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by Maryse on December 29, 2017 · 149 comments

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Happy Friday!!! And happy reading weekend. And Happy New Year’s eve, eve… eve? ;)

My sister will be here today, and now I have a reading buddy to read books with right here in real life. Maybe we’ll build a blankie fort?? *snort* I can’t wait. And I can’t wait to tell her that her reader question was guessed correctly last week.

But in the meantime…


Suz: I just saw Darker in my supermarket the other day and grabbed it!

Amy: Woo-hoo!!!!!! My girls!!! MINDF&%K PUPPY PILE!!!! Speaking of MF’s, I actually have a few hours today to do nothing but sit and finish Unhinge. *happy dance*

Amy: The twist in Unhinge was pretty clever. I thought I knew what was going on and then BAM…I was proven wrong. I didn’t see that one coming. At all. And I’m still holding out hope for another Thayer book at some point. Oh lawd but that guy is yummy. :P

D.G.: Unhinge…three letters – wow!


Adele: Just finished Whore by Willow Aster and WOW what a ride! I love a good story to go with my romance and this beyond delivered. Crazy mob boss, kidnapping, murder, evil mother, then you think it’s all good but hold on tight!!

  • Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys <— HISTORICAL WWII ERA & TASHA LOVED IT & IT’S ON SALE TODAY!!
Tasha: Highly, highly recommend! I had gotten this as an audio book with the free trial, it was the best book out of samples I had tried to really ‘catch my ear’, lol. … it was a great book and once I got in the rhythm of it, I was enthralled. It’s told from 4 different narratives, Florian, Emilia, Joana, and Alfred. And in the audio book, 4 different voices, which I thought was cool. Set in the WWII era, there’s heartbreak, tragedy, a bit of romance, secrets, and friendships. My only complaint was it was a bit of an abrupt ending. Though you get closure, I would have liked to see a little more of how they got there.
  • Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys <— HISTORICAL HOLOCAUST ERA… THIS ONE’S ON SALE TOO! She’s living a normal teenage life with her family “…Until one night when Soviet officers barge into her home, tearing her family from the comfortable life they’ve known. Separated from her father, forced onto a crowded and dirty train car, Lina, her mother, and her young brother slowly make their way north, crossing the Arctic Circle, to a work camp in the coldest reaches of Siberia. Here they are forced, under Stalin’s orders, to dig for beets and fight for their lives under the cruelest of conditions...”
  • My Not So Perfect Life: A Novel by by Sophie Kinsella <— SOPHIE KINSELLA ALERT! & ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!! Tons of great reviews!!

Tasha: I actually really really liked that one …

Roya: I love all Sophie Kinsella books!

Jennifer: I love Sophie Kinsella too..she is hilarious.

Jeanie: Huge Sophie Kinsella fan! I’ve got your number is one of my very favorites from her! All her books are lol funny!

Jackie: I loved I Like My Life too. I’ve had a hard time convincing people to read this-the synopsis is a little off putting, but i promise there is lots of humor in this book. And i agree, it’s one of the most highlighted books i own.
  • Rebel by Rhys Ford <— LIVE!!! M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!! “...Returning to San Francisco and to 415 Ink, his family’s tattoo shop, gave him the perfect shelter to battle his personal demons and get himself together… until the firefighter who’d broken him walked back into Gus’s life...”
  • Coreyography: A Memoir by Corey Feldman <— I LOVE AUTOBIOGRAPHIES & IT’S ON SALE & I’m darn curious about this one, especially considering the current Hollywood climate and the fact that Lifetime is releasing this movie. I know this is going to be tumultuous. ”...Now, in this brave and moving memoir, Corey is revealing the truth about what his life was like behind the scenes: His is a past that included physical, drug, and sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family from which he was emancipated at age fifteen, three high-profile arrests for drug possession, a nine-month stint in rehab, and a long, slow crawl back to the top of the box office…”
  • The Carnage series by Lesley Jones <— WILL RIP YOUR HEART OUT ALERT!! Dallas just discovered the carnage that is Carnage. ;)

Dallas: Maryse …. I have just finished Book 1 and 2 of the Carnage series …. OMG …. I’ve never felt so up and down, inside and out, feelings all over the place …. totally unputdownable …. not a word but suitable for this context …. Loved it and totally recommend it

Maryse: Dallas!!! I read Carnage one. Talk about rip your heart out. Carnage was the perfect name for it. LOL!

