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by Maryse on February 24, 2014 · 4 comments

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Twist Me
Dark read territory, my friends!! And you know I love those… I can’t resist. I may have to be in the “mood” for ‘em, but you know I frequently am, so I jumped on this one the minute it was released. That’s why I love building those lists. They introduce me to some awesome-sounding books that I had no idea were coming my way. It’s like Christmas every Tuesday!

It was a good dark read with all of the dark-read elements that are right up my dark alley. Super handsome guy that she meets in a bar…

He just touches me. Like he has the right to do so. Like I belong to him. I draw in a shaky breath and back away. “I have to go,” I whisper, and he nods again, watching me with an inscrutable expression on his beautiful face.

… he later kidnaps her when he sees her on a date with her biggest crush.

I can feel the violence within him, and I’m terrified. He leans down toward me. “You don’t want that boy,” he says harshly. “He can never give you what I can. Do you understand me?”

He’s been stalking her, he’s jealous and she’s HIS.

Under some other circumstances, I would’ve been thrilled to have such a good-looking lover. Under these circumstances, I just want to scream.

Sounds sooooo good, right?

But it’s definitely on the lighter side of “dark” in comparison to some of the thrilling nightmares I’ve gotten myself into, in the past. *eeeeep* I say that and cringe and the same time, ’cause I was horrified with his immediate “taking” of her in all ways (not just the kidnapping). No “get-to-know-me” intros… no her slowly falling for him until they finally… you know. Nope. Whether she wanted to or not, he wasn’t taking no for an answer, and that initial scene (albeit this one was not so crazy) always squigs me out. Oh, I know. It happens over and over again in the dark ones, but I just can’t get used to ‘em.

Yes, he’s good-looking, but that’s no excuse. He’s evil. I know it. I sensed it from the very beginning. His outer beauty hides a darkness inside. I have a feeling he’s only begun to reveal his true nature to me.

So what’s it about?

He sees her, he kidnaps her and he takes her to his deserted island. She’s under lock and key, but treated wonderfully (despite being held against her will). She has a female guardian (that cooks for her and keeps her company), while he’s away on “business”.  He doesn’t want to hurt her, but if she doesn’t obey, he’s got her ways of bringing her back in line. You’ll see.

But why her? Why would somebody like him (gorgeous, rich and seemingly in control) need to kidnap her? And who is he, exactly? ‘Cause he appears to be someone very important.

I’ll let you find out the rest from there. There are some twists and turns, and a definite Stockholm syndrome/angsty love angle going on, but who knows where it will lead when all things are revealed. Sometimes these dark-reads don’t have your traditional HEA, you know. ;) *my lips are sealed*

*skip this part if you’re one who doesn’t want to know anymore before reading it.* I don’t spoil it, but I do “evaluate” a few things that could give you the wrong idea.

I read it quickly enough, and enjoyed it, but found myself skimming the numerous (and I mean numerous) sex scenes. In fact, while it was right up my alley, and the writing was good, I wasn’t able to connect (or fall for) the “bad guy” like I normally do.  I didn’t feel it had enough personal intimacy and gentle quietness, you know? There weren’t enough sweet relief moments dispersed amongst frequent crazy-scary scenes that normally have me freaking out (and eventually falling in love, against my will).

Okay you can come back now!!

It just… lacked that “extra dark mile” that has my heart fighting my brain, and winning. I love when that happens.

I can feel the darkness inside him. There’s something wrong with him. His outer beauty hides something monstrous underneath.

Sounds foreboding… and it kind of was. Just not enough eeeeep-factor *oomph* for me.

But what this did have was a back story, a surprise twist, and a bit of action, too. Just… not where I wanted to go “dark-read-wise”. Interesting, a bit different, but not quite my “thing” when it comes to these kinds of reads. I know what I crave in a dark read, and this has most of it. Just not enough for me to feel faint and love it at the same time.

3.5 stars


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Rebecka February 24, 2014 at 8:31 PM

I`m right there with you Maryse. I enjoyed it but it was missing something for me too. I was expecting Tears for Tess or Raw feel.
Have you read Beyond Ransom & Beyond Revenge by AT Douglas.I enjoyed both of those reads.

Maryse February 24, 2014 at 8:36 PM

I haven’t yet, Rebecka, but I purchased the first one! Good to know. :D

Lauren February 25, 2014 at 12:45 PM

You need to read Nothing Left To Lose by Kirsty Mosely. As the synopsis says, the good looking but creepy gangster stalker actually kills the heroine’s boyfriend then kidnaps her, rapes her & keeps her till she’s found. The story is actually about her & the FBI agent assigned to protect her because her dad is a Senator & running for President & the bad guy is still obsessed with her & about to get out of jail on appeal. She, however, is bitter, angry, wears baggy clothes to cover her body…..she watched her BF get murdered in front of her so she refuses to date. READ IT!!!! So good!

Rachel January 8, 2016 at 12:21 PM

I’m currently reading the first book I’m on chapter 7 I think I quite like it, not read a dark erotic story before, just purchased the other two :) . Hope u had a great Xmas and happy new year

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