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Born of Ice
The third book in the trilogy (that shall soon be expanded upon), was an easy read. While it didn’t have the same angst that book one and two did (the hero quickly figured out what his “heroine” was really up to), the book did have some action, romance, and acted as an intro to the new characters to come. While we do get a hint of Nykyrian and Syn, this book revolves around the adult lives of their children, who greatly take after their fathers.

Devyn (Syn & Shahara’s adult son), is a wealthy doctor/assassin/Ex-League Soldier/superduper-pilot, and all around amazing hunk, that is wanted by…everyone in one way shape or form (the two most prominent threats being “The League” who want him dead for taking down every soldier that attempted to arrest him, and Merjack because he hates Syn and everyone associated with him, for something or other – I think it was for taking down his entire family or something).

So, he meets “Alix” (a much needed aircraft engineer that bears an uncanny resemblance to his evil ex-fiance that was also once set on killing him). Alix joins the team, and they get all hot and bothered over each other, and the relationship quickly progresses. So much so that at one point Devyn tells Alix how amazing she is, and lists all of her wonderful characteristics…

“You’re smart. Funny. Fearless, and you come without all the shit and drama most women carry. You don’t play head games. You don’t tell me you’re all right when you’re not. You’re competent, not whiny…”

Huh? Now, either I was missing a few chapters, or these two got to know each other a whole lot better behind the scenes. Maybe he’s just such a good judge of character, that after a couple of days of ”doing it”, he can make an accurate assessment of a woman, but considering how his last relationship ended….hrmmm…

So the usual insecurities ensue (with good reason, as Alix is really only on his ship as a spy, gathering evidence against Devyn for his permanent incarceration). As her feelings develop deeper for Devyn, her guilt consumes her, but again, in keeping with the theme of the series, she has altruistic motives (she is trying to free her family from slavery which has been promised her, as long as she gives up Devyn and his crew).

As she discusses Devyn with his teenage son:

“He saw the life he wanted for himself, but she wasn’t the one.”

“And what life is that?”

“He wants what my grandparents have. A partner who will stand at his back while all hell rains down on him.”

“You know, Omari, the sad thing is I think that’s what we all want.”

Sweet and enlightening, but then internally, she thinks:

Too bad it was a myth made up by dreamers and idiots.

As my husband would say…”Oh blah! Quit whining!”

My favorite (most realistic, I can relate to) moment of the book (while she was cooking with Devyn’s son):

Alix lifted her chin in pride. “No idea. We just added spices until it didn’t suck anymore.”

Her laughter was infectious and before he realized what he was doing, he dipped his head down to capture her lips.

Alix’s head spun at the unexpected taste of Devyn as she brought her hand up to cup his face while his tongue danced with hers. Never in her life had she thought to feel like this. To feel safe on a ship with a crew who could make her laugh and have fun – even while her life was threatened…while everything fell apart…

This isn’t happening.

It’s a dream.

“Um, should I leave you two alone?”

Devyn pulled back as Omari’s voice broke through his lust. “Sorry, Slim.”

“Don’t apologize to me. So long as you don’t try to kiss me like that, we’re all good.”

Devyn pulled him into a headlock. “You’re such a smartass.”

Omari laughed as he spun out of the hold. “I learned it from the best.”

Alix stood back as Nero and Sway joined them and they all sat down to eat. While they chatted and joked, a strange feeling came over her. Like a dream fog. This peaceful moment was so surreal and hard to accept.

Her entire life had been a study in insults and degradation. Yet with Devyn and his “family”…she had found a place she wanted to belong to.

Funniest moment (Devyn’s mother calls him at an inopportune moment):

Firing another round, he answered it. “Hi, mom…Yes, I know my heart rate’s dangerously elevated.” He ducked a blast that almost pinned his head to the wall. “That sound? I’m being shot at, Ma. Gotta go now. Love you much. Hugs and kisses.”

Ha! That was a riot :)

And it’s moments like those, that make up for all the eye-rolling moments.

While it didn’t capture me as much as the first novel in the series, I enjoyed the cameos and camaraderie. Overall, though this book had a more clichéd, flat feel to it, and the depth, and emotional connection just wasn’t as prominent for me. My pulse barely fluctuated. Weak adrenaline spikes, no incredibly heart melting moments… Meh…

I still want her to continue the series though :) This story may not have done it for me, but I do still love the characters.

3.5 stars

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