaway for the first correct answer! Don’t forget… ALL are welcome to comment even if someone has already answered, ’cause:

1.) who knows if the answer is correct? You might have another guess… and it might be the right one (we’ll have the reader who asked the question pop in and let us know)


2.) Let us know if you’ve read it and what you thought. :)



This series is L-O-V-E-D by many in our very own crew here!!!

Michelle: I have to plug it again because it really is one of my favorite series – House of Korba came out today which is the newest book in the Ghostbird series by CL Stone. They are crazy addicting… It looks like a young adult novel but especially in the later books, ramps up on mature topics and romance. It is already riske since there is one girl and 7 guys who are all into her. And the Academy part is not what you think…ie not just a school.

Fabi: Michelle, I downloaded it. It sounds right up my alley in reading taste. Thanks for the recommendation.

Tessa: Anyone read the Ghost Bird series? It’s a YA book, but pretty good. The character is a Mary Sue, but it works. Normally Mary Sues become DNF books, but the relationships within and why she is one has me hooked. I’m reading Night School just to ease out of my YA mood and read Second Debt. I for a bit contemplated just reading the rest of the series rather than the one I’ve been dying to read for months.

Michelle: Tessa, I LOVE the ghostbird series. Each book gets better for me! It’s one of my auto buys now and there are going to be a lot of books in the series – like I think she has 20+ planned.

Tessa: I went back to the Ghost Bird series. *sighs* I love this series so much.

Tessa: Finished Ghost Bird 4. Still love it, though the suggestion of where it’s going had me going, huh? *grins* I still love the series.

About book #1:

With an agoraphobic mother and a barely-there father, Sang Sorenson abhors the isolation keeping her in the shadows. What she craves is a fresh start and to be accepted as ordinary, because for her, being different meant being cast out alone.
When her family moves to a new school district, Sang infiltrates a group of boys, each nearly perfect in every way. Grateful for an influence outside of her parents’ negativity, she quickly bonds with the boys, hoping to blend in and learn from them what it means to have friends.
Only the boys have secrets of their own and they’ll do anything to keep her safe from the knowledge of the mysterious Academy they’ve sworn allegiance to. Bit by bit, Sang discovers her friends are far from what she’d expected. Will her loyalty change when she’s forced to remain in the dark, or will she accept that she’s traded one house of secrets for another?
Meet Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North in a story about differences and loyalty, truth and mystery, friendships and heart-throbbing intimacy.
The Academy, ever vigilant.


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<— To celebrate Lauren Blakely’s latest book release (Sweet Sinful Nights), she has sent over an excerpt, a little note about the books, a Q&A AND a signed book giveaway!

Message from Lauren:

Dear Readers:

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Many of you have been patiently waiting for SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS, the story of Brent Nichols and the woman he loves. Many of you already know Brent since he’s the younger brother of Clay Nichols, from NIGHT AFTER NIGHT….The good news is this-SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS is Book One in a new erotic romance series, Sinful Nights, written in the high-heat, high-stakes, high-glamour style of the Seductive Nights series that readers know and love, but heading in a new direction with a new family that’s full of drama, checkered pasts and dangerous life-and-death secrets.

SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS kicks off this new series with a fiery, passionate, and suspenseful story of two lovers reuniting after ten years. Each book in this series follow a new couple and will be set against the backdrop of sin, money, sex, greed, passion and love in the city of Las Vegas. Brent’s love interest is Shannon Paige, and she has three brothers. Yep, you guessed it – each of her brothers will be getting a book! And while each book in the Sinful Nights series follows a new couple, get ready for a storyline that will carry across the entire series — a story of danger, risk and high-stakes suspense.

Q&A about the Sinful Nights series:

Does this take place after the events in the Seductive Nights series?
A: Yes. This story begins one year after the final Seductive Nights book.

Can I read this if I haven’t read the Seductive Nights series?
A: Yes! You won’t miss a beat if you start with SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS. That’s why it’s Book One!

Brent is Clay’s brother. Does this mean Clay will be in SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS?
A: Why yes! He will indeed appear in a handful of scenes!

