Tracey is looking for this one! Eeeeeep! Haven’t we all been there in some way shape or form? In fact!! I’ll tell y’all my own experience of this very thing. *snort* ;)

Okay, so… this one time, I was camping (not at band camp) with my girlfriends. We were only teens (15-16?) but at a fairly safe and popular camp site with parental supervision, and we had a MAD CRUSH on this lifeguard there named “Nicholas”. He was in his late teens to early 20s and cover-model worthy. Ohhhhhh but we never had the guts to actually go up to him and talk to him or even ask his name. Nope. lol But Nicholas was a total hottie, and a group of other girls told us his name (as they, too… were crushing hard, and much bolder than us).

Anyway… we never got to flirt with him, just ogled him from afar, and spoke about him for weeks to come. And then one night (maybe a month or two later) I was having an asthma attack and my parents called the ambulance. I’m makeupless, in ratty pajamas, with a crooked top-knot on my head angling to the side, looking like a ridiculous palm-tree-mushroom thing. And wouldn’t you know it… my EMT?? Nicholas. eekeekeek Yep.

I even asked him if that was his name, and if he worked at the campsite that summer, and he confirmed it (blushing, ’cause his crew were behind him laughing at the hot-mess-of-a-teen crushing on him wheezing through her nebulizer mask).

What a coincidence right?? IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!  Nope. LOL!!! We never ended up dating, or even… speaking. *sigh*

Stupid real life!!! That’s why I LOVE these kinds of books. :P

Okay so… on to the question:

She asks:

Hi Maryse!

Love your website and I’m hoping your awesome readers can help me find a book.

It’s a romantic comedy about a girl who gets sick and goes to the ER a complete mess – unshowered, crazy hair and hokey sweatpants and is treated by a very cute doctor and they start dating.

I can’t remember anything else.  Please help!

I think she wrote another book related to this and didn’t write anything for a long time and finally came out with another book this past fall.  But I could be wrong. Haha

Thanks for your help!

Anyone know it?

Elena: Wrong (Wrong Series Book 1) by Jana Aston?

Tracey: Nope, but thanks for the suggestion. And it’s supposed to be holey sweatpants not hokey. Lol. Darned autocorrect

Maryse: LOL!!! But “hokey” works too Tracey. ;) I didn’t even consider it was an autocorrect. *snort*

Ashley: This is not it but Dear Bridget, I Want You by Penelope Ward (which has actually been retitled British Bedmate) starts off with the h in the ER with a fishing fly stuck in her butt and the ER doctor is hot and British!

Charity: That scene sound very similar to When You’re Ready (The Ready Series Book 1) by J.L. Berg. However it’s her daughter that is sick not her. The Mom is a hot mess and the doctor that treats them in the ER is hot and they end up dating. It’s also the first of a series.



Laycie is also looking for this one, and THIS!!!! I CAN ANSWER!!! :P I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

She asks:

Also! The books where the main men all love food, crazy love. Get chucked out of buffets just like their dad.

May be the same series as I’m already asking for (Reader Question – The book about the Hero that meets a little girl called Mikey…). :P

I hope you know x


It’s one of the most hilarious, much-loved series from one of our very first indie-author addictions, R.L. Mathewson. You’re looking to indulge in the “Bradford family” otherwise known as “The Neighbor from Hell” series. <— *snort* :P !!!!

Here are my reviews of book #1 & #2:


Laycie is looking for this one and… awwwww!! It’s already pulling at my heartstrings.

Not a ton of detail in her question, but just enough to spark someone’s memory, I’m sure. :D

She asks:

I’m looking for a book. Unsure whether you’ll know it.

The main man is an ex alcoholic who’s father owns a property. He meets a child who call herself mikey I think. He meets and falls in love with her mum. Helps her build a climbing frame.

Vague I know but I cannot remember for the life of me.

Thanks xx

Anyone know it?

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Tammy needs our Nora Roberts expertise! Short and sweet, but if you’re a fan, I bet you’ll recognize the details. :D

She asks:


I know the author Nora Roberts but cannot remember which of her older family series it falls under.

She is a artist who works with clay. I want to say he is a politician.

Anyone know the answer? 