  • Dragon Reborn (Dragon Point Book 5) by Eve Langlais <— LIVE!!!! DRAGON SHIFTER ROMANCE!!! “...Deka knows she’s the center of the universe, but sometimes even the almighty sun has to act when her main squeeze disappears. Samael might not yet recognize that they’re mates. But he will…
  • Saving Grace by A.D. Justice <— LIVE!!! HE WANTS A DIVORCE... “I wanted to ask for a divorce. Instead of the fight I expected, she agreed—with a few stipulations, all of which revolved around our son leaving for college in the fall.  Keeping those promises would be a challenge, no doubt. But all I had to do was uphold my end of the deal then walk away without a backward glance...”
  • Dear Life by Meghan Quinn <— MEGHAN QUINN SUPER-BARGAIN!! NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS… “…Win big or lose it all, we’re at a crossroads in our lives; four strangers meeting in the middle. Do we have what it takes to use this one chance and start over? Or will we fall apart?”
  • On the Way to You by Kandi Steiner <— Christina 5-starred it!
Christina: Kandi Steiner Before you Go – second it, 5 star

Tessa: I finished Wintersong. I couldn’t stop reading it.

…Wintersong was emotional for me. The writing was beautiful, and I really enjoyed how emotions and personality were shown through music. Truly, different and beautiful.

Natasha: “OMG, The Highwayman!!! I don’t have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to do it justice. Maryse dive in!!!”

Maria: So normally I am NOT a historical romance person either, but I just read the sample for The Highwayman and fell in love!

  • Bad Dad by Sloane Howell <— Nancy WON IT & LOVED it!
Nancy: I enter a lot of contests and some of them (not too often) I even win! This happened when I entered an won an eBook copy of BAD DAD by Sloane Howell. I don’t read that many male authors, but this looked good. It is a new release today and 99 cents. I don’t know where they got the title because he is anything, but a “bad” dad. He is over the top all alpha male & protective. Sex from a male author’s POV is always done a little differently…
  • The Silent Corner: A Novel of Suspense (Jane Hawk) by Dean Koontz <— DEAN KOONTZ HORROR SALE ALERT!!! HER HUSBAND JUST COMMITTED SUICIDE… and she’s finding out why… “...People of talent and accomplishment, people admired and happy and sound of mind, have been committing suicide in surprising numbers. When Jane seeks to learn why, she becomes the most-wanted fugitive in America. Her powerful enemies are protecting a secret so important—so terrifying—that they will exterminate anyone in their way. But all their power and viciousness may not be enough to stop a woman as clever as they are cold-blooded, as relentless as they are ruthless...”
  • Instant Pot LUX60 V3 6 Qt 6-in-1 <— INSTANT POT ALERT!! Okay not book related but THEY ARE BACK IN STOCK and at a great price right now (too good to miss). I just got one for Christmas from my mom and use it every few days. I love it. So much fun to learn it and try all the recipes…



For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free audiobooks deal —>

  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans all of your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!

PREORDERS (Next few days, and a few of next week’s!!! :D )

  1. Hotbloods 2: Coldbloods by Bella Forrest – December 30th 2017
  2. Claimed in Shadows: A Midnight Breed Novel (The Midnight Breed Series Book 15) by Lara Adrian – December 31st 2017
  3. DAMON’S ENCHANTRESS: A Cardinal Witches paranormal romance (The Cardinal Witches Book 3) by Alyssa Day – December 31st 2017
  4. Heart on Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles) by Amanda Bouchet – January 2nd 2018
  5. Hot Shot: A North Ridge Novel by Karina Halle - January 2nd 2018
  6. Wicked Choice (The Wicked Horse Vegas Book 4) by Sawyer Bennett - January 2nd 2018
  7. Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy – January 2nd 2018
  8. End Game (Dirty Money) by Lisa Renee Jones - January 2nd 2018


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Nay December 29, 2017 at 7:20 AM

Good morning–happy Friday!