Is this series similar to the Seductive Nights series?
A: Absolutely. The hero in book one is a Nichols man! Nichols men are known for being dirty, passionate and fiercely loyal! You can also expect scorching hot sex scenes, dirty talk, high-class and glamorous settings, and passionate love. Have I mentioned the heat :) ?

Now for the signed book giveaway!!

How to enter for a chance to win? Just leave a comment below and by 10pm EST, Thursday July 2nd 2015, I will randomly select ONE winner for the prize above.

The winner will be contacted and will have 48hrs to respond with a mailing address, so if you are picked, do not delay or you will lose your chance. This book will be sent to the winner directly by the author/publisher.

Giveaway open to international!

Ready for that excerpt? IT IS VERY STEAMY so NSFW or with someone looking over your shoulder that shouldn’t be… ;)

[click to continue…]


<— *squeeeee!!!* Not only is it a a new biker/MC book, but it’s by THE Kristen Ashley herself! And that’s not the only big release today. We have a new angsty-romance sounding one by Abbi Glines, Laura Kaye, Jill Shalvis, Susan Mallery and so many more of our favorites!

SOME ADD-ONS!!! (Wednesday July 1st 2015 UPDATE):

  • On The Ropes (Tapped Out Book 3) by Cari Quinn <— MMA FIGHTER!! Eeeeeee!!!! I love the sounds of this one! And it’s over 300 pages. I gotta look into this series! :D  He’s  champion fighter and he comes across the biggest fight of his life when he meets HER… “Carly Anderson is living a double life. A culinary student by day and a dancer by dark, Carly spends her nights in a cage of her own choosing. Flirting with danger is the only thing that dulls the pain from her past. When she catches the eye of the wrong men, it’ll take the right one to save her. If Giovanni doesn’t break her—and himself—in the process…
  • Tyed by L.J. Shen <— ANOTHER MMA FIGHTER ALERT!! She’s an underachiever college student and HE is an MMA champion.. “…and the hottest guy in the Bay Area, wants something from Blaire. But Ty has a secret. And Blaire can barely even handle his truths.
  • Perfectly Reckless by Megan Hart <—- MEGAN HART ALERT!! She’s one of my FAVORITE authors, so intense in her amazing writing, and somewhat unconventional with her “contemporary” love stories. And this one is just over 200 pages and SUPER-BARGAIN PRICED!!! PLUS!!!! This BLURB is pure Megan Hart!! “…about love, lust, loss and rediscovery between two people who should never have fallen in love…or out of it.”
  • Illusive (Storm MC #5) by Nina Levine <— pre-order for August 2015!
  • Reap: A Scarred Souls Novel by Tillie Cole <— new pre-order for November 2015 and this sounds CA-RAZY!!!
  • Beautiful Boss (BEAUTIFUL SERIES) by Christina Lauren <— pre-order for February 2016

My own mini-highlights reel? These blurbs had me rubbing my hands together in glee! Angels & Whiskey (not a new release but super-bargain priced right now, and she’s pregnant and abused…), Ride Steady (of course!!! Bad-ass biker comes to her roadside rescue), Violent Things (MAFIA BAD GUYS and I’m getting ready to read this series ASAP, and this is a brand new release in it), Outlaw’s Bride (she had an outlaw’s baby, and he doesn’t know… Eeeeep!!) and THIS ONE BIG TIME —> Right Next Door (her ex-fiance that broke her heart finally comes back… but he’s married and she’s got a brand new neighbor…)!

:D AND!!! AND!!! In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s “earlybird releases” list ’cause it’s got some serious GREAT LOOKING ones on it —> Eight of today’s earlybird book releases + a few of tomorrow’s pre-orders!!

P.S. Let me know if I’m missing any or if you loved any (from this list or elsewhere).