Christy: Is it All the Possibilities, the MacGregor book with Alan and Shelby?

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It’s another NEW RELEASE DAY and there are a BUNCH on here giving me some blurb jolts!! I mean, even though it’s a shorter list this week, it’s FULLY loaded in what looks to be pure awesomeness! :D !!

Like… The Gorison Traveler Incident (Laurann Dohner’s latest – she’s a human and she’s TERRIFIED of what she sees!! “She’s horrified. Scared. The Ke’ters are murdering her people…”), The Hookup Handbook (He’s the most coveted escort and she’s his assistant!!), The Reality of Wright and Wrong (she was hurt by her fiancé, so she went off and married a stranger 10 days later! “…This isn’t a story of love at first sight–love didn’t come into play until after I had ruined it all…”), Play to Win: A Wynn Hockey Novel (drunken Vegas wedding with a hockey star!!), Risky Play (Red Card Book 1) (her one night stand leaves her, and then she realizes he’s her new boss!!), Rogue Wave: Cake Series Book Five (the stoner and the studious girl “Keith slides into the seat beside her with a partnership plan designed for his benefit only…”) and OMG THIS ONE!! Hissy Fit (Lani Lynn Vale’s latest and it totally sounds like unrequited love!!!). OH!! And ABOUT HER (psych-thriller and that blurb gave me chills!! The authors’ warning: “This is a story unlike my others, so please be aware of the genre switch. Psychological Thriller / Horror / TRIGGER WARNINGS: Abuse, Domestic Violence“).

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out these:

Tessa: snagged Broken Wings: A Dark High School Romance (Dark Legacy Book 1). :) Maybe bullies will become the trope of the year. A girl can hope.

LET’S READ!!!! :D !!!!

P.P.S. Let me know if I’m missing any or if you loved any (from this list or elsewhere).


For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free audiobooks deal —>

  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans all of your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!
  1. Until Cobi: Until Him/Her, Book 7 by Aurora Rose Reynolds
  2. The Chase by Elle Kennedy
  3. Sweet Fate: Dirty Sweet, Book 2 by Laurelin Paige
  4. Secrets Never Die: Morgan Dane Series, Book 5 by Melinda Leigh
  5. Backwards to Oregon by Jae
  6. A Conquest Impossible to Resist: The Cynster Next Generation Novels, Book 7 by Stephanie Laurens
  7. Crimes of Cupidity: A Fantasy Reverse Harem Story: Heart Hassle, Book 3 by Raven Kennedy
  8. The Do-Over by Georgia Beers
  9. Lock by Debra Anastasia
  10. and…
  11. The Feel Good Factor by Lauren Blakely <— PREORDER – March 25th 2019


BARGAINS & READER RECOMMENDATIONS (NOTE: bargain priced when I added them, but prices can change on Amazon, so make sure to check before you finalize your order)

Tessa: *facepalms* I realized that I grabbed that book and didn’t even look at the authors. That makes it doubly awesome. I absolutely adore Jaymin Eve and Tate James. Both have some of the best PNR, and though Tate James has only done RH, this was in the description:

This dark contemporary romance features one girl and four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem

So happy about this book! Jaymin Eve writes the best secondary heroes, treating them like first, and Tate James keeps everything on track with her plots. *squees*

Victoria: Reading it now! So good

  • Seductively Ever After Complete Box Set : Collectors Edition by Kim Carmichael <— SERIES BUNDLE SUPER-BARGAIN ALERT!! “...Each book in Seductively Ever After is inspired by a beloved fairy tale brought into modern day with a twist. This box set contains all four books in the collection.”
  • The In Her Dreams Boxset: A Time Travel Fantasy Romance Trilogy by Joanna Reeder <— TRILOGY BUNDLE SALE!! “So, I have this curse… I experience the memories of the dead while I sleep.”
  • The Arrangement – A Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf <— RECENT RELEASE & SUPER-BARGAIN PRICED!!The ad was right there in black and white, sending a flock of butterflies fluttering through my stomach. ‘Three young authors seeking an extremely open-minded female for an exclusive, sinful, and very unorthodox arrangement.’



