Amy needs our help!! Okay not our usual Amy from here, nor Alabama Anti-Amy… ;) But this Amy’s from our Facebook crew, and she’s looking for THIS book. She asks:


I have a question. I read a book the other day and when I went to put “read” in my Goodreads I could not find the book. I’ve now searched my Amazon account for 2 hours and it is absolutely driving me crazy. I just read it the other day.

It’s about a couple that meet and have sex at a bar. They end up setting a standing date to meet once a week at a place he chooses to get it on in public.

She’s from Chicago and her family owned a department store. And he’s a playboy that is stalked by paparazzi.

Do you have any idea what book I’m talking about?


Tee hee!! Exhibitionists and he’s being stalked by paparazzi? Oh that’s going to go over well. For us, anyway. *snort*

Anyone know it?


Tee hee!! Sometimes a girl just knows what she likes.
P.S. Must love “Cookie Monster” pajamas. :)

Tonight’s reader confession comes to us… by bev. Well, actually. No. She STARTED it, and then guessed so many of our “personal ads” and was pretty darn spot on.

And then we all jumped in too. AND I KNOW YOU GUYS wanna write an ad, with us, so let’s get our BOOK-BOYFRIEND PERSONALS STARTED!!! :D

Come to think of it, we don’t have BEV’S personal ad on here. Hmmmm… I think WE need to come up with for HER. ;)

Okay so here’s how it started…

“bev: I keep thinking about if the ladies here made profiles about what they like in book heroes:

Jean: Looking for a man with a body of steel but a glass heart who likes to play Nurse and patient.

Amy: Must have tattoos but no beard. Looking for a man to fall deeply in love with and who is not afraid to die in the end.

Maryse: Looking for a man who is dark, but not too dark. He must have insomnia but I will cure it if he is willing to sneak in my room at night and sleep beside me. A must: a credible rendition of Satisfaction when I am feeling blue.

Leslie: Looking for an 18 year old who SPARKLES. May apply glitter if needed. Must like the cheerleader and pigtails type.

Ela: My inner Goddess is looking for 20 year old billionaire full of man pain. He must like the color red and spending weekends at home depot.

Jan: LOL bev! Looking for a tall, muscled alpha with long dark hair led back in a queue. Must look good in a puffy shirt, hint of manly chest hair showing. Able to rip bodices open with one hand.

R. Renee: Mine is: Must be tall, really tall, even though I’m 5 ft. Must have intelligent sense of humor. Must have intelligence. No beard, scruff okay. Tats? Whatever. Brown hair preferred over blonde, black hair on exception. Must be thin with light “everyday” muscles. No bulk. Boyish facial features = bonus. Needs manners. Experienced in bed, but has never had sex with anyone else. Amazing cook of zero calorie meals. Rides unicorns, farts diamonds, and bleeds chocolate. And most importantly, LOVES talking about books.

Ela: OH I like this game! And Damn Robin YOU got it all covered, however, I would add that he cooks, cleans, and does laundry! Oh you got “he cooks” covered…. Ok then I would add he loves taking me designer brand shopping and of course is a multi billionaire! I wouldn’t mind THE piercing and some tats but not too much…just classy enough….*snickers* Oh Robin….were you talking about JD in that profile???

R. Renee: LOL I’d say that’s a fairly accurate description, right? Although JD has a beard sometimes and on him, I’ll make an exception.

bev: You ladies are a delight. :) Except R, I’d totally be all “You know those are fart diamonds she wears, right?”

R. Renee: From Josh’s a$$! rolleyes They’re environmentally responsible bev!

Ela: bahahahahahah “she wears fart diamonds” …..what’s that smell? Are those your diamonds??? bev? That sounds too complicated and wordy… just sayin’

Maryse: HOLY MOLY BEV!!! It’s like you KNOW me! HOWEVER!!!! I want to include must be a TRUE bad-ass that can defeat anyone, but still have a heart like Travis that will break and OVERFLOW with LOVE, and devotion to the point of trainwreckerage. P.S. And you may have insomnia and snuggle me all you want while I sleep, but be forwarned: if it’s after midnight, you MUST let me SLEEP.*snort* No. Seriously. :)

Leslie M: I have spit out my coffee multiple times this a.m. due to all the craziness!!! (Amy’s “not afraid to die in the end” was THE BEST) Let’s see….my perfect H would be a sexy, smirking, dimpled, classic car-driving, rockstar with tortured past that is so in love with me, he steals me from his best friend. He also loves coffee & cuddling. How do you like that, Bev? ;)


A broody, gentlemanly, sparkly, volvo-driving, virgin immortal.

Tessa: OOOH this sounds like a fun game. Looking for a man with extremely broad shoulders and muscular arms. Must like music, have a high IQ, love traveling and adventures, be protective, and have a**hole tendencies. Dark haired preferred. Sexy lips a must! Lol What’s with the virgins? I want a manwhore who knows what he’s doing. :P

bev: LOL. I’m loving the images. I will now expect Jan’s husband to have flowing hair and wear puffy shirts and always stand with his chest out.

Ela:  Ela in search of the perfect male specimen: Must be fully male! No transgenders need apply, sorry just my preference I like the REAL c*ck. Speaking of c*ck, preferably between 6-8 inches with at least a 2 inch circumference and man-scaped. If you’re close I will accept inspections IF all other requirements are met. Must be taller than 5′ 9″. Broad, finely muscled not too bulky, dark haired not too long and not to short (stylish), some chest hair acceptable, NO beard goatee ok, hairless back other hair ok. Must be smart, know how to cook, and do laundry accurately. Must love me unconditionally but not give in to my every whim (I don’t want a whipped pus*y). Must be self sustained, make a good living and willing to spoil me or let me spoil myself. Would love light eyes like blue or green but I’ll make this an exception. I wouldn’t mine THAT piercing, tattoos welcome but not too many. LMAO *May apply glitter* Oh and I forgot to add he must clean.

bev: Ela, you are right. That is much more succinct and uncomplicated. Lol. ;)

Ela: See I knew you’d agree bev! I think I may have described Christian Grey???

bev: Ela: My inner Goddess is looking for 20 year old billionaire full of man pain. He must like the color red and spending weekends at home depot.

Ela: Hmmmmm…buying rope and plastic ties??? Lover’s lane probably has the more comfy cuffs and sh*t…

Leslie M: Thank goodness I finished my 3rd and final cup of coffee. Bev, ROFL. Tessa, I picked one of each. A man-whore (Kellan) and a virgin (Edward). OH MY GOD!!! *smacks self on forehead* I can’t believe I forgot about the world’s sexiest virgin EVER!!! James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser aka Jamie from Outlander. DUH!!!!