AUDIOBOOK RELEASES PLUS check out the free audible trial + 2 free ebooks deal ————->

  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!
  1. Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley
  2. A New Hope by Robyn Carr
  3. Kiss Me: Fool’s Gold, Book 17 by Susan Mallery
  4. When You’re Back: A Rosemary Beach Novel by Abbi Glines
  5. Hard to Let Go: A Hard Ink Novel by Laura Kaye
  6. The Silenced by Heather Graham
  7. Searching for Always by Jennifer Probst
  8. Minutes to Kill by Melinda Leigh
  9. Second Chance Summer: Cedar Ridge, Book 1 by Jill Shalvis
  10. In Plain Sight: Sisterhood, Book 25 by Fern Michaels
  11. Untamed by Diana Palmer
  12. Bound (Forbidden Series) (Volume 1) by Melody Anne



  1. Blood Trinity: Book 1 in the Belador Series (The Beladors) by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love <— I LOVE Sherrilyn Kenyon and this one is on super sale!!
  2. Uncaged Love: The Boxed Set by JJ Knight <— FIGHTER ALERT BUNDLED SERIES at a bargain price!
  3. Tamed (Torn Series Book 5) by K.A. Robinson <— on super-sale!!! “I thought my greatest mistake would be falling in love with him.  I was wrong. My greatest mistake is much, much worse. I’ve lost control. I have a secret I can’t hide. It’s going to destroy everything…
  4. Eight Minutes by <— SOUNDS CREEPY ALERT!! Her husband dies for 8 minutes while she’s in labor, and three years later she realizes that someone (that she thought was just an imaginary friend) has come “back” with her son… “Torn between protecting her child and keeping the peace with her husband, Shelly desperately searches for a way to finally put John Robberson out of their lives.
  5. Dare to Touch (Dare to Love Book 5) by Carly Phillips <— on SUPER-SALE!
  6. Secret Worlds by a ton of authors!! AND it’s super-bargain priced AND *COMPLETE, FULL-LENGTH BOOKS! NO CLIFFHANGERS!*
  7. The Color Purple by Alice Walker <— SUPER MEGA CRAZY PRICE FIND and a few days ago when I saw it, I thought, “Hrmmm… is this price a mistake? That is THE ODDEST price I’ve ever seen on Amazon for an ebook.” And it’s STILL that price!!!
  8. Angels & Whiskey (Saddles & Racks Book 1) <— SHE’S PREGNANT AND ABUSED AND HE WANTS TO SAVE HER... Super-bargain and sounds so angsty and tumultuous!! “By all appearances, Autumn Jones has the perfect life. Her husband, Richard, is a loving man who wants to be a father to her unborn children. But Autumn knows the truth. Richard has a controlling, dark side that leaves nothing to chance, especially Autumn. He’ll stop at nothing to make her the trophy wife he wants her to be. When Autumn bumps into Gabe, he consumes her every thought, but she can’t act on her feelings. She’s married to a dark man she can never leave.
  9. The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur <— Bargain priced Claudia just found us this one, and it sounds AMAZING!!! It’s one from last year, and sounds romantic and tragic, and heartbreaking and crazy-downward-spiraley and WOW. I gotta read this! She says: “I’m reading “The man I love ” by Suanne Laqueur, I am so hooked!! Very good writing. So good..can’t stop reading.” and Jennifer agrees: “I read the blurb and wasn’t drawn to it but decided to give it a try after seeing the ratings. Unbelievably descriptive and beautiful writing. I was blown away. Wow!
  10. Bliss Series Boxed Set: The Whole Damn Harem by BJ Harvey <— SERIES BUNDLE!