Maryse–how exciting for you! Hope you and your sister have lots of fun!

Leslie M December 29, 2017 at 8:24 AM

Morning everyone! Good day to snuggle up with a book.

Maryse December 29, 2017 at 8:35 AM

It’s chilly and grey here in usually-sunny Florida. Perfect day for reading in blankies.

Leslie M December 29, 2017 at 8:45 AM

Maryse, I am trying to get my list finished for you. I have had all the books chosen for a while but working on my comments.

Tasha J December 29, 2017 at 9:21 AM

I didn’t realize today was Friday- moving this comment over here.
My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella is 2.99 today…I read this this year and I liked it!
The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney is 2.99
Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys is 2.99 (I listened to this on audiobook a couple years ago and really liked it)
I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson 2.99!
The Widow by Fiona Barton 1.99
AND!!! My personal Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil, Simon vs. Homosapiens, etc….Kids of Appetite by David Arnold 2.99!! This was one of my top favorites last year. Gave me big time feels, almost like the Outsiders did when I was in jr. high. Lol

Tasha J December 29, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Also, #Nerd by Cambria Herbert is FREE

Leslie M December 29, 2017 at 10:04 AM

Ok Maryse, I sent my list. :)

Hopefully it all copied & pasted properly.

R. Renee December 29, 2017 at 11:37 AM

Maryse! There are 6 instance of the “C” word on this post! That’s 6 shots, right Ela?

Ela December 29, 2017 at 11:54 AM



R. Renee December 29, 2017 at 11:55 AM

Ela? Are you kidding me? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore. :roll:

Maryse December 29, 2017 at 11:57 AM

LOL!!!!! Can I wait until my sister gets here before we start the shots? ;)

Maryse December 29, 2017 at 11:58 AM

Noooooo I WANTED TO ONE-CLICK Shame the Devil and it’s back at full price. GAHHHHHH!!! They are so mean to me!

Maryse December 29, 2017 at 11:59 AM

Yay Leslie!!! I will be so happy to see your list!!!!

Maryse December 29, 2017 at 12:06 PM

I got it, Leslie!!! Squeeeeee!!! Jean and Leslie’s will be up this weekend.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 12:06 PM


bev December 29, 2017 at 12:08 PM

*stares at Maryse*

Maryse December 29, 2017 at 12:15 PM

*glances around*


Maryse December 29, 2017 at 12:17 PM


I don’t think Ela is getting it. Maybe it’s for the best (for her sanity)…

Don’t scroll up, Ela. *snort*

R. Renee December 29, 2017 at 12:18 PM

It’s safer this way Maryse.

Tessa December 29, 2017 at 12:26 PM

Next Tues is the next book in the Kingmaker’s Chronicle? Where did the time go?

Paula December 29, 2017 at 1:13 PM

Not been here for a while and I know I am in danger of upsetting Ela but I loved the C book

R. Renee December 29, 2017 at 1:13 PM

You’re safe Paula. I think Ela’s asleep today.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:27 PM


R. Renee December 29, 2017 at 1:28 PM

Good Morning, Ela.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:32 PM


Maryse December 29, 2017 at 1:33 PM


:P I’m laughing so hard right now.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:36 PM


Paula December 29, 2017 at 1:37 PM

Goes over to GR to remind herself of Ela’s review….aah yes now I remember – I also remember Ela not giving book 2 a go…that helps the heart a little..well worth a read. I read them all and loved!

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:37 PM


bev December 29, 2017 at 1:38 PM

Deep breath, Ela.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:39 PM


bev December 29, 2017 at 1:41 PM

Never mind….you tell them Ela. And add Thoughtless to that list. That is just reckless recommending right there.