Grey: *dies* omg… Y’all are too much. I’m trying to decide if I want you to write mine… Or if I should write my own…

Amy: Oh wow bev…you just described my hubby!! But you left out the muscles part. ;)What’s with the virgins? I want a manwhore who knows what he’s doing.” <—- LOL!!!!!! OMG you ladies are HILARIOUS! I’m loving all of your “standards.” :D

Jean: OMG, you guys are nuts!! Of course, bev got that whole thing rolling! I can’t stop laughing!! bev, you pretty much had mine right. Must be broken and need saving! Tessa, I like big and bulky!! LOL!

MichelleS: Michelle: looking for a brooding type, smart, alpha, dirty talker, dark hair, grey eyes, and if you sprout wings when you’re turned on, then you’re my man!! 

Maryse: in search of a bad boy, a bit broken, scars ok, just let me fix you!

Maryse: MichelleS: EXACTLY!!!!!!!!

Maryse: P.S. YES!! Add big and bulky to mine. We all know Travis was. :)

bev: Lol. Maryse: Looking for the jealous type who is strong enough to punch out other men and then carry me off over his shoulder. Must like Pigeons.

Maryse: LOL!!!!!!! YESSSSS. YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! EXACTLY!! How do you guys KNOW me this well???????? :P

Tessa: Oh good. We have variety. Some like lean and some like bulky. That makes more sense.  Michelle, you forgot to add magic ability a plus!

Jan: You guys are nuts. Why do I drink my morning coffee while I’m catching up on last night’s blog? I should know better. *wipes away droplets of coffee snorted out numerous times onto keyboard*

Okay now YOU guys… jump in!!!! :D !!!


WEDNESDAY BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!!! TWO HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BOOKS (in 2 different genres) JUST WENT LIVE!! LIVE LIVE LIVE Ruckus (Sinners of Saint Book 3) and super-bargain priced too! ➔➔➔➔➔➔

…and I KNOW so many of my fellow readers LOVED “Vicious (Sinners of Saint)“. P.S. “Vicious” was just featured on one of my recent blog posts as a HUGE reader recommendation!

Tessa: YEAH! Dean’s story!

Kelly: Visious is one of my fave’s this year. Great bully book

AND!!!! PSYCH THRILLER ALERT!! I JUST REALIZED THAT The Roses of May (The Collector Trilogy Book 2) by Dot Hutchison IS LIVE!!!! ➔➔➔➔➔➔➔

This is book #2 after The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Trilogy Book 1) (which I read a few months ago and it’s currently bargain priced!! Remember?? HE COLLECTS (*ahem* KIDNAPS) GIRLS and treats them as his “butterfly collection” in his “garden”… eek *shudders*

HAPPY NEW RELEASE DAY!!!! And that one to the left (Hold Back the Stars: A Novel) gave me the ultimate blurb-jolt. I am DYING to read this. Is that blurb literal? Or figurative. Ahhhh I don’t care, it sounds like it’s going to be intense, and poignant, and thrilling. MINE!!!

And there are more that have that “mine” quality to ‘em. ;) Like: Somebody Else’s Sky (Okay it’s actually from yesterday’s earlybird release list) but the more feedback I’m getting on this series, the more desperately I want to read it!!!!!!!!), Ensnared (in the sci-fi section, but it sounds so good… a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast), Down & Dirty (Football star splashed her on her way to her interview…), Just One Touch (she escapes the cult she was raised in and meets him…), Cheater’s Regret (domestic bliss until he cheats on her…), Sexy Stranger (I love it when strangers are stranded together!). P.S. Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s 14 Earlybird Book Releases, ’cause there are a few on there that are officially on my TBR list, too.

BUT FIRST! I’m not squirreling from my four book options that I posted yesterday, and it seems appears I’m going back in time (by which, I mean an older release) and so many have voted for Sustained!!!

Julie: I vote for Sustained. Loved it Maryse!

Kate: Sustained was so good! It had me laughing out loud and was very sweet.

Jan: Maryse I vote you read Sustained. It’s really fun, sweet and sexy.

Sharon: I read Sustained at the beach. It had me laughing like a lunatic! Loved the entire series! Now back to my current obsession!

Maryse: Wow SO many for Sustained!!! Okay I need a good laugh after that heartache I just went through.

P.S. Let me know if I’m missing any or if you loved any (from this list or elsewhere).


For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free audiobooks deal —>

  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans all of your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!
  1. Three Wishes by Kristen Ashley
  2. Cheater’s Regret: Curious Liaisons, Book 2 by Rachel Van Dyken
  3. Real Dirty: The Real Dirty Duet, Book 1 by Meghan March
  4. Real Sexy: The Real Dirty Duet, Book 2 by Meghan March
  5. Dating-ish: Knitting in the City, Book 6 by Penny Reid
  6. Buns: Hudson Valley, Book 3 by Alice Clayton
  7. Sex in the Sticks: A Love Hurts Novel by Sawyer Bennett
  8. The Stars Are Fire: A Novel by Anita Shreve
  9. Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
  10. Working It: Metropolis Series, Book 2 by Riley Hart <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  11. Pennies: Dollar, Volume 1 by Pepper Winters
  12. Dollars: Volume 2 by Pepper Winters


BARGAINS & READER RECOMMENDATIONS (NOTE: bargain priced when I added them, but prices can change on Amazon, so make sure to check before you finalize your order. Sales listed are for Amazon U.S., however some of the Amazon UK links also reflect the sale!):

