Book Review – “One Foot in the Grave” by Jeaniene Frost

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SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet started on book TWO (this one) do not read this until you get halfway through that book… it is just as good as book one – BUT, maybe don’t read this review yet). It’s not that I give it away, exactly, but I worry!

Good times, Good times!! I put down book one, and found solace in this book.This book actually picks up a few years from the first one, which, at first, put me in a tailspin (considering how the first one ended)…

Cat, now a hard-assed, smarter, wiser, Special Agent (with a wonderful supporting team), determined to do her absolute best! As in the first book, we actually get attached to some of the “closer” friends in the group (in this case, her work colleagues), and catch a glimpse at what could be, if it were not for the huge hole in her heart (hey I don’t blame her!)

Bones comes back in the BEST way, but not without some turmoil and angst! Just enough to keep us turning the page.

I loves the twists and turns of this one! Emotional rollercoaster, desperation of how could they possible make this work considering her obligations, some deadly encounters and then an amazing discovery that blows this whole thing (her job and her relationship with Bones) wide open! A few sex scenes in this that are beyond steamy (and you thought the first one was hot!)

One of my favorite parts: A little deeper explanation (from Bones) about the “no panty vampire hunting” requirements amongst her fellow colleagues – that was a priceless scene!

“That thing I told you about no knickers making a difference when it came to luring vampires…well. I might have stretched the truth a bit”

Another favorite part: The knock down-dragout fight between Annette & Cat (and their trying to keep “innocent” about it, as if they were doing Pilates, when Bones walked in, and found the bloody knife in Cat’s back pocket)

“Unless Pilates has become downright lethal, I’d say the two of you were fighting. Fighting so loudly, in fact, that I could hear you miles away.”

It can’t get any better than this (or can it? – book three next)…

5 stars!

Interested in the series? —> Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress Series Reading Order

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