Guest Review (my sister!!) – Exiled (Brides of the Kindred Book 7) by Evangeline Anderson

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Exiled: Brides of the Kindred 7: (Alien Scifi Romance)

Review by Johanne Pearl Couturier

Back to Montreal Canada (thank you to my sweet sister for her welcoming home), I continued reading Evangeline’s Brides of the Kindred series. I thought this book was kind of slow to start… but it is only because I am not at all like Lissa. She is a very very shy person who’s been raised with very strict principles… principles that are kept strict on her planet by injecting a chemical to the population to make sure they get sick if they don’t follow them.

She wants so much to help the Kindred nation against the imminent attack of the Hoard that she says yes to a very dangerous mission… even more dangerous by the fact that NOTHING she’ll have to do agrees with her… and that the man that will accompany her on that mission is the only man she’s ever loved but is not allow to, her “brother” Saber.

As Lissa slowly slides into her role of “Male Slave Owner”, she fights as best she can… but one event will blow her mind and I have to admit that Evangeline goes deep into her characters feelings, to a point where I completely got how they could shift to become someone they never thought they could be. Intense intense moment in the book!!! Happy there was no one around to hear me breath! *wink*

To make things worst (and hilariously funny), there is a mysterious Hoard attack on the Kindred mother ship. Never saw that one coming! What imagination Evangeline has! I could not repress saying “Oh my God!” out loud.

The end of this book is also spectacular. Damn I’d love these books to become a science fiction series… I guess the hot aspects would have to be out though… So happy there is a book 8 to keep on enjoying myself seeing the entire movie in my head, WITH the sex scenes!!! LOL

(4 stars)

P.S. Thank you to the author for sending me this review copy.

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