Reader Confessions – Patrice can’t even delete a book sample…

by Maryse on March 29, 2017 · 3 comments

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eek Ooooooooh yeah that’s some serious book-hoarding!!!

Patrice needs our support my friends… she’s got a serious book addiction. Worse than mine. Maybe even worse than yours.

Because as much as I don’t want to delete anything, she can’t even delete a sample!!!

She says:

So I sample every ebook I look up. I mean even if I don’t think I will read it.

So I not only have hundreds of books I have not read. I have hundreds of sample books I have not read.

I don’t resleeve my books because I never know what book mood I am in. I can’t delete any books because  I am afraid it is the one book I want to read.

Maryse thank you for your support.

Patrice… I feel you. I can’t delete a single book from my repertoire (read or not read, new or years old…), but you have me beat, my friend. Even the samples?!! ALL OF ‘EM?


I’m so glad you’re with us. You are definitely a fellow book hoarder!

So what does YOUR book addiction look like? Can you relate to Patrice?

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Tasha J March 29, 2017 at 1:46 PM

Lol. I used to be this way. Any book that looked like I might want to read it on the blog, I’d download a sample bc it was also my form of tbr list. And I’m a mood reader too so I could read 6 of them and still nothing was hitting the spot, but I’d keep them bc maybe someday I’d want to read them. It got to where I had hundreds also bc this went on for years. And I couldn’t even remember what most were about, but they could’ve been hidden gems so I couldn’t part.
Well, I use the kindle app and at the time I had like 16gb of storage and several devices taking up all kinds of space on my iCloud so I had to clean out everything. Then I started making lists in my notes for my tbr, but it wasn’t the same bc pics of covers strike more memory than words and it wasn’t as appealing that way so I rarely read what was on those lists and even accidentally deleted a couple.
Now, I use Goodreads, which is so much better for my memory space. And I’m more particular about adding more to my lists. Also, I forget to add books sometimes (which is a blessing and a curse) and unless it gets a lot of buzz or pops up again somewhere, I’ll likely forget.
So I totally relate and I support you!! ;)

Jan March 29, 2017 at 5:28 PM

I feel you too, Patrice. Sometime I think I’m going to blow up my kindle there’s so many samples on there. And yet, I keep on clickin’ more of the dang things! Every now and then I go through a mad phase of trying to read some of the samples and yes, I do delete the dud ones. I try to be strong. But I’ve still got HUNDREDS of samples hangin’ around in there :-/

Stephanie Moles Krayeski March 31, 2017 at 2:12 PM

Poor Patrice! My addiction is one-clicking and buying books, even if I know I’ll never find the time to read all of them! I can’t stop adding to my collection!!! I don’t sample books though. Once I start reading a book, I’m committed to trying to finish it. I rarely DNF.

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