Paula December 29, 2017 at 1:42 PM

Bev – leave Thoughtless out of this! That was brilliant too!!

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:47 PM


bev December 29, 2017 at 1:51 PM

It was Kellan I wanted to hit with a bus.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:51 PM


Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:52 PM


bev December 29, 2017 at 1:52 PM

Sorry Paula.

Paula December 29, 2017 at 1:54 PM

I loved Carnage and read all the books! Plus I really enjoyed Thoughless and I like Kellan. There again I did grow to like Tony in Consequences……

Ela December 29, 2017 at 1:55 PM


Paula December 29, 2017 at 1:55 PM

Opps just realised I named the book that should not be named – naughty me!

Tessa December 29, 2017 at 2:05 PM

ROFL Yeah, I’m with Ela. I hated the heroine in Carnage. Tons loved her. *shrugged*

I ADORED KELLAN!! I even liked Keira. I’m odd like that.

I agree with Tony. Great story, but I hated him. IRREDEEMABLE! Then again, I adore Fear Me, but Keiran scares me. 0.0 I don’t understand loving him.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 2:12 PM

I’m just on a rampage of all stupid book-people… But yeah, I did like Kellan… Kiera um not so much….too dumb!

D.G. December 29, 2017 at 2:15 PM

The name of the C- book does not draw me in at all…just saying.

Ela December 29, 2017 at 2:23 PM

I just hate that book the title was just banned by one of the ladies….don’t care for the title. It just raises my hackles and then I start remembering of all the STUPID.

MichelleS December 29, 2017 at 2:43 PM

The C book is back on the blog! Ha! Loving all your comments. I hate whoever recommended that crap to me! Ugh! I’m scarred for life. Had to read book two to try to heal some wounds.

I just downloaded a promising new Fae book, will keep you posted Tessa.

Maryse – tell your sister hi! I think she was the one who read & reviewed some crazy sci-fi erotica that I read? Alien love fest hahaha. Was that her?

Grey December 29, 2017 at 2:57 PM

*giggle* I didn’t know what was going on. I was on the GR site and Ela was fired up and I asked the WRONG question… then my eyes were opened. Now I’m giggling… which makes me cough… gah, I’m sick, someone love on me! Stupid asthma… stupid cold weather. *grumble*

I’m going to work on my list again, so it isn’t 49 pages long…

Leslie M December 29, 2017 at 3:18 PM

One of my first interactions with Ela…she used shouty capitals and told me to avoid Carnage and insisted I read Transcendence. ;)

Ela December 29, 2017 at 3:21 PM

Did you read Transcendence Leslie?

OHHHHHHHHHHH what Fae book MichelleS????? You know I’m a huge Fae LOVER too!

bev December 29, 2017 at 3:35 PM

Grey, so you must of had a good reading year.

MichelleS December 29, 2017 at 3:55 PM

It’s called Elusion (Facets of Feyrie)… kits of 5 star reviews, and it’s supposed to be dark! Giggles…

MichelleS December 29, 2017 at 3:57 PM

LOTS, not kits…. dear lord help me learn how to text this year

Tessa December 29, 2017 at 4:09 PM

Ooooh! 0.0 And KU! Keep me posted. Hopefully, it’s something to read next year.

When I’m done with this Kyler set of books (3 books about that couple alone!) I have to read Comfort Food. Maybe even before number three. I’m on two. Normally family relations ick me but I just went into thinking, they are lying. lol Then, it got ickier, but I persevere, saying, they are lying.

Hey, it works! And I’m loving the story.

Grey December 29, 2017 at 4:17 PM

No not really bev, I am just REALLY wordy haha!

Leslie M December 29, 2017 at 5:26 PM

I never read Transcendence because I got sucked in a discussion group that basically told whole story.

Grey December 29, 2017 at 5:27 PM

Maryse…. I sent mine too! It’s basically a book, you all should make sure you have rations available. *giggle*

Jean December 29, 2017 at 7:05 PM

I have to admit, I haven’t read the C-book, but my curiosity has me wanting to read it to see what all the hype is about.