  1. When You’re Back: A Rosemary Beach Novel (The Rosemary Beach Series Book 12) by Abbi Glines <— LOVE TRIANGLE ALERT! This couple is happy… but now an extra man wants her, and an extra woman wants him. EEP! “As the competition for Mase and Reese’s hearts heats up, Reese’s past begins to unravel, illuminating shocking truths that will forever change the lives of the happy couple—and set the final stories of Rosemary Beach in motion.
  2. Ride Steady (Chaos) by Kristen Ashley <— KRISTEN ASHLEY BIKER BOOK ALERT!!!! ‘Nuff said. ;) But I’m gonna say more ’cause I JUST LOVE when a sexy bad-ass biker comes to the rescue… “Now a struggling, single mom and stranded by a flat tire, Carissa’s pondering her mistakes when a vaguely familiar knight rides to her rescue on a ton of horsepower…
  3. Second Chance Summer (Cedar Ridge Book 1) by Jill Shalvis <— FIREFIGHTER, rescue worker, and heartbreaker bad boy alert!!!
  4. To Tempt a SEAL (Entangled Brazen) (Sin City SEALs) by Sara Jane Stone
  5. Protector for Hire (Entangled Lovestruck) (Front and Center) by Tawna Fenske
  6. Bridesmaid Blues (Entangled Lovestruck) (Wedding Favors) by Boone Brux
  7. Insider (Exodus End World Tour Book 1) by Olivia Cunning <— ROCK STAR ALERT! She’s writing an interactive biography of this band, so she’s on tour with them… “…but how will she ever gain the trust of four veteran superstars who’ve been burned by the media before?”
  8. Neighbors With Benefits (Entangled Lovestruck) (Anderson Brothers) by Marissa Clarke
  9. The Perfect Bargain (Entangled Lovestruck) (How to Marry a Highlander) by Jessa McAdams
  10. Sweet Sinful Nights by Lauren Blakely <— SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE ALERT!!Shannon Paige has hardened her heart to the man she was once engaged to be married to. After the way he left, and after the hell she’s been through with her checkered family, there’s no way she’s letting him into her life again. The problem is, the second she sees him, he’s more handsome and charming than before…
  11. Miss Match by Laurelin McGee
  12. Violent Things (Chaos & Ruin Book 1) by Callie Hart <— BLOOD & ROSES/ZETH FANS!!
  13. RUSH (City Lights: New York City Book 3) by Emma Scott
  14. A Promise of Forever (A Tallgrass Novel Book 1) by Marilyn Pappano
  15. Exit Strategy: An EXIT Inc. Thriller (EXIT Inc. Thrillers Book 1) by Lena Diaz <— “When Sabrina Hightower awakens to the sound of an intruder, she figures he’s there to rob her, murder her— or worse. She doesn’t expect to be carried off by a muscle-bound stud with male-model good looks . . . or that he came to rescue her.
  16. Searching for Always (Searching For series Book 4) by Jennifer Probst <— BAD BOY POLICE OFFICER ALERT! She’s a yoga/anger management counselor and… “…when police officer Stone Petty—radiating masculinity and bad-boy attitude—is sent to her for mandatory lessons in cooling off when the job gets too hot, Arilyn vows to ignore his seductive glances and sexy grin...”
  17. Summer at the Shore (Seashell Bay) by V.K. Sykes
  18. Hard to Let Go: A Hard Ink Novel by Laura Kaye <— BAD BOY MILITARY MEN and danger ALERT! ”Kat visits her brothers’ Hard Ink Tattoo shop following a bad break-up–and finds herself staring down the barrel of a stranger’s gun. Beckett is hard-bodied and sexy as hell, but he’s also the most infuriating man ever. Worse, Kat’s brothers are at war with the criminals her office is investigating…”
  19. A New Hope (Thunder Point series) by Robyn Carr
  20. All It Takes by Sadie Munroe <— Having lived her childhood in the foster system… and when her hoarder mother dies and she has to go and clean it up and… “…he’s stuck in Avenue until his parole ends, and no one, not even his own parents, wants anything to do with him. Nearly out of money and completely out of options, Ash takes the only job he can, helping Star haul stuff out of her mother’s house.”
  21. In Plain Sight (Sisterhood) by Fern Michaels
  22. Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls) by Melinda Leigh
  23. Wind Chime Wedding (A Wind Chime Novel Book 2) by Sophie Moss
  24. The Travis Family Series, Books 1-3: Blue-Eyed Devil, Smooth Taking Stranger and Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas <— SOME HUGE FAVORITES IN THIS BUNDLE ALERT!!
  25. Just in Time (Escape to New Zealand Book 8) by Rosalind James
  26. The Devil Wears Spurs: A Texas Kings Novel by Soraya Lane
  27. Outlaw’s Bride: Grizzlies MC Romance (Outlaw Love) by Nicole Snow <— BIKER BOOK & I HAD AN OUTLAW’S BABY AND KEPT IT A SECRET ALERT!! “He’s going to kill me when he finds out. I should’ve left Roman behind after our unforgettable fling two summers ago. I wasn’t supposed to end up having his kid, always looking over my shoulder for the last man in the world meant to be a father.
  28. Deep Domination (Bought by the Billionaire Book 2) by Lili Valente
  29. Thuggz Valentine by Wahida Clark
  30. Goal Line (The Dartmouth Cobras Book 7) by Bianca Sommerland
  31. Alexandr’s Cherished Submissive (Submissive’s Wish Book 3) by Ann Mayburn <— MAFIA ROMANCE ALERT!The last thing she expected was to fall in love with a handsome, mysterious, and sometimes scary man who was well known for his sexual appetite, but rejected her attempts to seduce him…
  32. Heavy Secrets by Elle Aycart
  33. SEAL’s Code: Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, Book 3 (SEAL Brotherhood 10) by Sharon Hamilton
