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by Maryse on October 1, 2018 · 2 comments

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No Tomorrow
!! ALSO… MAJOR BUDDY-READ ALERT BELOW!!! Lots of our reactions (some of us loved it and sobbed, some of us cringed and gasped. Some of us did ALL of that).

“Devastation masked in a love story. I see the appeal.”

No kidding.

Yesssss I can see why so many were hooked on this one (and this author). This is my very first time I’ve read this author, and she definitely “goes there” by way of angst, misconduct, swoon worthy moments, shocking situations and downward spirals. Thank goodness I had so many of you guys to buddy-read this with!

Nay: …I’ve been seeing some MAJOR love for No Tomorrow by Carian Cole. It’s being described as ‘epic’, ‘devastating’, ‘heartbreaking’, and ‘angsty’, so after getting a 5-star recommendation from Paula, who I think has read every rock star romance out there and has never steered my wrong before, I can’t wait to dive in!

Amy: HOLY FREAKING MOLY!! Nay, thank you so much for the heads up on No Tomorrow! That one is mine, mine, so freaking MINE. The blurb promises all kinds of angst (I hope it delivers!), and the cherry on top is the guy on the cover could be Jason Mamoa. *falls back on fainting couch* My. Next. Read. I would invite Maryse to BR but she will probably be in a book fog from being in Alaska, and no book stands a chance when that happens. :P

Maryse: I’ll buddy-read with you Amy if you can give me until Wednesday. I want to read it (as well as everything she’s written).

Grey: No Tomorrow. *interested sufficiently piqued*

Amy: Join us, Grey!!! We always have room for more in the blankie fort. ;)

Talk about heart ache and being furious with a characters (and still loving him anyway). I feel like I lived a whole life in this one (and in… essence, I did!! This book was almost 600 pages and spanned years of their lives). I loved that, though.

Nay: I just finished No Tomorrow. I savored the final 30% of this book, and I’ve cried over and over. I just looked at my favorite books of this year to see where this ranks, and I loved this just as much as Drive, probably more. I loved it so much that I cried when I finished because it was over. This is just *my* kind of book.

Jenn: I finished “No Tomorrow” I’m sad because I never wanted it to end. To say I’m emotionally exhausted is an understatement! It was utterly gut wrenching and so beautifully imperfect. It was not an easy journey reading this but so so worth it.

Nay: I’m having a MAJOR book hangover from No Tomorrow. I have no idea what to read next–nothing I look at seems like it will measure up!

Jenn: Nay-Just saw your post on whether I finished “ No Tomorrow” I just posted without reading any comments see my previous post. I am so glad I read that and I have you to thank because honestly I have never read a book by her before so it definitely would not have been on my book radar to read. I read this at the most perfect time in my life! I’m still coming down and digesting the emotional highs and lows.

I’ll admit that the start had a few hiccups for me. A couple of events that shook up the whole “sweet feel” of this story, and changed it up BIG time from when they first met. I wasn’t sure what I was reading anymore?!! Was I reading a dark-read?

I’m going to make you dirty, too. And it’s never going to wash off.

It started out tender and sweet(ish) and then *boom* OMG WHAT DID I JUST READ???!!! And it appears I was not the only one with that reaction…

Jackie: I’m reading No Tomorrow now and only **% in, and like I said I read lots of books in this genre, but the scene under the bridge just rubbed me the wrong way. Given the cultural climate at the moment, there were elements *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* I dunno maybe because Im so early in and at this point Piper seems very immature and sheltered/naive. Will keep reading because all the reviews have been amazing, but just don’t usually have such an “ick” response to sensual encounters and wondering if I’m alone in thinking this??

Maryse: Okay wait…. I’m at **% into “No Tomorrow” and while I’m hooked on it so far, I did NOT see that coming. I’m not sure… like? Er… that didn’t seem very romantic to me… in fact, it was scary and crazy and whaaaaaaaa???? I mean… let’s dissect the reality of it. You know what I mean? That’s… GASP!!!

Cheryl: I’m at **% and is it wrong that I feel the most for the dog Acorn?? It was going ok and then, what did I just read??!! I feel for Blue and Piper, but I think we’ve entered crazy town. On the plus side I have a big bag of candy corn! :)

Maryse: RIGHT CHERYL????? RIGHT??!!!????

Robyn: I’m reading No Tomorrow and holy heck what am I reading?! I just started and that scene under the bridge….whoa! Lots of questions running through my mind on that. This is going to be like a trainwreck that I can’t get off of, I can just tell. YAY!!

Cheryl: Ok still reading No Tomorrow. Think I have a pretty good idea about Blue.

But the whole “falling for homeless guy” was TOTALLY titillating and I was curious how it would play out (you know… social reactions – this is totally not the norm in a relationship, family, finding out exactly why he’s homeless, how hard it would get, and what they’d have to do to overcome it etc etc), so I eventually picked it back up and easily (and excitedly) stuck with it the whole way through.

Maryse: I’m halfway through “No Tomorrow” (yes I took a break after the under the bridge scene) but I’m going to say, I’m actually REALLY into it right now. I’m scared… ;)

Nay: with No Tomorrow, you *should* be a little scared (in the most wonderful way!) I know there have been mixed reviews, but that book just GOT to me–A LOT. It reminded me too much of some things in my life, I think (not the homelessness or the mental stuff, but the ‘feel’ of their relationship). I want everyone to be as destroyed by it (again, in the most wonderful way!) as I was. I especially thought the last third of the book was amazing!

