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by lily on June 5, 2010 · 2 comments

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Burnt Offerings
Hey there again. Just kick stuff out of the way to get in here. Ignore the giant 4 toed foot in the Kitchen. Someone has a crappy sense of humor and an obsession with LOST. Don’t look in the backyard either, Stonehenge is back there. I have no idea what I am going to tell the neighbors. Even better freaking Wrath refused to send me clean up help, I guess “That’s what happens when young vampires drink.” *using mocking tone* I guess my nasty hangover put me in a nasty mood and I didn’t use enough “verily’s” to get my way. Also Acheron and his Dark Hunters are on my “kill them and riverdance on their entrails” list. “Just because I can help you clean, doesn’t mean I should.” *used mocking voice again* Shutup! I could SO do without the god act right now. I would pout about it but since you’re here and everything we can talk about my last read. It was “Burnt Offerings” by Laurell K. Hamilton. Don’t judge me. Just cause I’m a vampire doesn’t mean I don’t like Anita. I finished “Burnt Offerings” which is actually book 7 in the series. I know things are going to go downhill from here, I have heard what a big ho bag Anita turns into later but in the meantime I am enjoying the ride.

The book kicks off with a bang, radical groups are getting stronger and hitting the vampires and were’s harder than ever. Anita and Jean Claude’s relationship is growing deeper and we get to see an intimate scene of them at dinner, because Jean Claude can not eat food, he gets to taste it through the marks:

“So just tell me what you like on the menu, and we’ll negotiate.”
“All that is required is that you taste what is ordered. You do not have to eat it.”
“No, no more of this tasting shit. I’ve gained weight. I never gain weight.”
“You have gained four pounds, so I am told. Though I have searched diligently for this phantom four pounds and cannot find them. It brings your weight up to a grand total of one hundred and ten pounds, correct?”
“That’s right.”
“Oh, ma petite, you are growing gargantuan.” I looked at him, and it was not a friendly look.

I laughed at that. How could you not love him when he says cute stuff like that? BTW I hated Anita in that moment – complaining about 4 lbs that bring her up to 110? Bite me. No seriously, break up with the cross toting heifer and join up with me.

Trouble follows Anita like a nasty cloud and more than ever is stirred up. Anita killed Gabriel – a were leopard who was the Alpha of his pack, leaving them without an Alpha, and making them more dangerous than ever. There is still the NASTY tension with Richard and to top of the crap cake there is the Council, the leaders of the Vampires and a really ugly and monstrous lot of evil. They are stirring up more trouble than anyone would have thought and Anita is just the one to remind them how bad they are. I love her special in this book because she is dropping some of those reservations she used to have about shooting the dangerous things. She is also getting more than enough of a good look at how inhumane humanity is. We also meet Asher, the one time vampire companion of Jean Claude and he is there to cause trouble as well. Will the danger around Anita ever end? I think not.

I loved so many parts of this book, and I think I want to actually call it my fave in the series. Anita has such witty dialogue not only with herself, but with others as well and I am compelled into loving her. She is tough. I do love this one part:

Asher was a vampire. How much more dangerous could he be with a gun? But I couldn’t do it. “Let me test my understanding. Is Asher going to ride in the car with us to the meeting?”
“I must to give you directions,” Asher said.
“Then lean against the Jeep.” He frowned at me in an amused, condescending sort of way.
“Excuse me?”
“I don’t care if you’re the second coming of the Antichrist, you can’t sit behind me in my own car until I know you’re not carrying a weapon.” Asher smiled brilliantly at both of us, flashing fang.
“I could rip you into pieces with my bare hands, and you’re worried I have a gun?” He chuckled, a low, skin-prickling sound. “That is so very cute.”

Yes, it really is. I’m sorry if you got anything on your clothes while here today, I have just given up trying to get this place clean. I tried to get everything to fit under the beds and behind the drapes, but with big claw marks down them from the freaking were’s there’s no chance of that. The pool is still purple, and so is my hair. I tried to bleach it out, and all my conditioner is missing, so I look like a fuchsia poodle is nesting on my head. My clothes are all stained from blood and other things I don’t even want to know about. I think it’s chocolate on my leg, but I am not brave enough to sniff it. I can’t find my shoes either and all my other clothes are missing. I look like an out of work MegaCon character. Maybe I can just throw myself on Maryse’s mercy when she gets back. Who am I kidding? The Devil lacks mercy. *sigh* See ya next time. If there is a next time.

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JimiAnn June 5, 2010 at 2:06 PM

Calm down killer, lol. All your clothes and Maryse’s (since they were all over the place) are at the dry cleaners. That hot pool boy from down the street should be there anytime, if he can stop laughing (cause you know I had to tell him why the pool was purple). I hit on this real buff guy at Lowe’s and he said he’d try to fix the wall paper. He also said he’d bring friends to fix the furniture. I also talked Adam into coming to help. God I love him. (You’ll be meeting him in the Highlander series by KMM). I’ll try to *sweet talk* some more shirtless hot guys to come over. DON’T DISTRACT THEM!!! lol ;)

Lily June 6, 2010 at 1:53 PM

Whew! What would I do without you! She would have beat me. She would have pulled out my fingernails. Worse she would have made me watch Christmas movies! Oh, the humanity! Thanks for sending the hot man candy…..the only boo boo was the pool but maybe if I blame it on Z I will be forgiven. : )

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