Skye Warren’s “Survival of the Richest” is live, she’s our guest poster today & we’re having a giveaway!

June 12, 2018

<— One of my favorite authors has a brand new duet out (well, a duet-and-a-half ’cause of the prologue… and today’s book #1 that just went live) and it’s a full-on LOVE TRIANGLE!! GAH! I love those. They destroy my heart and then we have to pick teams. I’m usually for the underdog. P.S. You [...]

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Finding Wicked by Kathryn L. James is live & we have an exclusive excerpt & a signed book giveaway!

June 5, 2018

<— JUST WENT LIVE!!!! Finding Wicked (The Mitchell Brothers Book 2) IS LIVE!! Gah!!! This is my catnip!!! Nooooo not just the cover (although I will swoon about it in just a second) but I LOVE DESERTED ISLAND ROMANCES!!! Their PLANE. WENT. DOWN (and he’s her boss!!!) Okay… the cover. This gorgeous cover makes me want [...]

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Danielle Norman’s latest release “Often” is LIVE + Four Fun Facts and a signed book giveaway!!!

June 1, 2018

HARLEY RIDIN’ BAD-ASS WOMEN!!! <— Often (Book #4) in this series JUST WENT LIVE (although it CAN be read as a standalone), so to celebrate, the author is giving away one copy of the first 3 books in the series, signed, and, giving us a sneak peek into her own life! Four Fun Facts about the [...]

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Shari J. Ryan’s “Darkest Perception” – “Fun Five Facts” & a signed book (and gift card) giveaway!

May 15, 2018

Darkest Perception: A Dark and Mind-Blowing Steamy Romance <— DARK ROMANCE ALERT!! This one JUST WENT LIVE, it’s super-bargain priced (only for now – it’s a “new release special” ) & it’s on KU!! This sounds like a book after my own heart, when the author told me the feel of the story was “angsty and dark.” [...]

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Daisy Prescott’s Tinfoil Heart just went live & we have an exclusive excerpt and giveaway!!

April 22, 2018

<— DAISY PRESCOTT’S LATEST JUST WENT LIVE & Tinfoil Heart sounds SO. FREAKING. FUN!! “My father was abducted by aliens. Or so I believed for the last eighteen years. After my mother’s death, I moved to Roswell, capital of all things alien. I’m going to find out the truth and nothing will stop me . . . [...]

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Rachel Higginson – The Confidence Game Duet Reading Order + a signed duet giveaway & more!!!

February 26, 2018

RACHEL HIGGINSON’S LATEST AWESOMENESS ALERT!!!! It’s a duet, so no matter the cliffhanger book #1 tormented us with, relief is near!!! In fact, it’s going live at midnight!!! YAY US!!!!!!!!!! Why am I so excited? ‘Cause this is a mafia/mob romance and I’m halfway through book one and I’m as terrified and “jolted” as she is [...]

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K.A. Tucker’s latest book “Keep Her Safe” is LIVE & we’re having a two book giveaway!

January 23, 2018

I absolutely LOVE this author and can’t wait to jump into her latest release!!! Keep Her Safe: A Novel sounds right up my alley (it’s a psych-thriller!!!!). After all, K.A. Tucker is known for her incredible writing, thrilling story-telling, and of course… romance. Kami Garcia says it’s “sexy, dark, and unnerving,” and Kirkus Reviews says that “no one [...]

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Happy New Year Willow Aster Signed Book Giveaway of her latest release, “Whore”!!

December 31, 2017

Happy New Year my friends!!! And we’re celebrating with a fun, quick giveaway of a signed copy of Willow Aster’s latest, Whore!!!! In fact!!! Here are some fun tidbits to check out, with the release of THIS very book!! Her interview on Huffington post!!! ➔ Willow Aster on Caring, Listening, and Finding Balance Wanna sample it? ➔ First FOUR chapters [...]

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