Alabama Amy:  I took a chance on a book that has a somewhat “controversial” title for some readers and was pleasantly surprised. CHEATER by Rachel Van Dyken was VERY good. I expected to fully hate the hero but I just couldn’t. Now I’m not saying he’s perfect, but I really liked him in the end. Avery was a total firecracker and gave the hero so much hell. I genuinely laughed out loud at least 10 times reading this. ****NOT REALLY A SPOILER JUST A HEADS UP ALERT**** For those who hate cheating the cheating in question was a past mistake. Now he does have EXTREME manwhore issues but nothing “bad” happened involving his relationship with the heroine in this regard. I’ve read a coupl of titles by this author but this was definitely the best I’ve read. Will definitely check out a few more. It’s perfect for someone looking for a romantic comedy with great characters.
  • Sunshine by Robin McKinley <— OHHHH THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD!! And it’s super-bargain priced today. The new post-apocalyptic world after vampires become known, and she just wants to get away for awhile… “She drove out to her family’s old lakeside cabin and sat on the porch, swinging her feet and enjoying the silence and the silver moonlight on the water. She never heard them coming. Of course, you don’t when they’re vampires.
  • The Summer of Us: A Romance Anthology <— MULTIPLE AUTHORS & FOR A GREAT CAUSE! Plus it’s super-bargain priced!
  • Craving BAD: An Anthology of Bad Boys and Wicked Girls (Craving Series Book 1) <— SUPER-BARGAIN PRICED ANTHOLOGY ALERT!! “Eleven stories of sinfully seductive bad boys and scandalously wild bad girls—all ready to ignite your deepest desires by letting you experience the daring side of romance. A blackmailing hacker. An infamous cage fighter. The Sergeant at Arms of a criminal MC. They’re breaking bad with shameless temptation…and they are downright irresistible.”
  • The MacKenzies (The MacKenzie Family) by Liliana Hart <— LILIANA HART BOOK BUNDLE ALERT!!! And it’s super-bargain priced! “Enjoy the first five MacKenzie stories in one volume!”
Catherine: Absolutely love the MacKenzie series..they’re almost like a cross of my two favorite book series. Rough Riders by Lorelei James and Master of Menage by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. You’ve got the intrigue of MoM and the kinship/large family of RR. Though there is that in MoM…but I feel it most in the other series…I sat there going..I love families like the Mackenzies

Sharon: I dropped EVERYTHING for Somebody Else’s Sky – I am engrossed and love it! I hate that it’s a cliffhanger, but it’s almost sweeter, angstier having to wait!

Amy: …anyone else keep hearing the song Black whenever you see the title Somebody Else’s Sky?

“I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life
I know you’ll be a star, in somebody else’s sky
But why, why, why can’t it be, why can’t it be mine?”
GAH!! That song always gives me a lump in my throat…

Nay: Amy–I’m reading Somebody Else’s Sky and the heroine *just* mentioned that song! I LURVE this series!

Amy: Really?!? So there IS a connection between the book and song! *sigh* The song makes me all nostalgic. Maybe it’s just because it reminds me of a boyfriend I had from age 16 to 17. We won’t talk about the fact he was almost 20 when we met… *giggle*

Nay: Yes, Amy! That’s where the title came from!! I don’t want to say too much to give anything away, but the heroine’s interest/connection to the song is explained in the first book. Sharon–me too!




  1. Wen (VLG Book 6) by Laurann Dohner <— SHE’S HUMAN & HE CAN’T MATE HER… “The petite blonde he fell for as a young VampLycan is still beautiful—and all human. Though Gerri’s always been the one he longs to be with, Wen can’t mate her. After the death of his brother, Wen was forced to assume the duties of firstborn, which include mating another VampLycan. But he needs a human to pull off his current mission for his clan…
  2. Cry Wolf (Silver Hollow Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 4) by Leighann Dobbs and Traci Douglass
  3. How Knot To Marry A Vampire: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Laurie London
  4. The Billionaire Dragon’s Secret Son (Howls Romance) by Harmony Raines
  5. The Silver Spider: A Dragon Shifter Urban Fantasy Steampunk Romance (Dragon, Stone & Steam Book 2) by Emma Alisyn
  6. A Dragon Speaks Her Name: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Kira Nyte
  7. The Doctor Falls For Her Gargoyle: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Cate Dean
  8. Foreseen (Suoja Guild Book 2) by AJ Anders
  9. The Last Lullaby (The Spellsinger Book 1) by Amy Sumida
  10. Dominion (Gods and Slaves Series Book 1) by Nicholas Bella <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!
  11. Ensnared by Rita Stradling <— A SCI-FI FUTURISTIC RETELLING OF BEAUTY & THE BEAST!To save her father from a five year prison sentence, Alainn takes Rose’s place. She says goodbye to the sun and goes to live in a tower no human is allowed to enter. She becomes the prisoner of a man no human is allowed to see. Believing that a life of servitude lies ahead, Alainn finds a very different fate awaits her in the company of the strange, scarred recluse...”
  12. Jordan: Paranormal Shifter Fated Mate Galactic SciFi Military Romance (Interstellar Alphas Book 3) by Mandy M. Roth
  13. The Romeo Catchers (The Casquette Girls Series Book 2) by Alys Arden
  14. Gone With The Ghost (Murder By Design Book 1) by Erin McCarthy
  15. Outfoxed: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Gemini by Melissa Snark
  16. Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices Book 2) by Cassandra Clare
  17. Surrender the Dark by Tibby Armstrong <— M/M ROMANCE VAMPIRE KING ALERT!!
  18. Mark of Truth (Wicked Kingdoms Book 1) by Graceley Knox
  19. Blaze: Volume 3: A Dragon Romance (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant
  20. The Devil of Dating by N.L. Gervasio



