Author & Book News Roundup – September 17th 2017

by Maryse on September 17, 2017 · 4 comments

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 <— WELL HERE’S SOME BIG NEWS RIGHT OFF THE BAT!! PENELOPE WARD & VI KEELAND’S LATEST IS LIVE!!! Dear Bridget, I Want You and hear’s a tidbit from the blurb…

“Dear Bridget,

I’m writing this letter because it’s highly doubtful I’ll ever garner the courage to say this to your face. So, here goes.

We’re totally wrong for each other. You’re the proper single mum with a good head on your shoulders. I’m just the carefree British doctor passing through town and temporarily living in your converted garage until I head back to England.

But here’s the thing… for some bloody reason, I can’t stop thinking about you in very inappropriate ways.

I want you…”

Jessica Sorensen just posted the cover for her upcoming release in the Callie & Kayden series called “The Everemore of Callie & Kayden”. No preorder yet, but it’s pretty gorgeous, and I remember this series from our early indie days!! It’s like a blast from the past!

Kate Stewart is releasing a book in October called “Drive” and I can’t make heads or tails of this blurb, but you know it’s gonna be good! I’d say a love triangle, but I can’t be sure. “...At the height of my career, I had the life I wanted, the life I’d always envisioned. I’d found my tempo, my rhythm. Then I received a phone call that left me off key. You see, my favorite songs had a way of playing simultaneously. I was in love with one man’s beats and another’s lyrics…“ She posted the cover and blurb here (and is having a giveaway)!

J.R. Ward and 1,001 Dark Nights presents “Readers on the River” (a signing in Louisville Kentucky with a bunch of our favorite authors) and the tickets are on sale now!

S.L. Jennings is releasing “Wicked Ruins” (book #3 in her Se7en Sinners series) and is revealing the cover, release date and blurb tomorrow!

Casey Peeler just released her latest book Everett (Drake Brothers Series Book 1)! It’s a super-short story but the short-and-sweet blurb had my attention. “Everett Drake left the small town life and his three brothers behind the day he was old enough to enlist. However, he returned sooner than he had planned with a chip on his shoulder. Taking a job with the local beer distributor, he makes a living, but when a new bar owner arrives in town, he knows exactly what he wants—Stella.”

Katie Ashley has a new book coming out called “Jacob’s Ladder – Gabe” (ROCK STAR ALERT!!) and has revealed a GORGEOUS book cover (and blurb!!) for us to feast our eyes upon! A little tidbit from the blurb: “…As a single mother taking care of her family’s collision business, Rae doesn’t have time for hook ups, much less a relationship. And if she did make time, a musician would be last on her list, even one as good-looking as Gabe Renard…” <— OH YES!!!! He needs her help and she’s NOT impressed. Or is she? ;) P.S. And I love the little tidbit the author gives us about the cover models, saying:

“Huge thanks to Lauren Watson Perry of Perrywinkle Photography for not only doing the photography, but for finding real twins to be Gabe and Eli. Not to mention my Rae and Emerson are also the real wives of the twins!! Thanks Cara Marie Chatwin and Derik Chatwin for being my Gabe and Raegan!”

Staci Hart reveals the cover of her upcoming release “From Darkness” (third book in her “Hearts & Arrows” series). No preorder yet, but it’s going live September 28th and you can catch up on book #1 & 2 here.

“Bestselling author Staci Hart brings you the third installment of an addictive romantic mythology series where love is the ultimate game, and Aphrodite always wins.”

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Sandi September 17, 2017 at 2:35 PM

In Miami and I just got my internet back!!! This blog is what I missed the most!

Maryse September 17, 2017 at 3:10 PM

SANDI!!!! OH YAYYYYYY!!! I know how awesome that feels, and I’m so glad you’re safe, life is about to get back to normal, and you’re here with us!!! :D


Sandi September 17, 2017 at 4:11 PM

Glad to hear you are good as well, *hug* back! Really missed the ac as well! Don’t care about food and water, just don’t take my ac and internet

Maryse September 17, 2017 at 4:51 PM


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