  1. The Gorison Traveler Incident (Veslor Mates Book 1) by Laurann Dohner <— SHE’S TERRIFIED!!! “…The only way she gets a peek at the lizard-like race is when her brother opens a live camera feed during a meeting—a meeting that turns tragic when the Ke’ters attack the crew. She’s horrified. Scared. The Ke’ters are murdering her people. Rushing from her quarters to get help from a control center, Vivian finds the station abandoned. It’s all on her to try to rescue the crew. Brassi is a Veslor trader who picks up a distress signal from a nearby space vessel. The attractive female who contacts him looks terrified, and needs his help…”
  2. Sin & Salvation (Demigods of San Francisco Book 3) by K.F. Breene
  3. All Souls Near & Nigh (Soulbound Book 2) by Hailey Turner
  4. Choosing Chuckles (Cyborg Space Exploration Book 1) by Cynthia Sax
  5. The Devil and the Dancer: An Elemental Legacy Novella (Elemental Legacy Novellas Book 4) by Elizabeth Hunter <— HE’S HER BOSS... “…Chloe Reardon has a problem, and his name is Gavin Wallace. Okay, Gavin isn’t exactly a problem, unless you consider a highly attractive wind vampire with dubious intentions a problem. Especially if that vampire is your boss...”
  6. Vengeance: A Dark Protectors/Rebels Novella by Rebecca Zanetti
  7. The Werelion And The Cat (Paranormal Protection Agency Book 11) by Mina Carter
  8. Rogue Alien’s Woman (Alien Outlaws Book 2) by Kate Rudolph
  9. A Name Like Karma: A Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance (The Secret Gods Series Book 1) by G. Bailey
  10. Fool’s Errand (Fate’s Fools Book 4) by Ophelia Bell
  11. Highland Jewel (The House of Pendray Book 3) by Anna Markland
  12. Tiny Dancer: A Cold Case Psychic Spin off Novella (Cold Case Psychic Spin off Novellas Book 7) by Pandora Pine <– M/M ROMANCE
  13. Vantage Point (A Gray Ghost Novel Book 4) by Amy McKinley