Jan December 29, 2017 at 7:08 PM

Haha. getting my morning laugh out of all your crazy comments. You girls. Sheesh.

I was scanning down the list of new books and got to the end and thought ‘Instant Pot? Hmm. That’s an unusual name for a book.’ Yep, I really thought that (only for a microsecond). *blushes*

Maryse, what say I about The Highwayman? Well, I checked my GR review and I’ll be honest, I 2-starred it. ‘a bit too overcooked and melodramatic for my taste’, to quote myself. But, many have floved it, so don’t let that stop anyone. We all have different tastes and that’s great. Just that one wasn’t really for moi.

Jan December 29, 2017 at 7:11 PM

Leslie Transcendence is a lovely book! But Kiera? Just no.

bev December 29, 2017 at 7:17 PM

I just sent mine in. It is like 10 pages and I am sure slightly incoherent. Nay needs to let me start running everything by her first.
Actually Nay? Don’t read it it will probably drive you nuts.

R. Renee December 29, 2017 at 7:25 PM

Nay is mine and I’m not sharing!!!

bev December 29, 2017 at 7:40 PM

Contrary to the length of my posts I am not trying to write a book, lol.
Just help on a few sentences.

Maryse December 29, 2017 at 8:00 PM


I just received Grey’s and bev’s lists!!!!

Oh happy I am!!!! :D

Jean December 29, 2017 at 8:06 PM

You guys! I am loving Moon Called! Can’t flip the pages fast enough!

bev December 29, 2017 at 8:10 PM

I just came to the realisation that part of my problem is I do not proof read before hitting send. This is exactly what I did with my email to Maryse. Now I’m scared to read it, lol.

Jean, Yay! Do you love Mercy? I like how she tells a complete story with great world building and yet the pacing stays fast.

bev December 29, 2017 at 8:20 PM

Maryse, will you do one favor for me?? Pretty please? I’m sorry but just double check name spellings on the authors. I hate to miss on that it just feels disrespectful.

Jean December 29, 2017 at 8:44 PM

Yes bev, I love Mercy!

Jean December 29, 2017 at 9:12 PM

I had to 1-click Bad Dad even though I don’t love the title….. something about the blurb hooked me! And I like the idea of a male author. Thanks Nancy!

MichelleS December 29, 2017 at 9:31 PM

Jean – oh, to read Mercy for the first time! LOVE that series so much. Adam is yummy! I adore Bran, too. Best werewolf lore out there. And the Fae! Don’t even get me started…. remember that scene in the courtroom, Bev, in a later book? Be still my heart. Was it in book one where she hides under the bed & slinks around in coyote form? Broke my heart. Will never forget that scene!

bev December 29, 2017 at 9:42 PM

That scene was so heartbreaking, the coyote one.
I can’t remember if it was the same….maybe because of the artifact but do remember both scenes.
I do need to catch up on Anna and Charles. I like them but also allows me to get more of Bran. I always want more Bran and Mercy, just love that dynamic.

Tessa December 29, 2017 at 10:33 PM

The coyote scene was heart wrenching. Gah! Jean, it makes me so happy that you are enjoying the book so much. It really is one of the best urban fantasies out there

MichelleS December 29, 2017 at 11:04 PM

Listen to us blubbering girls reminiscing about a coyote! I will NEVER forget what happened to her. Never. One of the few times I was in total shock & heart broken.

bev December 29, 2017 at 11:26 PM

We can’t say too much so as not to spoil. But, yeah. That one was a shocker.
It’s funny because usually I wouldn’t worry too much about spoiling because usually it is rare for someone to pick up an older series like this. Makes me doubly happy.

Jan December 29, 2017 at 11:27 PM

There’s a new alpha and omega book coming early in 2018 :D :D :D

Jan December 29, 2017 at 11:29 PM

I just checked. It’s called Burn Bright and it’s out on 6 March. Sqeeee.

bev December 29, 2017 at 11:29 PM

Question for our grammar lovers.
I said a book was first person pov, bit it is not really. The MC’s thoughts are the only ones we are privy to and we follow him but not from the “I” stand point. So what would that be?

