You Know You’re a Book Addict When a Book Receipt Makes You Squee…

by Maryse on August 11, 2012 · 11 comments

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I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, to pick up a nice (early) copy of Beautiful Disaster (shhhhh ;) It’s *official* re-release day is this Tuesday, and I’ve got something exciting planned for you all). But when I heard there were some stores that had ‘em, I had to get my own “Atria/Simon & Schuster” branded copy!

And while I was there, I got that wonderful *giddy* feeling that I used to get a few years back. Surrounded by so many of my favorites, *mini squeeing* over seeing them displayed on real-life shelves. It’s been so long since I’ve been in an actual bookstore (with my e-book addiction, and all), but sometimes it’s fun to go “old school” and take in the smells of all of those real books, the ink, the paper… the coffee. The awesome “bookstore jazz” music softly serenading us as we take in the multi-sensory experience. The gorgeous, shiny book covers… romance , erotica, and the ethereal YA themes. It was fantastic!

And what made it icing on the cake is when I took a look at my receipt and saw that they had included their own book “suggestions” based on what I had purchased. And just look at what they suggested. *squee* The bottom two suggestions are two of my absolute FAVORITE books, and I know for a fact Slammed will be proudly displayed on those very shelves in September.

I just had to share. And while I was sharing, I thought I’d re-introduce to you my favorites on this list, and check out the first three suggestions and see if anyone else has read them? I’ve heard some really good things about the other “Beautiful Disaster” listed. ;)

Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park.
Pure witty sweetness that I had the pleasure of discovering last summer. In fact, it made two of my favorites list (Top Five Summer Reads, and Best Books of 2011). This book had everything needed to keep me glued to my seat, grinning (at the fun dialogue and amazing friendships that were being built), anticipating (the “secret”), and it kept me guessing. And I was totally caught off guard! But it’s those kinds of twists and turns, coupled with that big heartwarming connection, and a few heart-tugging moments that makes a perfect read for me. I still remember every single thing about it, from the opening scene to the very ending. Shines bright in my memory. 5 star read!!!

Slammed by Colleen Hoover
This one is all the rage right now, having skyrocketed to reader-stardom and beyond in record time! Released less then a year ago, it, and it’s sequel (Point of Retreat) have both hit the NY Times and USA Today’s Best Sellers lists, and remain on there to this day. It too, has been snatched up by “Atria” (division of Simon and Schuster), and we will be lucky enough to see it in retail stores very soon!
One of my all time favorite books (many of you already know this) but I just can’t help it. It’s one of those “stand-outs” you know?  One that, no matter how many books I’ve read, will always remain at the top, for me. Sure, there are others that have made it to the top, with it, (before, and after), and together they form my “classics” if you will. It’s the only way I can describe my best of the best lists. ;) This is one of them, to me. It just had such a HUGE impact on me. Similar in “feel” and wit and sweetness, and even the “shock value/twisty-turny moment” that had my jaw dropping. Another one that took my breath away AND made me swoon, and made me mad, and made me cry, but in a delicious, unforgettable way. 5 star read!!!

So you can imagine when I saw them listed on my receipt, well, I was already rather impressed by a few of the store’s excellent suggestions! Oh I know… it’s likely database driven computer analyzed and all that, but SPOT ON!

So, it made me wonder… what about their other suggestions?

Unnatural Acts: A Stone Barrington Novel by Stuart Woods
Hrmmm.. well it looks interesting, but not quite sure it has the same “New Adult” romance-angsty-drama feel, ya know? *shrug* Still, might be worth a read! “From Manhattan’s mahogany-paneled law offices to its modern penthouse lofts and dimly lit nightclubs, the trail of entrapment and murder leads to a shocking act that no one could ever have anticipated.” Debra from my Facebook page just said: “Stone Barrington novels by Stuart Woods are really good (an ex NYPD detective turn attorney dealing with “special cases”).

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
Also an interesting premise, however… not quite what I was expecting to look up, either. “Marina embarks on an odyssey into the insect-infested jungle in hopes of finding her former mentor as well as answers to several troubling questions about her friend’s death, the state of her company’s future, and her own past.” 

Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella
Well, this one sounds more like my idea of a similar type of book (and my kind of “romance drama”). Actually, I’ve heard from a few fellow readers who have enjoyed this one! “… her life-altering moment is interrupted when an unexpected call ushers in her tremulous past. A man who’s never left Mia’s memory: Flynn, the enigmatic, passionate man whose disappearance broke her heart, has mysteriously resurfaced.”

Nancy from my Facebook page said this about it:

OH MY GOODNESS! Just finished reading BEAUTIFUL DISASTER by Laura Spinella. This is a deput novel by her, and I only found it because I was searching for another book by that title (different auther). It looked interesting & so I bought the book cheap & once I started reading could not stop. Highly recommended & 5 stars*****

So, that’s it!  A fun little trip down memory lane, that I thought I’d share with you. :)

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Lise August 11, 2012 at 4:57 PM

What fun investigative work! I heard about the Laura Spinella book on GR and have it on my TBR list, but it is $12.99 on Amazon… “way too expensive lucy.” Just think, you will now be able to add a reading list based off of bookstore receipts *tee hee*

Maryse August 11, 2012 at 5:14 PM


I too found the $12.99 price steep (for an e-book)… ah well. If I find out it goes into bargain price mode, I’ll announce it! :)

Sandy August 11, 2012 at 5:33 PM

I got Flat Out Love and Slammed. The last two on the list are too $$ for me. Same issue is happening with Sylvia Day’s books. The Crossfire series gets more expensive with each book. Bummer!! Maryse I think that Amazon should pay you a commission. LOL.

Kathy August 11, 2012 at 5:33 PM

I’ve read three of the five…I’ll have to check out the other two! Nice work, Maryse…as always!

Rebecka August 11, 2012 at 6:42 PM

I love stopping by BN whenever I get the chance. I’m addicted to my nook but I love to go and browse and take pictures of everything that seems interesting and then I ebook shop when I get home. I love the convienence of my nook and my kindle app but there is still something magical about being surrounded by books.

Maryse August 11, 2012 at 7:09 PM

I went to click the “like” button… alas… there is none. So…. “like”!! ;)

Nancy Parken August 12, 2012 at 4:14 AM

Oh yes!!!!!!! I LOVED Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella, & I did buy it in paperback because of the price, but loved the ultimate bad boy, motorcycle riding, anguish filled hero so much I would buy it at the high price for my Kindle. The reason being that I loved the book so much I “loaned” it to two of my book reading friends & the 1st time I got it back & the 2nd time I never did get it back. Least with the Kindle, when I loan a book, it automatically will come back to you in two weeks, & I would have read this book again. It is one of those books that when you finish you still can not stop thinking about.

Kendra August 12, 2012 at 9:31 AM

Thanks for all your great suggestions and although Beautiful Disaster by McGuire wasn’t my favorite as I know it was yours… I have another suggestion for your list if you haven’t read it yet. I did a search of your blog and couldn’t find the name though. Jessica Shirvington writes the Embrace series and I just finished the first 3 books (4th one out in Austrailia in Sept)…. it’s a YA series, but was absolutely heart wrenching. It’s a paranormal, light/dark angel series. I’m not sure if it’s one of those series in which the characters just seem “familiar” so I loved it even more, but I couldn’t put it down! Just sayin’ if you haven’t read it, you may want to…. Thanks again Maryse!

Biate August 12, 2012 at 12:36 PM

Since I got my Galaxy Tab I do a lot more online shopping and buying ebooks is just so much easier. Just click click. But bookstores is my ultimate happy place!! All the books just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy and if they have good coffee and njammy choc chip cookies who am I to complain. Plus I enjoy seeing the hard copy of a book on my shelf, even if it frustrates my dad and my bf that must build or buy the shelves to accommodate all the books. The downside is just that it takes a while for the hard copies to arrive here in SA. Anywho I’ve read Slammed. FOL was not one of my favorites though. I will definitely add Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella to my list. Thanks Maryse, your blog might just be my second happy place!!

Nancy DeVault August 14, 2012 at 6:12 PM

Woo Hoo!!!! Happy Days! Beautiful Disaster! Please, please please, I wanna win!

Shanna August 14, 2012 at 6:41 PM

I stumbled upon this book one day and oh my gosh! I couldn’t stop reading it! I did not want to put it down! I just love love loved it. I’m so happy for Jamie and excited about her success.

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