  1. The Hookup Handbook by Kendall Ryan <— KENDALL RYAN ALERT!! HE’S AN ESCORT WRITING A BOOK & SHE’S HIS ASSISTANT… “...Only now, I’m on hiatus. Because after years of pleasing women all over the city, my man missile decides to get finicky. And the only woman he wants? Someone I can never have—my best friend’s younger sister, the nerdy and awkwardly adorable Sienna. She’s working at the agency this summer, keeping me organized, handling paperwork, and most importantly, keeping me on track to finish writing my book about sex and intimacy…”
  2. Catch Your Breath (O’Learys Book 4) by Shannyn Schroeder
  3. The Tyrant (Banker Book 3) by Penelope Sky
  4. The Reality of Wright and Wrong by Leddy Harper <— LEDDY HARPER ALERT!! SHE MET HIM & SHE MARRIED HIM AFTER A WEEK!!! “…What do you do when you catch your fiancé grinding on another woman? Well, if you’re me, you run off with a sexy, ink-covered tattoo artist who goes by the name Wrong. Then you marry him after a week. This isn’t a story of love at first sight–love didn’t come into play until after I had ruined it all. It’s the reality of what is right and what is wrong when it comes to soulmates…”
  5. July Flames: A Rock Star Bodyguard Romance (Wilder Irish Book 7) by Mari Carr <— MARI CARR ALERT!! THE BODYGUARD & THE POP STAR!! ”…After being taken advantage of repeatedly through her career, the music diva is used to pushing people away. But her sexy bodyguard’s need for control is eventually impossible to resist. Who is she to fight when he insists on being much closer than arm’s length?”
  6. Play to Win: A Wynn Hockey Novel by Kelly Jamieson <— DRUNKEN VEGAS WEDDING TO A HOCKEY STAR ALERT!! “…Lacey Olson needs to get out of Las Vegas right now, thanks to her no-good, crooked brother. When a handsome stranger who’s out partying with friends comes to her rescue in the cocktail lounge where she works, they strike up a conversation that leads to a crazy plan: her leaving with Théo for L.A. tomorrow. A few drinks later, the idea gets even crazier: a quickie marriage that works for both of them…”
  7. Protecting the Heiress (The Heiress Duet Book 1) by Nana Malone
  8. Protecting Macy (Cavanaugh Security Book 1) by C.M. Steele
  9. Don’t Walk Away by Victoria Kennedy
  10. Risky Play (Red Card Book 1) by Rachel Van Dyken <— RACHEL VAN DYKEN ALERT!! HE LEFT HER AFTER THEIR ONE NIGHT STAND… AND NOW HE’S HER NEW BOSS!! “…Suffering a tragic personal loss, pro soccer player Slade Rodriguez has his reasons for vanishing without a goodbye. Right or wrong, he’s blaming the beautiful and infuriating stranger he never wants to see again. They’re both in for a shock when Mackenzie shows up as his new personal assistant. And they both have a lot to learn about each other. Because they share more than they could possibly know, including a common enemy who’s playing his own games. And he’s not afraid to get dirty…”
  11. Rogue Wave: Cake Series Book Five by J. Bengtsson <— CAKE SERIES ALERT!! THE STONER & THE STUDIOUS GIRL ALERT!! “…Samantha Anderson sits in the front row. You know the type. Every school has one – the quiet, faceless, studious girl who fears the taunts of her peers and fades into the background. Life has never been simple for Samantha, and it’s about to get a little more complicated when Keith slides into the seat beside her with a partnership plan designed for his benefit only. But what Keith brings to the table is more than either of them could imagine...”
  12. Cry Wolf (A Brown and de Luca Novel Book 6) by Maggie Shayne
  13. With a Hitch by RC Boldt
  14. Kissing Micky (Washington Guardians Hockey Book 1) by Ellen Devlin
  15. Lake Emerald Chronicles: Fall In Love: A Reverse Harem Romance by Melissa Adams
  16. The Boyfriend Experience by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde <— SHE NEEDS A FAKE BOYFRIEND & USES AN APP… “…Evie Bennett needs a boyfriend, stat. Someone who can accompany her to her family reunion so she doesn’t have to explain that she’s been recently dumped. Again. She’s perfectly happy being an independent woman, but what’s a girl to do when her new fake boyfriend starts to feel like the real deal?
  17. Master’s Fate (Rise of the Dominants Book Two) by Red Phoenix
  18. Reyes’s Raina: A SEALs of Honor World Novel (Heroes for Hire Book 17) by Dale Mayer
  19. Tame Your Heart: A Small Town Romance (Bounty Bay Book 6) by Tracey Alvarez
  20. Fractured H.A.L.O.: A Broken HALO Novel by Jillian Neal
  21. The Edge of Forever (The Edge Series Book 2) by J. Saman
  22. Violent Delights (White Monarch Book 1) by Jessica Hawkins <— MAFIA ROMANCE ALERT!! THE FEUD IS BETWEEN BROTHERS “...I was born a princess among criminals. An untouchable among thieves. Heiress to a life others have killed for, and one I’d do anything to escape. I vowed not to leave without Diego, my first love and best friend, but if his ruthless brother has his way, I won’t leave at all…”
  23. Trust the Push by Kaylee Ryan <— THE RACER, THE REDHEAD & THE TIME LIMIT… “…I know nothing about racing, but when my boss comes to me with a special assignment, I take it. Now, here I am traveling from city to city engrossed in this new world. I would never have dreamed that this project would lead me to new friendships and ultimately finding love. We made a deal, our time together would expire, and we would part ways. The only problem with that is, I’m not so sure that’s what I want anymore…
  24. Unbound for Him: A Dark Romance by Marissa Farrar <— THIS IS BOOK #2 & THEY NEED TO BE READ IN ORDER ALERT!! “...I’ve ruined her. Destroyed her. Taken the one thing of hers that had value. Her innocence. Now we’re on the run, with two powerful, dangerous men after us. Our feelings intensify with every passing day, and we can’t get enough of each other. But our love was never meant to be and we’re playing a deadly game. If they catch us, we’ll be made to pay with our lives… Or worse…”
  25. No Quick Fix: Torus Intercession Book One by Mary Calmes <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!
  26. Wild Ride (Powertools: Hot Rides Book 1) by Jayne Rylon <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!
  27. The Cowboy and the City Slicker by Bonnie Dee <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!
  28. Secrets Never Die (Morgan Dane Book 5) by Melinda Leigh
  29. Hissy Fit (The Southern Gentleman Series Book 1) by Lani Lynn Vale <— LANI LYNN VALE UNREQUITED LOVE ALERT!! “…He is the one that never looks her way. He is handsome and strong. He is rough around the edges and mean. He is everything she’s ever wanted. He doesn’t even know she exists. Her life is a joke…”
  30. Tough Love: Mandy’s Take-Charge Daddy by Maddie Taylor
  31. You’re the One (Reckoning on Ice Book 1) by Lia Jordan
  32. Can’t Escape Love: A Reluctant Royals Novella by Alyssa Cole
  33. Fall Easy (SEALs Undone Book 10) by Zoe York
  34. Honor (Made Book 1) by Melissa Ellen
  35. ABOUT HER by Kimberly Adams <— PSYCH-THRILLER ALERT!! WHAT IF…? “…What if you could let go of the anger, and betrayal, and utter hatred for your ex-husband? Life would move on. You’d be happy. Healthy. Strong. You could forget the abuse. The torture. The sadness. Like me. But still… What if no one knew? What if you had one chance, just one, to give him what he really deserves? What if it meant saving your own life?



