Reader Confession – That time Maryse almost killed Keri Arthur…

by Maryse on June 14, 2017 · 5 comments

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Okay yeah, this t-shirt is totally apropos, considering this post. ;)

Er… I mean tripped… TRIPPED. eeeeeeep!!!! Still though… almost just as bad, and OMG I’ve been thinking of it as “killed” (tongue-in-cheek, mind you), since that very day. ;) Did I ever tell you about that time, when I almost tripped/killed the VERY popular author named Keri Arthur at an integral moment in her life? I think it’s time I told you. But keep in mind, this happened back in 2009 (when I was BRAND SPANKING NEW to the book world). I’ve kept it a secret for years (and years), and I was mortified.

P.S. I still am. Oh yes. I hope she doesn’t read this, because I’m worried she’s still fuming.

Okay, so… this one time… I went to the MEGA RT Book Lovers Convention and it was my VERY first book signing EVER. I had JUST gotten back into hard core reading because of Twilight, and had JUST started my blog, and it just so happened that RT was in Orlando that year, so close to me and just a few months after I went live with my blog.

It was KISMET! I was meant to become a part of the book world, and here was my chance to meet my very favorites and LEARN LEARN LEARN!!!!

So I get there, and I am AWESTRUCK. Almost EVERY AUTHOR I was addicted to was there, and they were all SO NICE!!!!!! They wanted to take pictures, they wanted to chat about their books, and they seemed as excited as I was! I was ADDICTED. Not just to the books, but to the book world.

It was time for the RT Awards ceremony, and off I went, all alone (that’s right, I went ALL by myself and knew NOBODY), and I walked into the auditorium, feeling like I had no right to be there, finding a nice quiet spot in the very back of the room, far from the stage, but that’s okay. I had my HUGE LONG trustee camera lens to bring EVERYTHING up close. I was gonna BLOG my heart out about this, even if I was so far away from it all.

As I was hiding there in the back, a lady was standing next to me, glanced at me, and asked if I was okay to capture everyone with my camera? Oh yes. Look at this crazy lens. I could get it all! I was so proud. And then, while everyone was being seated, she said, “Follow me”.

Eeeeeeeep!!! eek WHAT? Where? Oh oh. Am I in trouble? But no… she lead me right to the very front (or almost… maybe it was the second row) and she sat me in the MIDST of it ALL!!!! I was freaking out, thinking, wait…. NO!!! I don’t think I’m allowed here? But she assured me it was fine, and as she walked away, everyone around me greeted me, so friendly, as if… OF COURSE I should be there. Amidst them all.

OH. EM. GEE. What world was I in, and how could I stay here forever??!!! And P.S. I was terrified!!!!!!

The lady to the right of me asked me how I knew Kathryn Falk…that very magnificent lady that had lead me to my seat. *gasp*!!!!!  OMG. REALLY??? I dunno, I just met her now, but she is the most amazing lady ever, as far as I’m concerned.

I sat there, unloading my “convention swag bag” (it’s big and FULLY loaded) and my camera bag onto the floor in front of me (heck where else was I going to put it all?), and watched the ceremonies while taking photos. And then, THE Keri Arthur was called up for an award. Now… lemme remind y’all. It is DARK in that auditorium. This TRULY feels like an award ceremony, and I can only see who’s on stage, and those right next to me.

Keri Arthur accepting the Career Achievement award for Urban Fantasy.

But the one right next to me was Keri Arthur’s personal publicist (as I found out AFTER this moment) and the one right NEXT to HER was Keri Arthur herself. But I didn’t realize that yet. So there I sat, preparing my camera lens for her onstage moment, and realize someone just STOPPED ON A DIME right in front of me, glanced at me and did this: *blink blink*.

Oh yes. rolleyes I WAS BLOCKING Keri Arthur’s grand entrance with my plethora of BAGS at my feet. And now… HER FEET. eek GASP!!!!!!!!!!

To her credit, I swear that woman has some serious paranormal blood running through her veins (just like those in her books) to be able to stop so suddenly… so seamlessly and await my scrambling of unloading the bulk from her path.

And off she went…. so gracefully to accept her well deserved award. And yes. I took that photo of her onstage. I just never told anyone of the horror story before it. ;)

But now I tell. Eeeeeeeeeep!

Any embarrassing author moments you’d like to share? Don’t leave me here all alone, out in the cold, now!!!

P.S. For those of you curious about my blogs posts from WAY BACK THEN about THAT RT convention, here are those posts (p.s. excuse the formatting – that was back in the OLD WordPress days):

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bev June 14, 2017 at 8:23 PM


I was promised blood.
Where is the blood?

I usually fall or walk into things. In front of people. Graceful I am not.

I knocked over two things on separate occasions today by walking by.
Yesterday I forgot to duck under the low branch and just had to keep walking forward until my hair slowly pulled free.

Maryse June 14, 2017 at 8:29 PM


But!!!! I had bags!!!! They were AWFUL. RUDE BAGS. It was the bags, I tell you!

Tessa June 14, 2017 at 9:46 PM

Hehehe If it had been me, I might have accidentally smacked her. Bags are nothing. :) I’m at the point where, if it’s just bags stopping someone, I figure they’re lucky.

Keri Arthur June 14, 2017 at 11:47 PM

embarrassing author moments? THAT HAIR! lol ;)

Jan June 15, 2017 at 1:51 AM

Haha Maryse. I can imagine your embarrassment. Sometimes you just wish you could crawl under a rock and hide……….

I did once wear a navy shoe and a black shoe to work one day, and NOBODY told me ALL DAY! I found out when I got home. I bet they were snickering to themselves all day! It was hard to go to work next day and act cool like it didn’t happen.

But I’ve never nearly killed an author LOL. I’ve only ever met one author, Al Reynolds, the English/Welsh sci-fi writer. It was at a writer’s convention in Melbourne and he was super nice and friendly and signed a book for my son, who’s a big fan. I was so excited and my heart was pounding, but I tried to stay so cool, like, I meet authors every day. Yeah……..

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