MichelleS December 30, 2017 at 12:12 AM

If he doesn’t say “I” how does he tell the story?

bev December 30, 2017 at 1:01 AM

Well, it is he and she and their names. So 3rd person, but we only follow him and know his thoughts not everyone else’s. Like the Harry Potter books except for the first one.

Grey December 30, 2017 at 1:52 AM

bev, it’s still third person… Just much more restrictive POV, not an omniscient narrator.

Grey December 30, 2017 at 1:54 AM

I’m intrigued by this book that Jean is reading that has all of you in such a tizzy…. May have to put it on my pick for me shelf. Whats the first one?

Jen C December 30, 2017 at 2:05 AM

Oooh Unhinge! I bought that last week. Will have to start that one next. I read Unravel a few years ago and loveeeeed it.

Maryse December 30, 2017 at 8:32 AM

I will check for you, bev. :)

bev December 30, 2017 at 8:56 AM

Grey I finally googled and yes 3rd person limited. The book is Moon Called by Patricia Briggs.

bev December 30, 2017 at 8:57 AM

Thank you Maryse. Really I appreciate it.

Grey December 30, 2017 at 9:23 AM

Thanks bev, I added to my Pick-for-Me list!

Please make sure you sign up if you’re interested in any of the challenges. As we will be closing out the sign ups this weekend!

Jean December 30, 2017 at 10:54 AM

Perfect day for reading! Snowing and so pretty! Intend on finishing Moon Called and you guys have me really nervous! I don’t want anything to happen to Mercy!!!

Tessa December 30, 2017 at 11:55 AM

*picks Moon Called for Grey*

Jean, she’s strong. And the series is so good. Did you love how she antagonizes Adam? lol

Jean December 30, 2017 at 11:56 AM

Yes Tessa! I love her whole attitude about everything!

Tessa December 30, 2017 at 3:38 PM

Alright, this makes me happy. The pre-order of Kresley Cole’s The Dark Calling, the second to last of the Arcana books, just went on pre-order and it’s already top ten book sell. :)

Tasha J December 30, 2017 at 3:44 PM

Warcross by Marie Lu is on sale for 3.99 I started this one, got really into it and then life happened, need to pick it up again!
The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden 2.99
Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor 2.99
The Breakdown by B.A. Paris 2.99
Tower of the Dawn by Sarah J Maas 3.99
Wait for It by Mariana Zapata 1.99
Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas 1.99
Egomaniac by Vi Keeland 1.99
The Gravity Us by Brittany C. Cherry 1.99

Jean December 30, 2017 at 3:52 PM

Thank you Tasha! I got Wait For It and Egomaniac. AND, I got Devil in the Spring…..gonna try HR which I never read, but blurb sounded really good to me!

Jan December 30, 2017 at 4:19 PM

Ah. Devil In Spring. I love that book! Hope you enjoy, Jean.

bev December 30, 2017 at 4:30 PM

I really liked The Bear and the Nightingale.

Nay December 30, 2017 at 5:26 PM

OMG I’m 3 books behind on the Mercy Thompson series, and Silence Fallen looks SO good!

I don’t make resolutions per se’, but I’m going to try to get caught up on all my PnR and UF series in 2018. I’m behind in every one of them except the Fever series.

bev December 30, 2017 at 5:30 PM

Silence Fallen was great Nay. One of my favorites for this year.

MichelleS December 30, 2017 at 7:25 PM

Silence Fallen was one my my top reads too. So much fun! Love that Mercy girl.

MichelleS December 30, 2017 at 7:28 PM

I’m behind in PNR too- except BDB, im all caught up there because she keeps being Rhage back. I’m way behind with IAD, caught up with Fever series, need to read Chaol’s book in Throne of Glass. Ugh! Can’t think about all that right now.