PREORDERS (going live soon!!!  :D )


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Makeup & Skincare Chat ➔ SKIN CARE

Tasha: I don’t wanna blow this whistle too early, so *knocks on wood*, but I went back to my Doterra skin care after baby. Now, after both previous babies, I’d get big hormonal acne for a week or 2, always. I didn’t have Doterra then and I’d use Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Olay acne stuff, or sensitive and acne spot treatments. It was ok, never great. THIS time however, nothing near as bad!

Now, at first I did the face wash and toner in this kit and added a drop of Doterra e.o. Juniper Berry to to doTERRA HD Clear Facial Lotion every night after a shower. Worked great. Then I stopped the Juniper Berry, for no real reason, I’m just lazy, I guess and continued the face wash, toner and HD lotion and used the spot treatment whenever one popped up. That’s always worked just ok for me.

I did the spa treatment face mask from there one night when things were really starting to flare up. Worked like a dream! But, ever since my 2nd child, so about 4 years now, I’ve had a patch on 1 cheek of redness. It’s mostly always flat, drier there I think, and occasional flares with the heat or something irritates it and it’s a good day when it fades to almost unnoticeable. I’ve not gone the the dermatologist for it yet and I bought the foundation recently and beauty blender to cover it.

Now, here’s the good part…in the face wash kit you get the wash, toner, scrub (I forgot to mention I use this a couple times a week also now), lotion (I LOVE this lotion the most, but I’m being overly cautious with my face right now) and now a skin tightening serum that wasn’t available when I bought previously. I don’t typically use age defying things or tighteners ever Bc they make me break out and I think they’re useless (I’m 30 yet ;) ) But, I tried it before my moisturizer a couple days ago and the redness is GONE!! I so hope it stays that way, something in it must’ve calmed it. :)

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Makeup & Skincare Chat ➔ MAKEUP BRUSHES:

Tasha J: I just bought the beauty blender from Sephora and I got the cleaner for it too. I bought all my bare minerals makeup and mascara from Sephora too. But when I bought makeup yesterday, I bought it from our local Peebles, cuz I don’t have time or patience for anything else. It’s este lauder. They have Clinique too and that’s it. When I checked Amazon for the beauty blender yesterday, the reviews all said it was fake fake fake, so I don’t trust it.

Maryse: I have yet to use a beauty blender. EXACTLY Tasha. I went on Amazon for those and I can’t tell what’s going to disintegrate or smell…

Cheryl: I like just using a foundation brush. I just put a small amount on my hand and then use the brush to lightly apply it. I also like in the summer to use a tinted sunscreen only.

Amy: Tasha… The only place I recommend buying a Beautyblender from is Sephora – which it looks like you already did – and that way you KNOW you are getting the original one. Just use the cleaner, and then I use the original little package it came in (the circular one) and set it on the opening while it dries. Because it expands, it sets perfectly.