  34. Forged in Fire (Homefront Book 4) by Jessica Scott
  35. Priest: A Love Story by Sierra Simone <— FORBIDDEN TABOO ALERT and that title says it all. ;) Ryn read it and says: “I really enjoyed it! It was on the lighter end of the scale in terms of forbidden, but still a bloody good :)
  36. You Can’t Escape by Nancy Bush
  37. Hope Harbor: A Novel by Irene Hannon
  38. Gone without a Trace (Logan Point Book #3): A Novel by Patricia Bradley
  39. Indulgence: A Million Words of Romance by Audrey Carlan, Deanndra Hall, Liz Crowe, Sharon Hamilton, Nina Levine, Cynthia Sax, Amity Cross, Skye Callahan, Cat Mason, JM Witt, Theresa Troutman, Sandy Sullivan, Laura Harner, Jamie Salisbury, Kelley Grealis
  40. Refining Fire (Brides of Seattle Book #2) by Tracie Peterson
  41. Spurred (Studs in Spurs) by Cat Johnson <— BULL RIDER ALERT!!! “Showing the owner of the pro-tour’s biggest sponsor around town during an event seems simple enough. Until he finds himself all tied up–literally–with a newly divorced, insanely rich cougar. Worse, once CeCe Cole gets her hooks into him, Aaron can’t even look at the woman he’s really attracted to–her media manager, Jill Malone–without getting the older woman’s panties in a wad…
  42. Breaking Clear (Full Hearts Series Book 3) by MJ Summers
  43. Inevitable (Key West Series Book 2) by C.A. Harms
  44. Road to Passion (Dogs of Fire Book 4) by Piper Davenport
  45. Kiss Me (Fool’s Gold series) by Susan Mallery <— LATEST RELEASE IN THIS SUPER-POPULAR SERIES!!
  46. A Real Cowboy Never Says No (Wyoming Rebels) by Stephanie Rowe
  47. Christina (Daughters Series, #1) by Leanne Davis
  48. Red Carpet Kiss by Melissa Brown
  49. OtherSide Of Fear (Outside The Ropes Book 3) by Ashley Claudy
  50. Her Hometown Hero (Unexpected Heroes series Book 2) by Melody Anne
  51. Behind Closed Doors (Browerton University) by A.J. Truman <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!!
  52. One Night by Lorhainne Eckhart
  53. Simply Irresistible (House of Pleasure) by Kate Pearce
  54. The Red Thread: A Love Story by Nicholas Jose
  55. Hard Ride: A Ready to Ride Novel by Opal Carew
  56. Right Next Door by A.J. Pryor <— SOUNDS ROMANTICALLY ANGSTY/THANK GOODNESS FOR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS ALERT!!! ;)…the sudden illness of her father causes her to put that future on hold, and her soon-to-be husband leaves, with nothing but a promise that one day he’ll return. Now, five years later, he’s kept that promise. There’s only one problem . . . he’s already married. Crushed twice by the same man, Addison needs a distraction, someone to get her back on her feet and mend her broken heart. As luck would have it, Damian Walker has just moved in next door…
  57. The Allure of Julian Lefray by R.S. Grey
  58. Sins of My Father (Black Brothers Series Book 1) by Lisa Cardiff
  59. Sex Becomes Her by Regina Cole
  60. Simply Mad (Girls of Wonder Lane Book 1) by Christina Coryell
  61. Four Days (Playhouse Series Book 2) by Fanny Lee Savage
  62. Uncovering Love by Kacey Shea
  63. Into Pieces (Shattered Hearts Book 2) by Nicole Banks
  64. Crush by Michele Grant, Lutishia Lovely, Cydney Fax
  65. Power Play (Risky Business Book 1) by Tiffany Snow <— TIFFANY SNOW ALERT!! SHE’S IN LOVE WITH HER RICH BOSS… and the bad-boy cop is in love with her!Sage Reese lives for her job. More precisely, she lives for her debonair boss, Parker Andersen. Sage handles everything for Parker, even as she fantasizes about the one thing that isn’t in her job description: him. But when a high-stakes account crosses the line from shady to deadly, a tough cop starts giving Sage the attention she wishes Parker would . . .
  66. Dreams Deferred (Brooks Sisters Dreams Series Book 2) by by L.J. Taylor <— SOUNDS CRAZY!! She’s out of prison, over bad boys (her ex is the reason she ends up there), raising her son as a single mother and falling in love again, until her ex finds out about their son and sues for custody, forcing her to testify against him…
  67. Running from Love (Eligible Billionaires Book 5) by Maggie Marr
  68. Goin’ Out Solo: A Backstage Pass Novella by Dani Wade
  69. Breaking All My Rules by Trice Hickman
  70. Body Lock by Kimmie Easley
  71. The Scent of Lavender by Margot S. Baumann
  72. Fling: New Adult Box Set by Kathleen Rowland, Tina Gayle, L. Kirk, Michele Barrow-Belisle, Elena Dillion, Tracy Reed, Geralyn Corcillo
  73. All Falls Down by Honey
  74. Chasing Gracie by Emily R Pearson
  75. Once Upon a Cowboy: A Whisper Creek Novel by Maggie McGinnis <— SEXY COWBOY ALERT!…when she travels to the Whisper Creek dude ranch for a friend’s wedding, Jess is enchanted by a cowboy whose deep blue eyes, dimpled smile, and rock-hard body make it tough to remember why she keeps running scared.
  76. Infinite Possibilities Seduction by Dawn White, Paige Matthews, Erin Maxwell, Stacey Floersheim, Rachel A. Olson, Lisa Logue, Katie Mayo-Jackson
  77. Her Sweetest Revenge by Saundra
  78. Lily Roar (Red Wolves Motorcycle Club) by Beth D. Carter
  79. Duty, Honor, Love (Toronto’s Elite Book 1) by Angela S. Stone
  80. Sugar Dust (Slippers & Chains Book 1) by Raven ShadowHawk <— D/s ALERT! “She treasures the freedom in the act of submission and wants nothing more than to share it with her Master for as long as possible. Why then, does he insist on bringing other women into their bed? And why can’t he say he loves her?”
  81. Deceptive Cadence by Katie Hamstead



