Jennifer M. Barry’s “Shriek” is live & we have Four Fun Facts + a giveaway!!

December 19, 2018

Shriek: Legend of the Bean Sídhe IS LIVE, and the author is sponsoring this week’s newsletter, and has sent over a super-fun guest post (and a “five ebooks” giveaway!!) I must say… OMG the clever blurb had me giggling just a bit ’cause, can you imagine her confusion?? *snort* Plus, I love the tension and angst [...]

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Colleen Hoover’s latest book “Verity” is live, and she’s giving away a signed copy right here!

December 7, 2018

<— SURPRISE!!!! SQUEEEEE!!! PSYCH-THRILLERS are my favorite and so is Colleen Hoover!!! Two in one for me? MINE!!!!! Verity just went live TWO WEEKS EARLY (I love surprises!!) and we’re having a giveaway for a signed copy right here on the blog. And here’s what one of my other absolute favorite authors has to say about [...]

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Exclusive excerpt of Reclaiming Izabel and a Signed Book and $50 Gift Card Giveaway!!

November 20, 2018

<— MARITAL STRIFE ANGST ALERT!!! Reclaiming Izabel (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) went live just a few days ago, and to celebrate, author Victoria Paige is sponsoring this week’s newsletter AND she’s having a giveaway right here on the blog. She describes it as: “…a marriage-in-trouble, back-from-the-dead military suspense store and early reviews say it’s an angsty-emotional one… [...]

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Exclusive Excerpt of Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette’s “Bryce” and a signed book giveaway!!

November 14, 2018

<— SINGLE MOM & THE MEDIA MOGUL ALERT!! Bryce is going live at midnight & we’re having a signed book giveaway!!! …His name is Bryce Sexton. Media mogul, workaholic and a heart of stone. He’s broody AF and yet every woman in San Francisco wants him. So why won’t he leave me alone? Wherever I go, he’s [...]

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Prescott Lane’s “All My Life” is live & we are celebrating with a signed book giveaway!!

October 9, 2018

Oh wow!!! All My Life sounds beautiful and angsty and I am HOOKED on unrequited love stories!!! GAH THAT cover is gorgeous and makes my heart melt. Single dad that takes care of his daughter, on top of everything else? YES PLEASE!!!! I AM IN!!!! And to celebrate, the author is sponsoring this week’s newsletter AND [...]

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Jeannine Colette & Lauren Runow’s “Austin” is live & we are celebrating with a signed book giveaway & an exclusive excerpt!!

September 20, 2018

<— Austin (co-authored by Jeannine Colette and Lauren Runow) IS LIVE and we are celebrating!!! Not only are they the sponsors of this week’s newsletter, the authors will be giving away a signed copy  (signed by both of them!!) to a lucky commenter right here on the blog… Lauren says: “There will be three different novels, all standalones with [...]

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Anna Todd’s “The Brightest Stars” release celebration giveaway!!!

September 17, 2018

The Brightest Stars <— Okay so, it’s not live YET (it’s going live at midnight) but Anna Todd is partnering with me for a giveaway and I’m starting it early!! OMG I am IN LOVE with that bracelet (I actually have an “Alex and Ani” bracelet that I NEVER take off given to me by one of my very [...]

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M.R. Field’s “Do Not Respond” exclusive excerpt, “behind the book” look, & giveaway!!

July 2, 2018

<— I LOVE this trope. The wicked mean boss (even though he’s an angel on the eyes – he’s the devil in disguise). Ooooh lookit me! I’m a poet! I can’t help but be tempted by these, and now even more over the latest release of Do Not Respond (which went LIVE last week), especially after the author sent [...]

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