Michelle: If you guys want a killer thin line, get the Shu Uemura 2R sable brush. I use it with my MAC fluidlines. Just found it last year but I will never use anything else!

Amy: Michelle, you’re here! *hugs* I am trying out that brush…it sounds perfect for my gel liners. I’m starting to get hooked on cosmetic brushes now so I’m always on the hunt for new ones.

Maryse: Thank you, Michelle for that liner brush recommendation. I shall look it up. :) And now I also want the Tarte finishing powder.

Michelle: Amy and Maryse try the brush and report back if you do. I literally squeeed in real life the first time I used it annnndd unlike so many thin liner brushes that start off good and go downhill, it holds up and retains the sharp point.

Maryse: The “Real Techniques” makeup brushes make ALL the difference. I MEAN ALL. I have been imitating these girls that I love on Youtube (bought the EXACT makeup palettes and do exactly as they do) and it’s been nice… but never amazing. Then I finally just got the brushes my favorite is using, and OMG I AM GLOWING from eyes, to cheeks!!!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. The brushes I have are nice, soft, and I have ALL the various blenders, and whatever else. I have at least 25 various makeup brushes (many are the same, but from different manufacturers). I just bought THIS ONE 3-piece kit (Real Techniques Cruelty Free Travel Essentials Set With Ultra Plush Custom Cut Synthetic Bristles, Includes: Essential Foundation, Multi Task and Domed Shadow Brushes), and I can do my entire makeup with it and LOOK like what I’ve been trying to “look” like. HAPPPPPPPY!!!!! :D !!!!!

Amy: BRUSHES!!! I’m always on the lookout for good brushes, and now I want to snatch these up based on your reaction. I jumped on Google as soon as I read your post… Oh man…oh MAN!!! I can’t believe how inexpensive those brushes are. And the prices are even better on Amazon than on And with your excitement there’s no way I can resist buying some. YAY for two-day shipping!!

Maryse: Amy & Cheryl!! I’m so hooked that I just went back and bought 3 more brushes (all “add-on” items so SUPER-CHEAP)!!

I’m getting rid of ALL my brushes and just using these. I’ll add more as I find new needs. ;) Or new makeup-guru recommendations. LOL!!! These things are SO affordable. Who knew??! LOOK at the reviews!!!! Just look at ‘em. HOLY. MOLY. My makeup world is complete.

Leslie M: Maryse, I cannot believe how cheap those brushes are!! I don’t wear eye makeup but am obsessed with foundation/powder/blush brushes. I am going to give them a try. Yay! I love a bargain.

R: Thanks Maryse! I wear makeup about once a month, but I was sorely in need of new brushes!

Maryse: I know Leslie!! The price can’t be beat especially for how good they are. I was amazed when my favorite makeup blogger mentioned and was using one of her favorite brushes for her eyeshadow… saying it just really almost seems to melt the makeup into a perfect blend, and when I looked it up, it was part of a 3 brush kit (with a case!) and it was CHEAP. MINE!!! :D I only used this kit today. …I have so many brushes (most from my Ipsy subscription) but these just blend perfectly. I’m so happy!!

Lisa M: I will be ordering brushes today. They all looking amazing & I need some new ones!! Well priced!!

Cheryl: Maryse, I have an Amazon gift card, so Yeh I’m ordering those brushes!!

Maryse: And now I bought this from Real Techniques for my brushes (it CLINGS to the mirror, and can be dishwashered and can be removed and placed over and over again without losing it’s “cling”). ➔ Real Techniques 3 Pocket Expert Organizer Grey, Easily Mounts to Mirror, Wall, Dresser, or Tile, Holds Makeup, Makeup Brushes, Blenders, and Tools (and they have a smaller one, too)

And if you place a washed brush upside down in the crevices between the cups, it’s held there to air dry! Here’s the video that convinced me:

MichelleS: Ooh. So I went to Target & they have Maryse’s Real Techniques makeup brushes on sale, so I picked up a set! Woohoo. Thanks for sharing that review.

Nay: So after doing a ton of research, I just ordered a bunch of new things! Including 8 Real Techniques brushes!! So thank you, Maryse, for posting about those!