Tasha J December 30, 2017 at 7:32 PM

Finished A Court of Wings and Ruin! What a ride!! I swear, every Sarah J Maas book completely consumes me until I finish and then I’m sad and wish I was still there. Now what do I do??

Tessa December 30, 2017 at 7:44 PM

Read CL Wilson’s Soul Tairen series?

JulieO December 30, 2017 at 8:13 PM

Ok that’s it…I’m reading the “c” book. It’s been on my kindle for years and never got around to it and all this talk has made me interested. AND I love Kellan.

bev December 30, 2017 at 9:24 PM

I’m pretty much behind on every series I have started. Oh, well.

MichelleS December 30, 2017 at 9:38 PM

Yes! Tairen Soul Series! If you love epic fantasy, it’s a must! That one is etched on my brain. Oh to find another series like that one.

Jan December 30, 2017 at 10:19 PM

I’m behind on Mercy too. Still gotta read Night Broken before Silence Fallen. It’s on the list…….

Cheryl December 30, 2017 at 11:12 PM

Have to laugh at the beginning comments. I have not read the “c” book.

Got 2 Amazon gift cards for Christmas, so trying to decide what to read next.

Maryse, I am slowly working on my list.

Cheryl December 30, 2017 at 11:16 PM

Do you need to read Unravel before Unhinge?

Nay December 31, 2017 at 12:05 AM

Jan–And don’t forget Fire Touched after Night Broken! Those are the ones I need to read too.

I’m only have to read the current book for Toby Daye, Charley Davidson and Jane Yellowrock, but I’m several books behind on BDB (because I’m also reading the Black Dagger Legacy inbetweenies), Immortal After Dark, Dark Hunter, Elemental Assassin, Lords of the Underworld….Gah!

But I feel like I need to re-read the last few Dark Hunter and IAD because they’ve gotten so complicated in my mind. Probably why I’m behind on them! lol

Tessa December 31, 2017 at 12:49 AM

I feel like telling you to skip a few Dark Hunters because she git weird for two or three books. It was like someone complained that her books were not stand alone enough, so she basically wrote 1/5 of a boom and retold the last book from the character’s POV. Thankfully, the last book was back to normal, without some major confusion for those of us who have been following the series. I hope she stays over it.

Tessa December 31, 2017 at 1:09 AM

Hmm, I need to read the last Vlad book from Jeanine Frost, the last Red Queen book that came out, Chaol’s book. Oh and Betsy! I have to read the book after it got weird. I’m on Undead and Unsure, I hope that Sinclair doesn’t stay weird. He used to be all alpha, then in the last book he wasn’t. Weird.

Grey December 31, 2017 at 2:15 AM

I need to read the Tairen Soul series and the Red Queen series…oh and the Immortals After Dark… They all look good. oh and the Mercy one that bev was talking about yesterday. And I need to catch up on the last BDB book and the last couple legacy books. Sounds like 2018 is going to be a paranormal year for me.

Grey December 31, 2017 at 9:28 AM

Maryse, I need more best of lists!!! *tosses glitter* Happy New Year’s Eve, my friends! What are everyone’s plans this evening?

R. Renee December 31, 2017 at 9:30 AM

I’m going to see Led Zeppelin and The Bee Gees and The Runaways and a bunch of other bands from 1976 and freeze my A$$ off!

Tasha J December 31, 2017 at 9:51 AM

Okie doke, I’m going to try the Tairen Soul series! My plans today are going to my parents house, playing a few games and eating some food that I don’t have to cook. Lol I will be home and in bed by 9 at least.

bev December 31, 2017 at 9:57 AM

Wait. Led Zepplin? With Plant and Page together? When did that happen…..and with the Bee gees? That is weird. Is it a cover band?

R. Renee December 31, 2017 at 9:59 AM

:lol: Yeah! It’s a 1976 party with a ton of coverbands tributing that year. The Ramones, Tom Petty, ABBA… It should be awesome if I survive the cold! It’s supposed to be in the 20s and most of it is outside!

bev December 31, 2017 at 10:10 AM

Lol, that makes more sense. I was like what is going on.
It is so weird that acts like that are in their 70s. Even though before I was born the images and sound is of them in their 20s and 30s , like the Beatles. Gah, I love the Beatles.