  1. Hold Back the Stars: A Novel by Katie Khan <— HOLY MOLY MINE!!!!!! THIS BLURB CHILLS ME AND THRILLS ME!!! “Trapped in the vast void of space, Carys and Max have only ninety minutes of oxygen left to live. None of this was supposed to happen. After a freak accident, Carys and Max are left adrift in space with nothing to hold onto but each other. As they fall, they can’t help but look back at the world they left behind…
  2. From the Start: An American Valor Novel by Cheryl Etchison <— A NO STRINGS SUMMER FLING WITH A MILITARY MAN ALERT! ”Kacie Morgan has had her fill of arrogant military men since the last one left her with a shattered heart and one heck of a career rut. Now, with her prestigious fellowship starting in the fall, all she has to do is survive the summer–and her little sister’s wedding...”
  3. Real Sexy (Real Dirty Duet Book 2) by Meghan March <— NASHVILLE STAR DUET CONCLUSION ALERT! “In Nashville, stars are a dime a dozen. I swore I’d never get caught up with one, but Boone Thrasher made a liar out of me…”
  4. Personal Delivery (Billionaire Secrets Book 1) by Ainsley Booth
  5. Frosted (Frosted Series Book 1) by Taylor Rose
  6. Excess Baggage by Laura Barnard
  7. The Darkest Corner (Gravediggers Book 1) by Liliana Hart <— HE’S A DISAVOWED EX-BLACK OPS AGENT ON A MISSION & SHE’S A MORTICIAN… “Tess Sherman is the only mortician in Last Stop, Texas. She has no idea how Deacon Tucker ended up in her funeral home, but she’ll eat her hat if he’s only a funeral home assistant. Deacon is dangerous, deadly, and gorgeous. And she knows her attraction to him can only end in heartache…
  8. Hold Me: A Stark Ever After Novella by J. Kenner
  9. Down & Dirty by Tracy Wolff <— FOOTBALL STAR SPLASHED HER ON HE WAY TO HER INTERVIEW……Talk about bad first impressions. I have too much riding on this job to show up late on my first day looking like the winner of a wet T-shirt contest, all thanks to an arrogant quarterback who drives like he owns the road. Hunter Browning thinks that because he’s famous, he can fix everything with a smile and a wave of his hand…”
  10. Blood Oath (Sawbones) by Melissa Lenhardt <— I WANT TO READ BOOK #1 BADLY and here is #2!! “Blood Oath is the second novel in a gripping historical fiction series.”
  11. Still Waters by Patricia Haley-Glass
  12. Feel Me: An O’Brien Family Novel (The O’Brien Family) by Cecy Robson
  13. Falcon’s Way by Nona Raines
  14. One Good Reason by Michelle Maris
  15. Just One Touch: A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels) by Maya Banks <— MAYA BANKS ALERT! SHE’S BEEN RAISED IN A CULT AND HAS HEALING ABILITIES... “When a terrified young woman tries to steal the SUV of Devereaux Security’s toughest recruit, Isaac’s anger quickly turns into a strange sort of protectiveness for the beautiful, bruised stranger. But when they are caught in a firestorm of bullets and Isaac is hit, he’s sure the end is near, until Jenna touches him and closes his wounds…”
  16. Looks Like Trouble to Me – UNCUT (Bad Boys Need Love, Too Book 1) by Calinda B
  17. Believing Again (Finding Your Place Book 3) by Rebecca Barber
  18. Fire (The Diamond Club Book 0) by Calinda B
  19. No Regrets by Patricia Haley-Glass
  20. Fighting for Redemption (The Elite Book 4) by Nicole Flockton
  21. Buns (The Hudson Valley Series Book 3) by Alice Clayton <— ALICE CLAYTON ALERT!! SHE’S REBRANDING HIS HOTEL & SHE LIKES HIS STICKY BUNS…  ;)Archie Bryant, the man with the Buns, is fifth generation and one-day-owner of the charming yet run-down Bryant Mountain House in Bailey Falls, New York. He’s determined to save his family’s legacy from the wrecking ball the old-fashioned way—by gritting his teeth and doing what needs to be done. There’s no way Archie will be influenced by the new hotel branding expert his father brought in to turn one hundred and fifty years of tradition on its head just to attract a faster, younger, slicker crowd. But when some of Clara’s ideas start bringing in new, paying customers, Archie can’t deny that she may have just given him a shot at keeping his resort open...”
  22. Craving His Command – A Doms Of Genesis Novella by Jenna Jacob
  23. Dream of Me: Delos Series 4B1 by Lindsay McKennna
  24. Ruger (Demented Souls Book 1) by Melissa Stevens
  25. Her Will by Sarah Stein
  26. Cheater’s Regret (Curious Liaisons Book 2) by Rachel Van Dyken <— RACHEL VAN DYKEN’S LATEST!! DOMESTIC BLISS BUT THEN HE CHEATED ON HER…Thatch Holloway, a plastic surgeon straight out of residency, knows he ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. But not all cheaters are created equal. He got himself into this messed-up situation—true—but he has his reasons for what happened, and he’d do it all again to protect Austin. He’s not over her. And she’s not over him...”
  27. The Disappearance of Lady Edith (The Undaunted Debutantes Book 1) by Christina McKnight
  28. The Dangerous Thief (Stolen Hearts Book 3) by Mallory Crowe
  29. Sweet Matchmaker (Indigo Bay Sweet Romance Series Book 2) by Jean Oram
  30. Exes and Hos: A Romantic Comedy by Danielle Jamie
  31. Deadly Seduction (New York State Trooper Series Book 6) by Jen Talty
  32. Falling Hard (The Blackhawk Boys Book 4) by Lexi Ryan <— FOOTBALL STAR & A FORMER ACTRESS ALERT!!
  33. Grand Slam (The Boys of Summer) by Heidi McLaughlin <— BASEBALL STAR ALERT!!…She should be just another face in the crowd, but I can’t stop thinking about the one night we spent together-and her look of regret the morning after...”
  34. In the Heir (Westerly Billionaire Series Book 1) by Ruth Cardello
  35. Tough Love by Max Henry
  36. Dirty Talk, Blissful Surrender by Opal Carew
  37. Set Us Free (Bound Forever Book 2) by M.R. Leahy
  38. Distant Illusions (The Safeguard Series, Book Three) by Kennedy Layne
  39. Boots & Leather (Ugly Stick Saloon Book 3) by Myla Jackson and Elle James
  40. Casey (American Extreme Bull Riders Tour Book 3) by Kelly Hunter <— BULL RIDER ALERT!! HE wants the championship… “T.J. Casey walked away from his rightful place in last year’s bull riding finals in order to bury his father. His sponsors are gone, but he’s back to stake his claim. He wants the buckle, sure, but he also wants the woman who treats her bucking bulls like lambs.
  41. Intoxication: Blue Line Book Three by Brandy Ayers
  42. The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield: A novel by Anna Fishbeyn
  43. Tracking You (A Redwood Ridge Romance) by Kelly Moran
  44. Sexy Stranger by Kendall Ryan <— KENDALL RYAN’S LATEST!!! SHE’S STRANDED WITH HIM! ”He’s rude. Arrogant. And too hot to handle. And she’s stranded with him for an entire week.
  45. Walkout: (novella 4.5) (Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter) by Lila Rose
  46. Abiding Hope: A Novel: Healing Ruby Book 4 by Jennifer H. Westall
  47. Ray of New (Ray #6) by E. L. Todd
  48. Master of Solitude (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven Book 8) by Cherise Sinclair <— CHERISE SINCLAIR’S LATEST BDSM ROMANCE!!! He’s an ex-Navy Seal, HER NEW NEIGHBOR and he rejected her…Since childhood, Mallory McCabe has dreamed of falling in love with a hero. And then one saves her life. He’s honest…and blunt. Deadly, but filled with pain. Overpowering, yet ever so gentle with her. Oh yes, she’s found her hero. Taking him to her bed is simply…right. As is losing her heart. How could she have known he’d want nothing more to do with her? His indifference hurts. She vows to forget him…then he buys the land next to hers...”
  49. Meet Me At Sunrise (Destined for Love: Europe) by Lucinda Whitney
  50. All I Ask by Elizabeth York
  51. Double Coverage: A Memphis Knights Football Romance by S.J. Noble
  52. This is the End, Baby (War & Peace Book 7) by K Webster <— K. WEBSTER DARK READ ALERT!!! “***This is the seventh and final book in the series. First six books must be read in order to fully understand this story line. THIS STORY IS A NOVELLA AND SHORTER THAN THE REST.***”
  53. Taken By The MC (Penetrators MC Book 1) by Devyn Douglas
  54. World Tour (Rocking The Pop Star Book 2) by L.V. Lewis
  55. NUDES: A Hollywood Romance (Exposed Book 1) by Sarah Robinson <— FAMOUS HEARTBREAK ALERT! “I knew better. I knew not to trust another Hollywood heartthrob with a reputation like his. He was my boss and became my ruin. I should have stayed far away from him. Ben Lawson promised me the world. He even promised me his heart. But he destroyed everything–my heart, my career, us…”
  56. Gettin’ Hard (Single Ladies’ Travel Agency Book 1) by Carina Wilder
  57. Topless (Topless Club Book 1) by Tiffinie Helmer
  58. Chance At Redemption (Madison Square Book 3) by Samatha Harris
  59. Begin Again by Kathryn Kelly
  60. Infinite Us by Eden Butler <— LOVE IS TIMELESS ALERT!!!Love is timeless… Nash Nation loves zeroes and ones, over-sized monitors and late office hours. He’s too busy taking over the world to make time for relationships—that is, until his new neighbor Willow O’Bryant barges into his life, and now Nash can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t the first time she’s interrupted his world. Then, the dreams start. And in the dreams—memories…”
  61. Wilde Horses (Born to Be Wilde) by Jannine Gallant
  62. Rodeo Heat by Desiree Holt
  63. Love Me Now (Mystic Point) by Cate Tayler
  64. When Words Fail (Mile High Romance Book 9) by Aria Grace <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!