Makeup & Skincare Chat ➔ BROWS:

Tasha: So, question for all you make-up lovers: do ya’ll fill your brows? I’m not a huge make-up person, I wear it a few times a year. Even though I like the look with it on better, it’s not something I like to incorporate into my routine and it took a long time to be comfortable without so, there’s that. And when I do wear, I like the most natural look possible.

Anyway, I know this brow filling thing is a trend, but I would’ve never considered doing it for myself. And my hairdresser begged me to fill my brows just to see what it would look like, and I might like it. Maybe. But, I hate the thought of make up on my eyebrows, it weirds me out.

And my husband said they looked better when I pointed out there was something different, it took him a while to figure it out *rolls eyes*, but he said they looked thicker and he liked them better. Which irritated me. Lol. But then I told him it was make-up and his face got all screwy and he was weirded out. Which was my reaction also to the whole thing, so I understand. But I still *might* like the look of them.

So anyway, do you fill?

bev: LMAO. How did he think they got so thick? No, I’m not a makeup person. I have very pale brows and lashes. One time I had a complimentary make up thing and yes they looked “better”. But, no.

R: I fill mine in with a pencil, Tasha. VERY lightly. And it has a mascara wand to blend it in. It looks natural IMO, especially compared to what my teenage daughter and her friends do that is downright frightening. Getting the right color is important. I went to Sephora and the first one they sold me was too red. I returned it and they tried something else that’s perfect. I know much less about makeup than these other girls, but I’ll give you the name of it here shortly if they don’t have a better suggestion.

Amy: My brows are slowly disappearing so I *have* to fill them in, but I would probably do it anyway even if it wasn’t a necessity because I am a little crazy about makeup in general. As in a full face of makeup every time I leave the house, even if it is an early day and I’m leaving at 4:00 in the morning. I devotedly use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade with a Makeup Forever tiny stiff-bristled brush and Anastasia BH Brow Wiz pencil. I actually have a consultation appointment for brow microblading so we’ll see how that goes…

Leslie M: Tasha, your eyebrow post made me giggle. I’m not a makeup person either but even when I was I never did eyebrow thing. Despite being a dark brunette, I have always had thin, light eyebrows. Darkening them freaks me out and I felt really weird when they did them at Sephora. However, I bet you could find a product that could subtlety enhance them that you would be comfortable with. Me, I’m too lazy for even mascara. I do foundation, very light shadow on lids and lip balm. Amy, whats brow microblading?? Also, anyone know what the heck that eyebrow threading thing they do in the middle of the mall is???

Amy: Leslie…

Leslie M: Aaahhh, thats cool. A permanent brow thingy.

Tessa: I love make up but rarely wear it. My eyebrows are naturally thick, so that’s not an issue. I do need to get an eyebrow color thing, like they have for eyelashes. In the summer, I swim so much both eyelashes and eyebrows become so blonde, they become invisible.

Ela: I love love love collecting makeup and have a ton but do I actually wear it/use it …..nope (maybe a few times a year)…I basically go to work with the face I wake up with. But I do have a brow pencil that I really like when and if I use it…I use the “universal shade” I’m a dark brunette with a dark complexion, I just use a little bit more to make it match ME….LOL

Tasha: He thought I dyed them or something, his guessing game was ridiculous. Lol. She used Youngblood cosmetics, something like this: My brows are like a sandy grayish? color and they’re not thick, but I don’t think they’re overly thin. Maybe a little thinner than I’d like, and one is a tad shorter than the other. I was stressing over weather they were waterproof (could you imagine the streaks on a rainy day? haha) or sleeping like that or when I have an itch and how to apply…it’s completely foreign to me and I’m not sure if I’ll continue or not, but I’m considering. And thanks for all the info on what you guys use. Amy, microblading actually sounds really cool and I like that it’s low maintenance!

Anne18: I use a No. 2 regular pencil on my brows. My Israeli eyebrow girl told me it was her secret to natural bows and it looks really good.

Maryse: Oh wow Anne!!! That’s interesting, and now I want to research that!!

Steph N: Ha, I just tried your trick Anne, it worked! So weird! :) I have been using a Maybelline eyebrow pencil that twists up. It’s in a pink package. I love it, the tip is angled rather than a point.