Book Bash Author Spotlight – C.D. Reiss sent over an exclusive! A deleted scene from “Spin”

by Maryse on June 20, 2014 · 3 comments

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Today’s Book Bash author spotlight sent over a deleted scene from her recent release “Spin (Songs of Corruption Book 1)“. An alpha male, mafia romance story? Sounds right up our alley! And it is, since it was a hit amongst many of our fellow readers!

Sally: I finished Spin by C.d. Reiss today after doing a group read with my girls and I LOVED it ! It’s no secret that I am Romance/Suspense book lover, throw in a Mafioso Capo and I’m drooling like a fool! … This book gave me EVERYTHING I wanted and then some! 5 stars for me…

Kandace: I’m FINALLY getting around to reading the Songs of Submission series by CD Reiss and I’m kicking my self for not reading the series sooner. I was in the mood for a bossy controlling alpha man. The best part of this series is not only are the books packed full of heat but I’m enjoying the storyline too. I’m really interested to see how everything progresses.

Lori: I read Spin and was hooked!!

Rebecka: …Mafia, steamy n Alpha Male!  Oh My!!

Carol-Ann: Lori…I LOVED Spin…totally ended my book funk!

Right!?? *nods*

So… this is a scene that was supposed to be in Spin, and now, we finally get to read it! :D



I touched my lip where the door had slapped it, and my fingers came back bloody. “Contessa, you look upset. I don’t recognize you.”

Zo came in from the back, jingling my keys. I held my hand out for them, but Antonio snapped them away.

“Get her some water. And ice.” His tone broached no argument, and Zo spun on his heel to obey without a second to waste. “Would you come outside with me?” Unlike the way he spoke to Zo, he requested my presence in the back alley with courtesy, and I did as he asked, which was not the first, nor the last mistake.

By the time we got into the blazing morning sun, I wasn’t so overwhelmed. The shock at what I’d seen, heard and been slammed in the face with had abated, and was replaced by pure Drazen fury.

“I want my phone, and my keys, and my car immediately.”

“Why did you come here?” he asked.

“That’s none of your business.”

“Everything that happens in this neighborhood is my business.”

He said it with such gravity, such utter surety that I believed him. It would have been crazy not to.

He stepped toward me, repeating the earlier question. “Why did you come here?”

I gritted my teeth against the intrusion. “It’s none of you’re—“

He put his hands on my cheeks and his lips to mine before I could finish. There was something so familiar to it, something postulate, undeniable, in that a piece of my experience that was missing created had created a void, abhorred by nature. And this kiss, even the way it pained the split lip, filled the abhorrence that I hadn’t even seen. I was dead. Dead in the water. When my tongue met his I knew it for sure. I was horrified at the settling rightness and the certain death it ensured.

I pushed him away with all my strength. He stepped back, but not too far. He was close enough for me to see his brown eyes, even shaded by his brow in the blasting sun. His lips had a smear of my blood.

“I want my phone. My keys. My car. Do you understand?”

He touched his lower lip and looked at the red streak on his fingertip, then rubbed it with his thumb. I feared he’d ask me again what I was doing here, or try to answer it for me, and that he’d speak the real reason I drove east of the river.

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Lorinda H June 20, 2014 at 11:17 AM

And all God’s children say “AMEN!”

Maryse June 20, 2014 at 1:13 PM

LOL!!! :D

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