Wrapping Up My “Terrible” Weekend with my Favorite Parts:

by Maryse on September 6, 2010 · 8 comments

in Stacia Kane

Sheeesh, this is gonna be hard. I’ve highlighted all of my favorite parts in each book, but it looks like I’ve highlighted everything! How to choose?

Okay some stuff is too spoilerish for here, so I can omit those…some stuff is too *HOT* for here, so noooo. Whoa! Wonder if I can double highlight THAT…tee hee ;)

So many parts that I’ve re-read just to get that “feeling” again, so here are some of my favorites:

Book#1 (Unholy Ghosts): Since I was just getting to know the characters, I wasn’t attached to anyone in particular, so these are my favorite parts, Terrible-bias-free ;)

I was uncertain as to whether Lex was going to be a real bad guy or not (and still…who knows – so don’t go jumping to conclusions!!) but this was a part that made me start “crushing” on him. Chess has a REAL bad experience in a house with an murderous ghost, and in her haste to flee, she forgot a crucial tool that she uses in her investigations. A magic hand that keeps people asleep. YES. A HAND. ewwwwwwww – so who’s she gonna call to help her? The magic-ignorant “Lex”.

It wasn’t until she was there, crumpled on the street, brushing tears off her face, that she realized she’d left the Hand inside, along with her bag and everything else.

Lex shoved his hands into his pockets and stared up at the Morton house. “I gotta touch what?”

“A hand. A dead hand. It’s on the floor of the bedroom on the right, at the top of the stairs. Just grab it, and my bag, and bring them down here, okay”

“Don’t know I want to touch some dead witch hand, tulip. No offense.”

“It’s not a witches hand, it’s a convicted murderer’s, and it’s harmle- never mind. Are you going to do it for me, or should I call someone else? There’s not a lot of time left until sunrise.”

and then…

“Aye, I’ll do it.” His dark eyes scanned her up and down, in her black jeans and snug black top. “But I get something in return.”

“Fine. Just go get my stuff, okay?”

as he exits the house…

Lex appeared, holding her bag in one fist and the Hand in the other. The look of disgust on his face would have been comical anywhere else.

hee hee! Tough drug dealin’ Lex, creeped out by a dead hand. I pictured that one in my head perfectly. And what did he want in return? Just a sweet and gentle kiss… *sigh*

And of course – my absolute favorite part with Terrible (but this is redundant as I’m sure this part has been mentioned over and over again in other enthusiastic reviews):

He pulled away to meet her gaze and for a minute he was transformed. Still the same features, the lumpy nose, and the jutting brow and the hard, dark eyes, but not ugly anymore. Full of character. Full of strength. She looked at his face but she didn’t see it, not the way she had before. The smile spreading across his features was intimate, sexy. The darkness of his eyes concealed so much more than she’d ever imagined.

“Oh, aye,” he said. “You gonna let me show you?”



Book #2 (Unholy Magic): Oh this one was just AMAZING. By now I was attached to the characters, emotionally invested and greatly affected by the circumstances of their choices. There are two mysteries to solve in this one, and the romantic tension is amped up to an excrutiating point.

Poor Chess…she really is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“He made a sound then, so soft she barely heard it, but felt it in every pore and muscle of her body.”

What was more than just a kiss became more even than that.

That WHOLE section was just…wow.

And this entire chapter left me speechless…

She wasn’t scared of that now, not when she had been about to lose everything. Had been unutterably stupid to be scared at all, what was wrong with her?

*gulp* (again)…but this time I was trying to gulp back tears…


Book #3 (City of Ghosts) - My favorite part? The WHOLE book!!

Really, the further the series goes, the less I can say, other than, if you let yourself go, you will live every scary experience, and feel every emotional revelation with Chess.

Chapter 23 for starters (not my favorite line, but definitely one of my favorite moments – this is the “safest” quote to use here). Those who’ve read the series know exactly where I’m at with this one…

She wanted to close the three-foot gap between them and tuck herself under his arm.

Chapter 31 (Yeah…you know the scene *blush*…):

She tried to spin around and hide her tears, but he was too fast.

and another scary and sad moment (Chess is barely concious, and having to trust at a very vulnerable moment in her life – but she still managed to make me chuckle here):

“I stink,” she managed. Not really what she wanted to say, but it came out anyway. Her fingers twisted in the fabric of his shirt, trying to get the signal to her brain that he was real, he was really there. “I was in the Dumpster.” 

So that’s it folks. My Downside Ghosts/Terrible weekend marathon is over :( and I think it’s time I move on. But I’m not straying far (not from the author at least). I’ve decided to continue on to Stacia Kane’s “Megan Chase” demon series. While the “mood” of it is considered more light-hearted, the reviews are favorable!

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LilyofDarkness September 6, 2010 at 11:45 PM

HAHAHAHA Oh you got me my maker! My fave lines…wow I would end up highlighting the whole book – but that moment with Lex – HYSTERICAL. I know it shouldn’t have been…but it was.

You did an awesome job with the no spoilers thing – It was SO hard to write a spoiler free review of the 3 books for you.

So we are going to give her Demons a chance huh? Ok count me in.

Maryse September 6, 2010 at 11:56 PM

Lily! Yah see, Lex is special too, so he needed his moment ;)

Cool so we can read the series together?! I’ve just started #1 – so far so good. TOTALLY different from Terrible and the crew, but since it’s still urban fantasy, it should work out well ;)

LilyofDarkness September 7, 2010 at 12:28 AM

Downloading it now. Off and reading my dear. Where ever Grandmaker is, let her know once she reads em I would like to know what she makes of him! LOL you know how she likes those drug dealers!

Mommy September 9, 2010 at 1:33 PM

hahahahaha… you don’t see me but I’m never very far… ask Maryse… wherever she was and whatever she was doing I always knew where she was and what she was up to… nowhere to hide! and believe me when I’m done reading the series just get ready for another TERRIBLE marathon!

Lily September 9, 2010 at 1:44 PM

YAY! We love Terrible and you will too….I just know it.

susan September 15, 2010 at 2:24 PM

So yeah this series was one of the best i have read this year. didnt sleep much the last few days. i loved how the author wasnt afraid of not having an happily ever after at the end of every book and the emotions felt so real by book three. dang. now i am off to read her other series. hope it is worth it! thanks for the suggestion of the series!

cher May 29, 2011 at 5:41 PM

This series was sooo good and I didn’t really think I’d like it. I loved it, Can’t wait for the next book. I was thinking of trying her other series, hoping there’s another Terrible in the works..

Maryse May 31, 2011 at 7:47 PM

Hi Cher!! I loved her Megan Chase series (not *as* much as the Downside – but close). It’s not that there is another Terrible – but you know that big dramatic break-up/big bad secret revealed that just devastates the main couple?

Yup. Happens in her demon series. Not exactly the same, but I gasped, and gasped, and gasped.

LOVE those!!

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