PREORDERS (next few days, and next week’s!!! :D )

  1. Loving Jade: Flynn’s story – Riverstone Estate Series – standalone by Roya Carmen – May 25th 2017
  2. A Girl Like Me (Like Us Book 2) by Ginger Scott – May 26th 2017
  3. White Hot: A Hidden Legacy Novel by Ilona Andrews – May 30th 2017
  4. Shadow Reaper (A Shadow Rider Novel) by Christine Feehan - May 30th 2017
  5. The Silent Corner: A Novel of Suspense by Dean Koontz – May 30th 2017
  6. Wrecked: LOST Series #6 by Cynthia Eden - May 30th 2017
  7. Blaze: A Dragon Romance (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant - May 30th 2017
  8. When It’s Real by Erin Watt - May 30th 2017
  9. Hundreds (Dollar Book 3) by Pepper Winters - May 30th 2017
  10. Thousands (Dollar Book 4) by Pepper Winters - May 30th 2017
  11. Millions (Dollar Book 5) by Pepper Winters - May 30th 2017
  12. Rock Wild (Rock Candy Book 3) by Virna DePaul - May 30th 2017
  13. The Watcher by Bella Jewel - May 30th 2017
  14. Turn Me Loose (Alpha Ops) by Anne Calhoun - May 30th 2017
  15. Shacking Up by Helena Hunting - May 30th 2017
  16. Come Sundown by Nora Roberts - May 30th 2017
  17. I’m Only Here for the Beard (The Dixie Wardens Rejects Book 4) by Lani Lynn Vale – May 31st 2017



Oh you guuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyssss……

Look what’s coming SOON for us, from two of our favorite authors!! Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen have teamed up again to write Stay, and the premise sounds SO GOOD! I will SO be reading this!!

And, I have an excerpt AND a link to enter for the giveaway (an early signed paperback of it!!) Yep!!! They’re having a giveaway for a copy right here on the blog. How to enter to win? Just sign up for their newsletter (check out their note to us, and the link to enter and subscribe):

Dear readers,
We’re so excited to bring you Hailey and Eriksson’s story! This book is dedicated to PAs everywhere. They make the world turn! And we couldn’t resist the premise of working every day for a man you’d never met. What if you weren’t supposed to know his identity? What if you guessed it anyway! Coming June 20. But you could win an early signed paperback!Newsletter Link:


Ready for the excerpt? This should tease us nicely. :)

“Everyone shut it,” I hiss. “Here comes my date. Pretend you’re normal.”

“Good luck with that.” Wes snickers.

“Mamma mia,” Lemming mutters under his breath. “That can’t be your date, Eriksson. She’s too hot for you.”

I want to tell him to keep his trap shut, but there isn’t time. Hottie spots me and smiles. I watch her navigate the busy sidewalk, and I descend a couple of steps to greet her. “Hey, you made it.” I take her hand, then lean in and give her a kiss on the cheek to show my appreciation. Her perfume invites me to linger, so I take a deep breath before I step back. “Thanks for coming.”

She blinks at me for a long moment, then looks down at our clasped hands. “It’s my pleasure.” Her voice is soft and a little tentative, her blue eyes sparkling. I feel the warm buzz of arousal, and I wish I could just hail one of these cabs and ask the driver to take us back to my apartment.

But I can’t, of course. And that’s not what Hailey signed up for.

Right. Opera it is.

“I’ll apologize in advance for my friends,” I say, stalling.

“Why?” She smiles at me again, and it hits me full force. If this is how Hottie looks at me after she’s gotten a little used to me, I may not survive it. “They didn’t shower after practice?”

“It’s not quite that bad,” I manage, smiling back at her. We’re both standing here grinning like a couple of idiots, but I can’t stop. “They’re just kind of rowdy. Not opera fans. Except for Jess.” I tip my head toward Blake’s girlfriend on the stairs.

Hottie glances at my fellow players and shrugs. “I’m from Toronto, Snipes. I’m not afraid of a few hockey players.”

I chuckle. “Snipes?”

“If I have a nickname, you get one, too. It’s only fair.” She gives me an appraising look. “Nice tux. Some smart person must have helped you pick it out.” She licks her lips and glances up at the theater.

