Reader Confession – Wanna see my first reading nook?

by Maryse on November 23, 2017 · 4 comments

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My reading nook/blankie-fort, back when I first discovered my love for indie-books… pink “pop-up” tent, sleeping bags, blankies and plenty of pillows. :D !!!

Tee hee!!!! We joke around here about setting up our blankie forts, and reading together in ‘em. Sometimes we need to hideaway from the world and snuggle up in them with a good book (even if it’s just in our imaginations), and the “blankie-forts” are a big part of our crew here.

But when Leslie asked to move in, I made her promise that we could read in a blankie fort. Then she made a confession, so I had one to make, too. ;)

Leslie: Maryse, I want 80s all year round! And palm trees. If it weren’t for stupid hurricanes, Florida would be pretty perfect. Want a roommate? ;)

Maryse: Could we make a real-life blankie fort, and read in it everyday, Leslie? :D !!!

Leslie: Don’t laugh Maryse, but I have been looking at those kid tent things they put over beds…I want to make a reading nook in my spare room and that would be like my fort. Hee hee

Tessa: Leslie, those things are tiny! Though, if you get the pop-up dorm tent, it’s adult sized at least. That’s what little dude has for his bed.  :) That said, for a read blankie fort.

I even decorated it for Halloween. ;)

Maryse: Hey I won’t laugh!!! My old “reading room” was pink and sparkly, with my desk and my laptop, and my cool speakers, and my book shelves and book trinkets EVERYWHERE… with soft lamps and a salt lamp AND AND!!! and had a pink tent right in it! A cute rounded one (that could fit at least two people – but it was only me and my dogs – and the inside was loaded in pink fluffy pillows and blankets, AND a futon! It was the coziest abode EVER and I decorated it with the holidays. I’ll see if I can find photos to post.

This should probably be my next reader confession.

OH YOU GUYS!!! What does your “reading nook” look like?

Amy: Reading nooks! I’m ordering a new teal reading chair and ottoman for my bedroom this weekend (you can never have too many reading chairs ;) ), and when it comes in I’m putting it right by my window looking out over the pond and draping some sheer panels with fairy lights around it. Add a side table with an adorable lamp and it will be complete! Hey! We should all share pics of our reading nooks…well, when they are completed for some of us.

Jean: My winter project is my book nook! I’d love to see everyone’s ideas or rooms!

Sometimes my reading nook was messy. Yes, my pink pop-up tent also had a pink sleeping bag. ;)

Leslie: Oooh Maryse, please find a pic. I want to see that reading nook. I want mine to be pink, sparkly and princess like. Amy, I want to see yours when you finish. Sadly, no reading nook right now…just my sofa. But I do want to make one when I have motivation to clean spare room and money for cool chair.

Tessa: Nope, no special reading spot for me. If I can lay on any furniture, it’s a reading furniture. Couch, bed, puffy overstuffed chair… They all work.

D.G.: I dream of a wonderful reading nook…peace, quiet, comfy blue crushed velvet isadora sleeper chair and lots and lots of books….OH! with a Keurig machine in a corner! I might never come out!!!

Even my doggies loved the “blankie-fort”. My reading buddies, always snuggled in with me. :D Doesn’t this look cozy???

Tell me my reading nook wasn’t the coolest, comfy-est thing ever! ;)

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Jan November 23, 2017 at 8:14 PM

Awww that’s so cute, especially the dogs. I hope they had their fav books too LOL.

Maryse November 23, 2017 at 8:16 PM

LOL!!! I’m thinking they were team “Jacob”. ;)

Leslie M November 24, 2017 at 1:50 AM

I LOVE IT!! The dogs are too adorable and everything looks so comfy. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Grey November 24, 2017 at 2:40 AM

Yes! As often as I say I’m headed to the blankie fort #TeamBlankieFortForTheWin, I wish I could say I have one in real life…but alas, I don’t. If I did, it would be purple and glittery, with tons of pillows…a total she-shack. Remember when I said I was going to quit my day job and just make blankie forts all day??? Lol!

Maryse, I love the pics they are awesome!

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