Book Review – A Winter Dream by Richard Paul Evans

by Maryse on December 13, 2014 · 1 comment

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A Winter Dream: A Novel
Okay so here’s one that is NOT our usual read (or mine either, for that matter) but ended up being so good!

It has a totally real feel, and does “read” like one of our usual books (in first person POV, and a fascinating “voice” at that). In fact, it felt so personal that at first I thought it was someone’s autobiography detailing their personal struggles and eventual growth.

And since it was recommended by a friend that was greatly touched by it…

“A Winters Dream… it’s good.. I PROMISE :) and there is a guy.. and a girl.. and then bad stuff happens in the family.. and then the girl.. and then.. PLEEEEEEEEEASE :)


AND it had “winter” in the title, I thought it would be a perfect change of pace! For those looking for a feel good story about triumph and tribulations (LOTS of *gasp-worthy* tribulations, but incredible in it’s journey nonetheless) then this one’s for you! It’s inspirational (but not the “religious” kind of inspirational). It’s the personal kind.

So what’s it about? Hmmm… how much should I say, considering I went into this one completely blind…

Okay so this guy (the main character), from a large family (lots of step-siblings, all running a HUGELY successful family business together), is ostracized from the family when a problem is brought to their attention in the business. Mind you, he’s an incredible talent, extremely important to the continued success of their company, and the apple of their father’s eye…

I forced a smile in return, but inside I felt sick. Couldn’t he foresee how they would respond? Couldn’t he see what was going on around us? The brothers were already near breaking beneath the weight of their jealousy, and my father just kept throwing on more tonnage.

Jealousy rears it’s ugly head and they jump on an opportunity. *oooof!!!* Not good my friends. I was livid.

“…I hate that your brothers used love against you. Love should never be used as a weapon.”

“Love is a weapon,” I said.

“No,” she said. “It’s not. Love is love.”

It’s all about life’s unavoidable events, cruelty, and starting over. About personal realizations and lessons,

Ashley was right. For better or for worse, I was a pleaser. And pleasers tend to become doormats for those with different sensibilities.

…and the incredible people met along the way. And a few bad ones too. And a few you *think* are bad, but you find yourself happy for, rooting for, soon enough.

It’s about finding one’s own path, and despite the personal hurricanes, and momentary relief from the “eye of the storm” that might find one right back in turbulence, it’s the realization that this too, will pass.

And perhaps… what’s waiting on the other side is just that much better than the original expected trajectory. You can bet on it! Or should I say… you can bank on it. ;) Hehe. If you read this book, you’ll totally get that reference.

Plus, there’s that incredibly insightful, touching letter. WOW.

Is there romance you ask? YES!!! Well… not “our” typical romance intensity and *ahem* detail ;) and all of that, but yes. It becomes a HUGE focus in the story… and gets angsty, too! A few times.

Fantastic read!

4.5 stars!

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Kay Camden December 14, 2014 at 6:46 PM

Sounds soooo up my alley. Thanks, Maryse. ($12 for the Kindle version though–eek. Might have to keep an eye on the price of this one.)

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