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by Maryse on July 4, 2011 · 2 comments

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Happy 4th of July everyone! Let’s celebrate it with another man-candy post! He counts as fireworks, right?

In my last “Cover Model Feature” post, I focused on Paul Marron, the model that took up the majority of my Top Ten Steamy Paranormal Book Covers. At that time, I hadn’t put two and two together that ”Paul” represented the majority of my favorite book heroes. *blush* How silly of me, ’cause now I can spot him a mile away. I’m not cover model savvy just yet, but Paul remains my favorite for now. These “focus posts” are bound to make me a cover model pro one day. I’m gonna collect ‘em like baseball cards ;)

But, I had a few other “cuties” on my list too, and today, I’m interested in getting to know a little more about Nathan Kamp. I know…again, I am waylate in the hot cover model game, as I’ve discovered he is (was?) probably the most popular cover model (his cover model heyday was what, about 2 or 3 years ago?). I’ve also just read that he’s been somewhat in retirement for two years now. But with all the book covers I keep seeing, featuring him and all of the fan sites out there, he’s still a worthwhile feature!

Fun Nathan Kamp facts (note: some of this info might be old news, since some of the articles I found were a few years old, but still interesting stuff!):

  • Height: 6’1″ Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
  • Born and raised in Seattle
  • First main modelling jobs were for Abercrombie and Fitch (I can see that!)
  • I found on another fairly recent blog post regarding his heritage (some Cherokee and Swedish in him).
  • He’s also somewhat in retirement (last 2 years?).
  • He’s married ladies and has been for a long time (her name is Elizabeth and she’s gorgeous too!)
  • He’s into fitness (obviously) and health, and runs a website dedicated to healthy living
  • His website focuses on his health website (Live To Eat - he has an online cooking show!!) and his fashion modelling (but not his book covers). Never fear! That’s what us book bloggers and fansites are for ;)
  • He’s the cook of the house (not his wife). Sounds like my house… I love having a husband who cooks.
  • He is (was?) part of a Christian organization called “Models for Christ”
  • Karen Marie Moning is a big fan, and he has been featured on many of her book covers. She has even posted an interview with him on her own website!
  • He’s part of a basketball team (Team Zoolander). He’s team captain, and the team players are models like him. Oh my! That’s a sports game I’d be happy to watch on TV.
  • He was a jock in school, but now he is also very creative (he loves photography, and being behind the camera).
  • The book covers are “fun” for him. He’s friends with the majority of cover models (and despite us seeing him everywhere on all of our book covers, it’s not the biggest part of his career) even though it looks that way to us. Guess were a “niche” group.
  • He mentions in the Karen Marie Moning interview that he has never been recognized by a fan (even a few times, when he was on a subway, seeing a girl reading a book with him on the cover!!). He’s never been approached, and he said he’s walking around New York all the time. Sidenote to Sherry and Michele: I just had to *giggle* thinking of you two, soon to be loose in New York… cover model sighting… together ;)
  • He hasn’t met the authors. But at a shoot, the illustrators are there.

Well that was fun! I learned a lot. He seems like a regular guy (enjoys regular guy stuff like beer, sports and occasional junk food), but has quite an active lifestyle. Lots of travelling, modeling, and plenty of future projects in the works (movies, photography books, even cooking shows).

Now for a few of my favorite book covers. I’m focusing on his paranormal work since well, you know… they’re well suited to this blog ;)

OMG!! Just found another one of my favorite books where he was the cover model!  (Any Way You Want It by Kathy Love) – cool! A great book cover always helps me swoon even more ;)

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Sherry ;) July 4, 2011 at 1:06 PM

If he thinks he can walk around NYC without ME recognizing him…he’s got another thing coming!! I’m going to have my Paul and Nathan radar going full blast!!!!

Thanks for the fun article on Nathan ;)

Penny July 4, 2011 at 6:49 PM

Hell, I may have no clue he’s a model but I would definitly look just cause he’s so damn hot!

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