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by Maryse on July 30, 2016 · 1 comment

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Anything but Minor
Fun and sweet and laugh-out-loud hilarious! And I mean FUNNY!!!!! This is the kind of book that will have you snorting and chortling, scene after scene, out loud, right in front of people, strange looks be damned! While I was mostly in it for the romance, it was the absolutely the comedy that had me hooked and it lasts for the whole first half.

The initial “meet-cute” between the two main characters, to just us (the reader) getting to know the heroine, even when she’s alone in her apartment, she’s just a lighthearted, positive, silly goof (in a good way!!!) that endeared her to me. I could see myself in her. From her struggle with swearing – unless she was REALLY mad, that is – which only made it funnier, to her awkward public er… snafus…

“Me and this town I love so much are a disaster. I keep getting inspired to do things and end up humiliated. I almost peed in front of a live audience today because a few dolphins wanted to make nice.”

…I could totally see me getting caught in the exact same situation. Okay… maybe I wouldn’t have peed on anyone. *snort* Oh yes. She does.

Maryse: I’m reading “Anything but Minor” by Kate Stewart and despite that crazy cover, it is hilarious and so far, so good! Sweet and funny as heck. Goofy things that happen to the heroine (sometimes it’s far-fetched… but then again maybe not, ya know?) LOL!!!! Either way, it’s working for me. I can’t stop laughing… this book. Oh yes. It was exactly what I was looking for. Here’s an example:  Okay, so she’s on a “platonic date” with the town’s up-and-coming baseball star, and he takes her parasailing and she’s FREAKING out. She’s terrified as he straps her in (but she’s goofy as heck!). And then…

“As soon as I began to rise, a stream poured from between my legs. There was no stopping it.

I peed when I was nervous, excited, or scared.
Like a dog.
I peed.
And I was pretty sure I’d just slapped Rafe in the chest with it.”

*snort*!!!! :P The whole book… funny scene after funny scene. SO SO SO GOOD!

Stacy: I loved it so much!!!

Sara: The fake tan scene had me in stitches laughing :D  great book!

Linda: Anything but Minor by Kate Stewart is outstanding!! Loved it!!! So yummy!! I’ve been on a funny romantic kinda kick and have been happily sated thank you very much!!!

It’s just all around comedy-romance satisfaction, with good story flow and entertaining writing! I’ve read this author before (one of her super-angsty, rip-your-heart-out romance books) but this one is a full 180. Sure, there are some angsty and heartbreaking scares for sure, but right from that clever blurb, you already KNOW you’re in for an HEA. That’s a given. It just all in the journey.

So what’s it about?

Rafe is an up-and-coming baseball star (a pitcher, being scouted for the major leagues) and Alice (a pilot that works for Boeing) just moved to town. Don’t let the female pilot working for Boeing scare you. Alice is totally relatable. She may be the best at what she does, but she has all the insecurities and crazy thoughts that we do. Oh sure, she’s bad-ass, but she really doesn’t know it, unless she’s working (and even then, she struggles with the male-pilot ego).

“I’ve been in the air, gentlemen, and often. If you want to compare swords with me, simply open up your packet and take a look at my flight log. I don’t need your respect, but I do need your attention.”

One by one, cell phones were set down, and all eyes landed on my nipples.

Well, it was progress.

*snort* :P !!!!!! See what I mean???? It’s so good!

But what I loved most about her is that she’s looking to make every single day, the BEST day of her life. I LOVED THAT!!! That alone hooked me, because no matter the public (or private) flub of her day (and some of ‘em were BAD!!!), by the end, she was always grinning ear-to-ear and thrilled with her new life.

And what she certainly didn’t want, was a player like Rafe, breaking her heart and therefore ruining her newfound happy life, but Rafe thinks she’s pretty hot, and since he’s known as the team “player”, he figures he’s got her in the bag. HA! He’s got another thing coming.

I sat there fuming. The woman had managed to piss me off twice since I met her and had made a fool of me.

Oh yes, there would be f**king.

LOL!!!!!!!! That’s what I LOVE about this author’s writing. The guys? They sound like guys!!!

And that’s where their romance journey (that starts out pretty platonic, and lasts that way for a good while), starts!

“I’m not sure what you want me to think of you, Rafe.”

“I’m pretty sure I just want you to think of me, Alice,” he said in a whisper as he turned and walked back to the party.

I’ll admit that it was the first half that had me most entertained. The hijinks and crazy situations, while at times a bit over the top, were plenty humorous and kept me reading.

What the f**k just happened? Damn it, I couldn’t win with her! She’d called me out while my balls were still freshly unpacked…

Tee hee!!!! It’s true. :P

The second half was more focused on the developing romance and the budding-love issues they faced with him being on the road all the time. Commence the angst. ;)

Overall, a great, light, funny and slightly angsty read that you already know you’re gonna hit that romance home-run in the end. You know me… I love thinking I’m gonna have the rug pulled out from under me, but for this looking for just plain happy-good. This is it!

4 stars!

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Leslie M August 1, 2016 at 7:19 AM

Bumping this one up on the TBR. Looks like a fun one. :)

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