I am in so much trouble.

Taking her arm, I lead her up the steps. “Guys, this is H…” I almost say Hottie. “Hailey Taylor Emery.”

“Awesome!” Blake bellows with his usual deafening enthusiasm. “I love a chick with three names! Like, um…” He pauses. “James Earl Jones!”

“Not a chick.” Jess sighs, shaking Hottie’s hand. “Welcome to the asylum.”

“Sarah Jessica Parker,” Wes offers.

“Julia Louis-Dreyfus,” Lemming adds.

I cut off this recitation of stupidity by introducing each of these chuckleheads, and then the lights flash outside the theater, prompting everyone to go inside.

“C’mon, guys!” Jess says, clapping her hands. “I don’t want to miss the beginning!”

“I wouldn’t mind,” someone else mumbles.

We enter the theater and I give Hottie my arm as we climb a curving staircase. Someone shows us to a private box, where another usher waits to hang our coats in a little closet right outside.

“Fancy!” Jess says approvingly.

But I can’t even hear her, because I’ve slipped Hailey’s coat off her shoulders. And now I almost swallow my tongue. She’s wearing a sparkling, backless dress. That’s not even why I’m speechless. Hottie has an intricate tattoo of ivy vines all across her shapely back.

I let out a little moan of longing, and she turns her head with a questioning look. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” I say, my voice a rasp. But no, it ain’t okay. The opera just doubled in length if I have to sit beside her all night trying not to imagine the full picture of those tattoos across her naked body. “Where would you like to sit?” I ask, dragging my reluctant eyes off the swell of her ass.


The box has six armchairs upholstered in velvet. I steer Hailey toward the ones in the front. The others are for Blake, Jess, Wes, and…

“Made it!” Jamie says, appearing in the doorway in a tux.

“Baby!” Wes exclaims with no small amount of surprise.

“My second practice got cancelled. Ran home and changed.”

“Aw. Now I know you love me.” He pulls Jamie in for a kiss.

And then something beautiful happens. Someone on staff offers us glasses of champagne from a cart in the hallway. I hand one to Hailey.

“Classy,” she says.

“We definitely didn’t have drinks last year,” Blake recalls. “It must be the box seats. Sit on my lap, Jessie. It’s almost a party now.”

She perches on his thigh and they clink their glasses together, then kiss.

I’m the last single man on the planet, apparently.

“This is so civilized,” Jess remarks, slipping off Blake’s lap and into her own chair.

“That’s exactly what we don’t like about it,” Wes agrees.

Hailey smiles, and I relax by a degree or two. “Thank you for coming with me tonight,” I tell her. “Maybe the opera wouldn’t be your first pick, but I really enjoy your company.”

She glances down for a second, as if she finds it difficult to accept this bit of praise. “It’s nice to step outside my rut sometimes, Snipes.” She lifts her elegant chin. “Have you seen Rigoletto before?”

“I have no idea,” I say without any shame, and she laughs.

When the house lights fade to black a moment later, I smile into the pregnant stillness inside the theater. A couple of coughs and the rustle of clothing are all we hear for a moment.

“Freebird!” Blake whispers from behind me, and I hear Hailey’s giggle even if I can’t see it.

The orchestra starts up with a swell of brass and timpani. When the curtains part, it’s on a bright stage where a big party is taking place, just as Jess described. I try to settle in and watch, but it’s not easy. I’m too aware of Hottie beside me. I want to watch her instead of the opera…


Happy Monday!!! We have some GREAT looking earlybirds, and I get to choose my next read.

But it’s a hard decision to make. I have FOUR books at the top of my TBR list right now that I’m excited about and I don’t know which one to choose for tonight. Do I choose Sustained by Emma Chase (’cause everyone loves that one, and I one clicked it awhile ago), or do I choose the just released “CURVEBALL” that sounds angsty as HECK. Or!!! The one Amy raved so much about recently, The Female of the Species, or… now that book #2 just went live today, should I jump into #1 (Something in the Way). Four AWESOME looking choices, so I’m not complaining. ;) I just don’t know which one I’m more in the mood for.

Either way, LET’S READ!!! :D

P.S. In case you missed it, here’s my latest book review, I gave it 5 stars, and there’s a reaction video, too. ;)  ➔ Book Review – God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo


  • Stand: A Bleeding Stars Stand-Alone Novel by A.L. Jackson <— LIVE LIVE LIVE!!! A.L. JACKSON’S LATEST ROCK STAR BOOK IS LIVE!!! It sounds a touch forbiddeny!!! :D!! “She needed a savior and somehow she became mine. Taking her was a betrayal. But keeping her means risking everything. One look at Alexis Kensington, and I know she’s worth the fight...”
  • Somebody Else’s Sky (Something in the Way Book 2) by Jessica Hawkins <— REMEMBER FORBIDDENY BOOK #1??!! Something in the Way (Something in the Way Series Book 1) <— FEATURED in a few of our reader questions and MUCH-LOVED by our crew, here?  Well here’s #2!!! I’m not reading the blurb ’cause I totally one-clicked #1 and have all intention of reading it ASAP. And now #2 is out so maybe I will marathon-read it. :D !!!
  • Sexy Motherpucker: A Sexy Flirty Standalone Romantic Comedy by Lili Valente <— HOCKEY STAR ALERT!! UNREQUITED LOVE TOO!Brendan Daniels is the sexiest man alive. The captain of the Badger’s NHL team is also clever, kind, funny, and was my good friend…until we cruised out of the friend zone one weekend with a red-hot fling. Come Monday morning, I wanted to keep riding the Big O train to happy town, but Brendan wanted someone who was “stepmom” material. A.K.A, not me, apparently...”
  • Twenty-Two (Assassins Series Book 12) by Toni Aleo <— TONI ALEO HOCKEY STAR ALERT!!
  • All for You (Sweetbriar Cove Book 2) by Melody Grace <— PASTRY CHEF ALERT!!…when an unexpected detour leads her to the dilapidated bakery on Blackberry Lane, she decides to take a chance on her dreams and leave it all behind for a new life in Sweetbriar Cove. She has everything she needs for baking bliss — she just isn’t expecting her new landlord to melt her heart...”
  • The Steam Tycoon by Golden Czermak <— STEAMPUNK ALERT!!
  • Shameless (The Shameless Trilogy Book 1) by M. Malone & Nana Malone
  • Twice the Dirty (Dirty F**kers MC Book 4) by Sam Crescent <— LIVE!!! BIKER BOOK ALERT!!Leo and Paul know they wanted to share a woman, to start a family, and to love one woman together, but no one has ever been able to handle the two of them for more than a bit of fun. They aren’t interested in one night stands—they want forever...”
  • Reel to Real: (A Hollywood Romance) by Kahlen Aymes <— FAMOUS STAR ALERT!! SHE WAS WARNED NOT TO FALL FOR HIM……Even though we couldn’t say it out loud, we both knew the moments filming were our only opportunities be real with each other; when everyone else thought we were only we were acting...”
  • Without Words by Delancey Stewart <— FIREFIGHTER HAD AN ACCIDENT & NOW STRUGGLES TO COMMUNICATE… “...When the tattooed guy who completely ignored her at a bar walks by and offers her a hand wrangling a tile saw, Dani can’t afford to say no—and why would she say no to Mr. Strong and Silent when his stare conveys more than words could?”
  • The Girl by Holly Ryan <— SOUNDS INTRIGUING & PROFOUND (and maybe a bit chilling)? SPANISH FLU RAVAGES THE WORLD... and he finds a little girl.  ”Thomas Mallory leads a simple life after a childhood trauma leaves him scarred. That is, until the night he stumbles upon a frozen, lost little girl. The girl is Evelyn, and she carries with her nothing but a strange, unhealing wound. That, and the power to thrust Thomas into the lives of two poverty-stricken children who appear destined to succumb to the sickness. And when he discovers that one of them may hold the key to the world’s suffering, he’s torn between his own selfish desires, the fears of his past, and the burden of deciding what’s right...”
  • Entwined : (An Evolve Series Wedding Novella) by S.E. Hall <— “A look back… at the wedding of Dane & Laney.”
  • All That I Am (Men of Monroe Book 1) by Rachel Brookes
  • Just a Little Junk by Stylo Fantome <— STYLO FANTOME’S LATEST BOOK IS LIVE!! And it’s super-bargain priced right now! She wakes up after a night of partying and finds a dead guy in her trunk… “...When her older brother’s best friend offers to help, things start looking up. They’ve known each other since she was thirteen, and ten years later, he still treats her like a little kid – surely, committing felonies has to trigger some sort of spark. Together, they wind up going on an adventure that takes them all over Los Angeles. From raves to penthouses to strip clubs. All in the search for the answer to her question. Who is the dead guy in my trunk!?”


PREORDERS (going live at midnight!!! :D )

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God-Shaped Hole: A Novel
HOLY MOLY THIS BOOK. THIS STORY. THIS AUTHOR!!!! I’ve been raving about her, solely on her book “How to Kill a Rockstar” (it was the only one I had read YEARS ago, and still consider one of my ultimate “indie-feel” favorites) and this one affected me just as deeply. Just… in a different way. And yet, PERFECTLY reminiscent of this author’s unique voice and perspective on life… and love.

Monica: One book that absolutely changed me was God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo! Underrated book and definitely worth the read.

Suanne: God-Shaped Hole. I’m still not over it….

Amy: Maryse…God-Shaped Hole? Ooooooooh that was a good one. It hurt (just how we like it) but it was GOOD. I think I liked her HTKARS more, but then again I read that one first so I might be a little biased. ;)

Lisa: Oh God-shaped Hole. How I loved that book. But it broke me. I seriously had to have an afternoon alone after finishing ….total book fog. …As a reader you are madly trying to think through every scenario, looking for the best outcome but begrudgingly knowing you’re unlikely to get it. Those books stay with me…

Allison: God-Shaped Hole. Holy crap. I can NEVERRRRRRR re-read that. I don’t have the money necessary for the amount of therapy I would need. Talk about ripping my heart out with a dull spoon and shredding it. OMG.

Amy: …those of you scared to read God-Shaped Hole, you have good reason. But it is a great book and worth every heartbreaking moment!! *starts bathing Manny so he’s ready for Maryse* You are SO going to need him for God-Shaped Hole. ;)

R: I’m reading God-Shaped Hole and I’ve been in the fetal position for 2 days…and nothing’s happened yet. I’m just scared! …God-Shaped Hole is so good so far, Maryse!!

Marina: I’ve said it before on your site… love Tiffanie’s writing. LOVE. I’ll read anything she writes and hoping there will be more!!!

Julie: After How to Kill a Rock Star DESTROYED ME, I immediately purchased God-Shaped Hole in and out of print paperback but I still haven’t read it. Dunno. After being gutted by HTKARS I’m a little terrified of this author. Will eagerly wait for your review and then I’ll dive in, emotions and tear ducts be damned.

Elizabeth: The characters and story have stuck with me – months later – a sign of a good book :)

She doesn’t shy away from the intense. The HUGE butterflies-in-the-stomach quivers of new love, the insecurities, the pain and misunderstandings, and especially… the strengthening of a relationship when real issues, pasts and present surpass the delight of that “honeymoon stage”.

Her characters are real. They are hilarious with endearing quirks, annoying and even infuriating at times, and this author doesn’t shy away from the embarrassing moments and innate HUMAN reactions. All situations that I CAN TOTALLY relate to, have felt, and maybe even experienced myself. It made me laugh, made me swoon, it made my blood run cold while it absolutely broke my heart… at times. I won’t tell you more than that (because the rest is YOURS to experience).

“Don’t waste your time with fear,” Jacob said calmly. “Fear won’t keep you safe from being hurt.”

How apropos. ;)

Yeah, sure… I was happy. At first. ;) *snort* (P.S. AWESOME book) Click here to watch my “reactions”

Yep. No matter what you know about this story, or THINK you know… you’ll still feel it. HARD.

Maryse: When you’re reading, and loving it, but fear you’re about to hit the worst kind of heartache…

…and then find yourself doing anything and everything BUT reading…

Amy: Maryse is reading God-Shaped Hole?!?!? GAHHHHHHHHH!! *thunk* *gets Manny and red wine ready for Maryse*

Ela: Oh Maryse????? How was God-Shaped Hole????? You must be finished by now!

Amy: MARYSE!! Update on God-Shaped Hole please!!! And don’t forget to re-read the Easter Egg in HTKARS when you are finished. Talk about happy tears…

Maryse: I’ve been crying ALL DAMN DAY! ;) Writing the review as we speak. My eyes burn. It’s hard.

