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<— First, congratulations to K.A. Linde for her upcoming bad-boy romance book release. Take Me With You releases tomorrow!! He’s the lead singer of a band, and she’s a total good girl college student. It’s book #2 and comes after this one: Take Me for Granted (#1). I LOVE her genre of angst! She turned my world upside down with her Avoiding Series! (Check out my review of book #1: Avoiding Commitment).

And second… did you guys know that she’s an AVID reader? I mean AVID. Sure… she writes angsty contemporary and NA romance and knows all about “bad boy book boyfriends”, but her favorite genre is something else entirely.

She’s a HUGE Dystopian and Fantasy fan. Yep!!! I can already hear the “Michelles” and Fabi *squeeing*. ;)  I know this because she’s sent me a few of her own recommendations, and I’ve seen them on my Facebook wall. When she loves a book, she LOVES a book!! Here are some examples…

K.A. Linde: if you’re ever in the mood for something different, I just read a book The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. It’s dystopian and amazing I just spent all day reading it…

K.A. Linde: I read this paranormal romance and I thought it might be up your alley. It’s a really hot stand alone.

K.A. Linde: i just cant get enough of a good series…

She once told me… “…if you EVER need recommendations like that, I’m your girl” so now I’m taking advantage! ;)

And she is here today, posting about her very favorites. We’ll be focusing on her favorite dystopian reads, and next Monday, she’s sending us her favorite Fantasy reads.


Maryse: Hi Kyla! I know you’re a huge dystopian fan and I was wondering if you could recommend some of your favorites. I refer to you because you’re so well versed in it. I love reading when you’ve just read one or are going nuts for one, when I see it in my Facebook news feed, so I immediately thought of you for this category…

K.A. Linde: Yes! I definitely can. I haven’t personally read much adult dystopian though, mostly YA. I read A LOT of dystopian. It’s my favorite genre if done right. But I always end up back in fantasy because more people write good fantasy than good dystopian. These are my reads:

My favorites are Alexandra Bracken’s Darkest Minds series — amazing worlds where something killed 90% of kids in a certain age range and the ones who didn’t die got awesome powers. They’re rounded up and sent to concentration camps of sorts. And it follows the girl who escapes and the guy she falls in love with.

Marie Lu’s Legend series — about a girl who is a genius military official and the boy criminal she falls in love with while they try to save the world. Probably the best ending of a series in forever.

I haven’t read Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi but I’ve heard it’s fantastic. Sarah Hansen adores it

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan — this one I think you’d LOVE bc the hero is a bulky tatted type adult hero. The govt has identified a killing gene and everyone gets tested. It follows the girl and hot guy who have been identified and are rounded up by the govt to put to use in military protocols.

Divergent of course.

The Hunger Games of course <— sidenote from Maryse – I LOVED this series too! I reviewed it a a few years ago after I marathon read it over a weekend. (Here’s my review for book #1: The Hunger Games)

I’ve heard great things about Branded where people are put in this camp based on their sins.

Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld is a classic — set in a world where on your 16th birthday you are officially made “pretty” and they do reconstructive surgery to make you into this artificial version of yourself. and it follows the girl and the guy she loves to try to stop them from turning her into a robot more or less.

I know KA Tucker has a dystopian series: Anathema (Causal Enchantment Book 1)

My favorite books are Ender’s Game and Brave New World. Both dystopian. Brave New World is a classic! It’s like 1984 but better.

Maryse: 1984 is on my 2015 reading challenge. I’ve never read it!

K.A. Linde: Ender’s Game is also incredible. INCREDIBLE! I’ve read it 15 times at least and get something new out of it every time

Maryse: 15 times!!???? That is some book-love!!!!

K.A. Linde: yeah i read it for the first time in 8th grade.

Maryse: awesome! Thank you Kyla!!!! This just made my day.

K.A. Linde: welcome! I love getting to rec the books that I enjoy! Whenever you want the fantasy recs let me know i can probably go on for days… lol


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Lee January 26, 2015 at 2:23 PM

The Unwind trilogy by Neal Shusterman are also excellent Dystopia

Carol January 26, 2015 at 3:00 PM

The Legend Series was great. One of my favorites. I loved the ending as well.

Fabi January 27, 2015 at 9:46 AM

I’ve read 90% of these and I am SO excited about the ones here that I’ll read next. I think Ms. Linde and I have identical reading tastes. Although mine tend to wander a bit. It is always so exciting to find someone else who enjoys the same type of books. Amazing to know she writes her own fantastic books.

Maryse! You haven’t read 1984?! :-0. Speechless, I am simply speechless. Classics like 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451. Ugh! I don’t know how many times I’ve read them.

I’ve also read the entire Enders Game many times. Listened to the recorded books and watched the movie.

Every one of the books and series up there are mind blowing great. Including the Unwind trilogy Lee. Talk about mind-blowing. !!!

I am so ready for the next great dystopian. But, when am I not? :-)

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