  1. Burned by Darkness (Dragons of Eternity Book 1) by Alexandra Ivy
  2. Romancing the Wolf by Heather Long, Melissa Schroeder, Rebecca Royce, Brandy Walker, Saranna DeWylde, Jennifer Kacey, Virginia Nelson, Desiree Holt, Cara Carnes, Gayle Donnelly
  3. Dragon Wars: A BBW Shifter Romance (Seeking Her Mates Book 5) by Carina Wilder
  4. Secret Of The Rose (Legacy Of Magick Series, Book 2) by Ellen Dugan
  5. Wolf Next Door (Wolves of Willow Bend) by Heather Long
  6. Eternal (Dragon Wars Book 2) by Rebecca Royce
  7. Soul Scorched: A Dark Kings Novel by Donna Grant
  8. Undying Hunger (Entangled Select Otherworld) (The Enclave Series) by Jessica Lee
  9. Wolves of Black Pine (The Wolfkin Saga Book 1) by SJ Himes
  10. Fallback (The Dead Survive Book 2) by Lori Whitwam
  11. Harley-Awakening by Claudy Conn
  12. Book of Love by Julia Talbot
  13. Pirate’s Woman by Paige Tyler
  14. Redemption (The Rending Book 1) by Cara Carnes
  15. Heat of the Moment (Sisters of the Craft) by Lori Handeland
  16. Dark Wolf (Dark Wolf Series Book 3) by Dena Christy
  17. Angel Lover (Entangled Select Otherworld) (Angel Assassins) by Tricia Skinner


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