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Today’s Book Bash author spotlight features the author of one of our favorite guilty-pleasure taboos “genres”. Yep! She wrote a teacher-student trilogy, and it’s complete! And some of my fellow readers have told me these books gave ‘em the “feels“:

Kelly: Just finished reading Wilson Mooney Eighteen at Last and my heart is still racing, can’t wait for the next book.

Ashley: I also cried in Wilson Mooney! … Max from Wilson Mooney (especially from book two) I love that boy!!!

Amy: Wilson Mooney is a great series. … had not really heard anything about it, but I ended up loving it.

Here’s a note from the author, Gretchen de la O:

Hi, I am Gretchen de la O, <—– known to some as The BIG O! I am the author of the teacher/student romance, the Wilson Mooney Series. It is a 3 book completed collection riddled with first love, steamy scenes, heartbreak, self-discovery, and deeply empowering moments.

What? You don’t know if you can handle the taboo subject of a teacher/student romance?

Well, let me just say, as you open the cream colored pages of the first book, or swipe your finger across your eReader, you will want to let go of the preconceived ideas that may be rolling through your dome. Just for a moment placate that fearful place you probably built with those limiting ideas and allow yourself a hour or two to sup from a story that will bend your ideas into tangible moments, evoke all the personal feelings you’ve buried in the back of your mind, and take that opportunity to swim again in the memories of your first true love.

Book 1, Almost Eighteen is a sweet moment filled with discovery and fear.

Book 2, Eighteen at Last is the instant your heart will be tested, your fears will be answered and your eyes will burn.

Book 3, Beyond Eighteen, is the point where you learn just how strong people can be when forced to face adversity.

So make sure you check out my New Adult Romance, The Wilson Mooney Series before you head on over to Book Bash June 28th!

I can’t wait to see you, make sure you come by my table and chat!!

The Wilson Mooney Series is Available Now!


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