As much as I LOVE the new gorgeous cover (striking and eye-catching, for sure), I sort of wish they hadn’t changed it, because the original cover was so pure, and had a subtle, but very poignant reason, for this classic-indie “new adult” love story. I just started crying all over again when I clued into what exactly that was. It’s kind of like one of those “last line” moments in a book. You know those books… where that last line gives you goosebumps? Kind of comes full-circle? Well this one wasn’t exactly the last line, but definitely on that final page. AND WOW!!!!! It took my breath away.

I closed my notebook and scribbled three words on the cover. Finally, it had a name.

But at first, I wondered to myself… what did she name it? Duh. So obvious and so poignant and so perfect. It made me burst into tears. AGAIN. And my heart continues to ache (and love!!) so badly. GAH!!!!!! OMG PERFECT.

So what’s it about?

The most PERFECTLY IMPERFECT PERFECT love of all time. That. Just that. Two very perfect-for-each-other people that meet via a funny personals ad in a newspaper and just click.

Seeking a friend for the end of the world

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Except to add one question: Where the f*ck have you been all my life?

They’re both pretty much, anti-establishment artsy types that have had their share of past bad relationships, issues with their parents, and yet still have the ability to fall in love. And BOY DO THEY EVER!!!! Not love at first site, but the clicking between them is LOUD and clear…

“I know it’s late but,” he paused, “would it be all right if I came over?”

“Right now?”


“Jacob,” I said, “how long have you been waiting to ask me that?”

“Who knows?” he said, more to himself than to me. “Maybe all my life.”

…and it doesn’t take long before they just can’t be without the other.

I knew that if an angel would have come down right then and there and given me the choice to spend all of eternity in his arms, listening to him sing in my ear, and feeling his warm breath on my cheek, I would have signed on the dotted line without a second-long thought.

They support each other. Love and live together. Annoy each other. All that we love, in a “meet cute” and the love story that follows.

He dove back under, then surfaced moments later, floating on his back. All his exposed flesh was covered in chills, his eyes glowed, and his face looked phosphorescent. He was a pelagic angel, a merman. It was an image of him somehow I knew I’d never forget.

But as with ALL human beings, certain situations or revelations introduce tension, and even complete personality changes.

I stormed out of the room and slammed the door in his face. I didn’t like being called a baby. I felt betrayed and deceived,

Things that will utterly destroy what has become so secure and sure.

My intuition told me I was out of control but there was nothing I could do.

And this is THAT love story.

It doesn’t matter that I held off reading this book for years, because I read a potential “spoiler”. Nope. It doesn’t matter that I thought I knew would happen, or what actually happened, and whether I was right or wrong. Because I FELT this love story the whole way through. This is one of those where spoiler or no spoiler, the writing is so poignant, so real and raw and pure (without fear of what a reader might think – this one is PURELY author-inspiration/character driven) that you’ll live it, the entire way.

Here’s my paperback copy that I will cherish forever!

And while my copy (the original one) doesn’t “tell me” what exactly inspired her to write this love story, this newly released version does, and it’s such an eye-opener!!!  I dunno that you should go into this one knowing what inspired it. Read it… and then read her forward AFTER. I think it’ll make it all that much better, and keep all avenues open for you as you embark on this couple’s heartfelt, bittersweet journey together.

I didn’t think I’d cry, ’cause I went in “expecting” and thinking I “knew” certain things. Hardened myself, ya know? Oh… I knew I’d love it due to her writing and incredible story telling, but I had put up my own wall, right off the bat. My heart was protected. Surrounded. And HARDENED. *hrmph* Yeah right. neutral THAT WALL has been there for YEARS in preparation for the day I finally went into this one, heart and soul. And it took it DOWN. I cried, I felt. I loved.

5 stars!!!! <— Now I’m just waiting for my eyes stop burning and the puffiness to finally go down… ;)


MUCH-LOVED author (one that I always thought of as a more classic contemporary romance style) seems to have gone super-spicy fun with THIS series! ;) And this one has a TON of great reviews! Plus, book #2 was just released, and there are potential “hints” about a book #3.

P.S. I don’t know that this series even has a name… I just called it “sex“. ;) ‘Cause you know… the titles of book #1 and #2 have a recurring theme. :P *snort*

Donna: I am a big fan of Marie Force absolutely love the Gansett Island series. Everyone woman’s dream and fantasy is to have anyone one of the male characters in her book lol! She makes you fall in love with all the characters and pictures a place where anyone would love to live.

Nicole: I love Marie Force as an author. She always has me wanting to get to the next book to find out what is going on.

About book #1:

He’s good for one thing and one thing only—and she wants it bad.

Honey Carmichael has never understood what all the **hoopla** is about when it comes to men, and she’s out to change that with the one man in town known for his ability to “get the job done.”

Blake Dempsey is happy to help Honey with her “problem” as long as she knows he’s only interested in one thing. His heart was broken when his high school girlfriend was killed in the car he was driving, and he has nothing to offer other than more **fun** than Honey can handle.

Which is just fine with her—until fantastic **fun** isn’t enough anymore for either of them and unexpected feelings result in a messy entanglement—and that most definitely wasn’t in the plans.

But you know what they say about plans…

A sexy, dirty standalone romance intended for MATURE audiences. If you can’t take the heat in Blake’s bedroom, stay out or you might get burned. You’ve been warned!



COLLEGE NEW ADULT ROMANCE FUN ALERT!!!! I had SO MUCH fun with this one (and laughed my butt off! Here’s my review), and now it’s a series!!!!! In fact, book #2 is about a TOTAL jerk-face (that ONE from book #1 that infuriated us so hard), and… the author just announced that she’s releasing book #3!!!

D.G.: Finished How To Date A Douchebag….LOVED it! It definitely had a The Deal feel to it! …How to date A Douchebag was one of my favs from last year…so #2 is a definite one-click!!!

Tessa: The best book of Feb for me was How to Date a Douchebag: The Failing Years.

About book #1:

No doubt about it, Sebastian ‘Oz’ Osborne is the university’s most celebrated student athlete—and possibly the biggest douchebag. A walking, talking cliché, he has a filthy mouth, a fantastic body, and doesn’t give a sh*t about what you or anyone else thinks.

Make no mistake, Jameson Clarke may be the university’s most diligent student—but she is no prude. Spending most of her time in the hallowed halls of the library, James is wary of pervs, jocks, and douchebags—and Oz Osborne is all three.

She’s smart, sarcastic—and not what he expected.


He wants to be friends.
He wants to spend time with her.
He wants to drive her crazy.

He wants…