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by Maryse on September 13, 2014 · 2 comments

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What a fun, super-sexy romantic romp!! Of course that blurb had me all sorts of excited… *gasp* Er… yeah. Well I mean not the “obvious” part of it (’cause it’s pretty dirty) *blush*. Tee hee!

But I meant by way of “anticipatory excitement” ’cause this definitely had a unique twist to it. She (an anthropologist) was going into the Amazonian rainforest to retrieve an American male (now an adult) that had been raised in a tribe since he was a small child. Very cool, right? I was imagining all sorts of fun scenarios by way of language barriers, social issues, and expectations. A bonding in time.

And of course, by that blurb, we see he’s incredibly… er… virile. ;) He’s got all sorts of plans for her…

Dr. Moira Reed is an anthropologist who has been hired to help me transition back into modern society. It’s her job to smooth away my rough edges… to teach me how to navigate properly through this new life of mine. She wants to tame me.

She’ll never win.

I am wild, free and raw, and the only thing I want from the beautiful Moira Reed is to f@#k her into submission.

GASP!!! So yeah… I also imagined a very hard-core man that is so used to being a dominant alpha male that there would definitely be all sorts of sexual tension… lots of push-and-pull potential!

I snicker to myself because I’ve made her uncomfortable. This is no less than she deserves because from the moment I first laid eyes in this woman, she’s stolen every bit of comfort from me. If I can repay the favor, I’ll take every opportunity I can.

Hehe!!! And boy does he ever…

It was good! It didn’t play out exactly as I expected. I thought it’d be a bit more hard-core by way of his personality… and his dominance, but overall, I found him a whole lot more “civil” and respectful (and articulate) than savage and uncivilized considering where he was from, but you know what? I just “went with it”.

And it proved to be very sweet…

“Do you know how to make chocolate chip cookies?”

My smile burns bright. “Absolutely. Want some?”

His return smile is tentative, but I can tell it’s something that is personal to him. It’s a complete victory that he shared a secret part of himself.


“You never said your room was off-limits. You said to treat this house as if it were my own.”

Moira sputters for a moment, and then snaps, “Well don’t do it again. My room is now off limits.”

“Fine,” I assure her, because I saw everything in there I wanted to see anyway. <— Tee hee!!! :P

…romantic and HOT!!

I realized that my job to help Zach acclimate to the modern world was going to be problem for me. I realized with utter clarity that I was completely affected by his raw sensuality… the domineering way in which he took what he wanted.

But I didn’t take it as “seriously” as I expected to, because I found his “integration” into our society quite seamless. So I read it for it’s alpha-male romance (and angst!) potential, instead:

Maryse: I like the kissing scene when he sees the couple kissing in public, and demands she show him right now. Hehe. He’s so cute. More civilized than uncivilized… But so far so good. Of course I’m only early in, but can’t stop giggling.

MichelleS: holy hotness you guys…where do I start? The scene when she first meets him and that display?…. okay back to the story… The “hammock” scene with him close by? When he discovers the internet? Or her toys? Or the “vocabulary” and his favorite words? This is just pure lady-smut but I am loving it. I just KNEW it would be all about that “assume the position” based on THAT cover!!! Oh Lordy. Who else is reading Uncivilized? (fanning myself). My only complaint – I wish his “talk” was a bit more wild man…

MichelleS:  Uncivilized is WAY fun in a totally smutty way. The central theme being “the wild man wants to learn how we have sex in the civilized world” and discovering all the delicious ways that can be achieved. Not sure there is any other plot so far! But I’m good with that. He’s bossy and described as super hot looking, so I am giving him lots of leeway. She is an anthropologist, so she chalks everything up to differences in culture and just goes with it, but also resists him because of the ethical dilemma. I like that the author made her a freckled red-head, because he has never seen a “female” with this coloring…

Maryse: LOL Michelle! I’m enjoying it, too. As long as you “go with” the fact that he speaks perfect english (I can’t detect a hint of an accent), “picks up” on guy-speak (like, “man that’s hot”, or swear words – and properly used, at that!), stuff like that and the fact that she was completely safe bringing a “savage” home with her to her apartment to live with her, that’s used to just commanding the woman to “do him”… <— just go with it ;) and it’s GOOD!! AND STEAMY!!!

Sarah: There were many deliciously squirmy moments for me as well when I was reading this the other night. I’ve heard very mixed reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed it  My first Sawyer book and just from this one alone, I will definitely be going back for more!

Melissa: I am enjoying it too! It’s very….(blushing)…well, you know! It is a fun book, which is so nice because so many have been heavy for me lately. I find myself smiling a lot while I am reading.

Kandace: I really liked it too. That first scene in the village…..wowzers. i love Google porn. Ha! It was just a fun read and smexy read.

Cynthia: I finished it two days ago, and it left me squirming numerous times.”fans self” It was an unbelievably wild and sexy read, I loved the story and that sexy beast of a man. Besides being an uncivilized sex crazed wild man, Zach was also funny 
and sweet. Le sigh….

So that’s pretty much it, my friends. An exciting start (I mean, come on… imagine going into the rainforest and having to take a grown muscle-man out of there to bring him home with you?), always super-sexy, and really funny when he decides to “learn” about modern society on his own. On the internet. <— *snort* But it’s not all just silly and sex… ’cause the angst sure comes into play as the story progresses. After all… they’re both gorgeous and getting attached… (but professional lines mustn’t be crossed and all that…).

My career is too important to risk on something that is so far outside the bounds of decency.

I liked it! Very cute and funny. I just didn’t devour it as I had expected…

3.75 stars!

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Michelle F September 14, 2014 at 12:25 AM

I’m about 40% in on this one and loving it!!! It’s sexy, funny, intriguing and a little unexpected in Zach’s character. No, it’s probably not too probable or plausible, but it’s a book! Just enjoy it and just go with it! :-D

MichelleS September 15, 2014 at 7:16 PM

You did better than I did – I didn’t finish it (YET) – I plan to, one of these days when I am in the mood for pure steam – because that’s all it was for me – lacking in the “story” dept. It had potential, though. I little more “me Tarzan, you Jane” talk would have helped. :-)

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