Jennifer: just starting No Tomorrow and before I knew it I was late so late that by the time I made it to work I was 45 minutes late. The last time that happened I was near the end of How to Kill a Rock Star and for those that have read that know when I got to that part I was a complete ********* mess and could not go to work so I called in sick.

Maryse: Finished “No Tomorrow” and I really liked it. Acorn. My heart!!!! I will be reading more by this author. Yep!!!!! :D

Jenn: Maryse-Awe Yes Acorn; that made me ugly cry. I became so attached to him. I am glad you stuck it out.

Cheryl: I agree with earlier comments about No Tomorrow. It was a rollercoaster ride thru crazy town. I found myself skimming it at times and thought the h definitely had her “love” goggles on. How could she not see all the bizarre behavior and actions?! I almost dnf it early on but glad I stuck with it.

So what’s it about?

Piper (a young, quiet – and slightly OCD- receptionist at a local marketing agency) befriends a musician that plays guitar at the park across from her office. She’s bewitched by his haunting songs, yet can’t understand his lifestyle…

“Yup. Work and live here.” He curves his inked hand around the cigarette, protecting it from the wind as he lights it.

Oh. I’ve never talked to a homeless person. Seen them around, yes. Talked to one? No. Another shiver shoots up my spine.

but soon, they find themselves looking forward to each other’s presence. With a sweet dog by his side, trust and comfort is forged and the spark burns bright between them.

…my heart skips a beat or two or twenty when I realize he means my bench. Is homeless guitar guy flirting with me? “Sit with me while I eat?” he asks.

They bond via a completely unconventional relationship.

“Been a long time since someone cared about me.”

I touch Acorn’s head and scratch between his ears, and his tail thumps happily. “He cares about you,” I reply with a smile.

Evan flashes me a weak grin. “True… but having someone like you giving a shit about me is like winning the f**king lottery.”

Him, warning her that he’s a wanderer and sure he’ll break both of their hearts and her, just wanting to enjoy what they have and deal with the consequences later.

“I want contentment,” he says.

“I’m sure you’ll find it.” I hope he finds it right here in this tiny town, with me.

“Hope so. Otherwise, I’ll be wandering forever.”

And OH BOY are there consequences!!!!!

Love isn’t dictated by what a person does for work or where they live. “Why should I deny it? He’s sweet, incredibly talented, and hot as hell.”

“He’s homeless, Piper. Are you f**king serious?”

From family, to friends, to heartache, to MULTIPLE surprise reveals, this love story takes us on an incredible spiraling roller-coaster of a ride. Lots of *squeeworthy* butterflies and heart flutters, but the downward spirals will be felt too. AND HARD.

Yeah, this is definitely one of our coveted angsty “in love with a troubled rock star” reads!!! Absolutely satisfying, and fulfilling (while tearing you apart at various intervals).

The ending worked for me (I know some say they needed more explanation from him and how easy she accepted) but I’m good with it. I dunno… I found it was detailed enough for my heart to accept and understand. It was long (and at times, exasperating), but… I got to live it. And I’m still thinking about it today.

Robyn: I finished No Tomorrow. Well, it certainly was a roller coaster ride. Blue and his problems kinda drove me nuts and how easily the h accepted it. I know it’s true love and all that, but still. And some of those places where they did “it” were sketchy and weird. Let’s just say I would have questioned a lot of things more than the h did. Yikes! It was still a book that held my interest till the end.

Amy: I finally made progress on No Tomorrow this past weekend. I’m at 62%, but I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. Keeping my attention?Definitely. Emotional? Absolutely. But the redundancy is grating on my nerves. As is Blue. Heh, maybe I’m just too touchy right now. *shrug*

Nay: I’m so glad you enjoyed No Tomorrow–that was my last ugly cry.

4 stars <— Honestly? I’m vacillating between 4 and 4.5 stars (and I’m going to give it a week or so to see how it affects me when I think back on it). That’s my mark of a “favorite” book, and I have a feeling I’ll be upping the stars.

P.S. AVOID THIS NEXT QUOTE AT ALL COSTS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS YET!!! I just had to post it because BOY DID I FEEL IT!!!! It’s not far into the book, so there’s still plenty of “life” to be had (or destroyed) but… it gives you an idea of that painful *oooooomph*…

For years I’ve felt that the scars I bear from his massacre of my heart must be visible to others in some way. Surely I don’t smile nearly as much, or as brightly, as I once did. I no longer giggle at silly jokes. I can’t read romance books or watch movies based on love stories anymore. I’m changed. But he looks the same.

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Linda October 2, 2018 at 5:16 AM

No Tomorrow by Carian Cole is a definite 5***** for me. Your review nailed it Maryse! Would I approve of this story in “real life?” Absolutely not!! That being said it’s gritty raw beautiful reads like this that draw us in and make us feel Blue, Piper, Lyric and all the secondary characters. Carian pulls me in every single time!! Yes I danced around my tablet and side eyed the cover and title before I could bravely jump!! I knew I would be sucked in and “feel” their story!! Bravo!!! Love loved!! “Mic dropped.”

Mona October 2, 2018 at 7:17 AM

I loved No Tomorrow!! A definite 5 star for me, but then I always love a damaged/broken H. It was so different (better) than what I was anticipating! Thank you Nay, Maryse and all for recommending this book!

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