Grey December 31, 2017 at 10:56 AM

We have a new list up! *happy wiggle*

Jean December 31, 2017 at 1:10 PM

Just sat down to watch Philadelphia Eagles game which I’ve been waiting for all week and the power went out! Ugh! And it’s 15 degrees here! *crying*

MichelleS December 31, 2017 at 1:12 PM

Have ya’ll heard the band Greta Van Fleet? Bunch of kids that sound exactly like Led Zeppelin, no covers either, original so songs. Blew me away.

bev December 31, 2017 at 2:05 PM

I will have to look them up.

Sorry, Jean. That’s sad? Lol. I am not a football watcher but if it was one of my dramas…..
Do you have snow?

Jean December 31, 2017 at 2:11 PM

I am a football junkie! We got about 3 inches here yesterday….looks so pretty on the trees!

Cheryl December 31, 2017 at 2:37 PM

I think I am going to start Unhinge. Just hope I didn’t need to read Unravel first. Read the sample and it’s got me intrigued…

Leslie M December 31, 2017 at 2:43 PM

Oh Jean, I hope your power comes back on. My house is so cold WITH power and heat. Stupid New England winters! Grrrrr

Michelle, its funny you mention Greta Van Fleet. Hubs stumbled on them on YouTube few months ago and is OBSESSED with them. They do have Led Zep sound.

I am in my happy place right now…just found marathon of Hunger Games movies on.

Cheryl December 31, 2017 at 3:15 PM

Do you take your Christmas tree down before or after New Year’s? Some think it’s bad luck if you don’t take it down before the New year; others say after.

bev December 31, 2017 at 3:21 PM

I’d never heard of that superstition.

I took down all of my currently reading on GR. They were mocking me.
Plus, I want to start fresh. Also, no challenge this year. I am going to do pen and paper list to keep track. I like lists and pens and paper, so…

Nay December 31, 2017 at 3:26 PM

My poor husband is at the Titans game in 20 degree weather. I told him he was crazy! But his mom has season tickets and ever since his dad passed away 14 years ago, he’s taken her to all the home games.

Cheryl–we take ours down after because I can’t bear to take it down. I love the lights, especially at night. I have heard that superstition though. Mine will probably stay up at least 2 or 3 more days.

Leslie M December 31, 2017 at 3:36 PM

Haven’t heard superstition either, but ours came down today. It would have came down earlier if hubs had time. We have a system…I put it up, he takes it down.

I do miss the lights and pretty decorations once they are gone but my living room is small, so I like having my space back.

Tessa December 31, 2017 at 4:02 PM

I haven’t heard of it either. I just have been lazy and haven’t taken the decorations down yet. I will. Again, just lazy. :P

Maryse December 31, 2017 at 4:07 PM

I have heard that you can keep them up until Three Kings day (on January 6th) since that is the official END of the Christmas season, and then MUST be taken down or bad luck. So mine are coming down on the 6th.

bev December 31, 2017 at 7:04 PM

Go with that, Cheryl. It gives you 6 more days if you don’t want to do it now.

Nay that is such a sweet thing your husband does, nice tradition.

Cheryl December 31, 2017 at 7:18 PM

We took the tree down, but are slowly putting away all the other decorations. Now to read Unhinge. ;)

Leslie M December 31, 2017 at 7:27 PM

I am having a “I want to read all the books at once” moment.

Grey December 31, 2017 at 7:36 PM

Our tree and all signs of Christmas… must be down and put away before yesterday. My son’s birthday is the 30th and we’re always extra cautious that he never feels slighted or like his birthday is a “leftover” Christmas celebration. His birthday is just as much a reason to celebrate as any of the other kids… so yeah, our tree and everything was down on Thursday, I think.

bev December 31, 2017 at 9:43 PM

Jean’s turn!

D.G. December 31, 2017 at 11:41 PM

Happy New Years my book peeps!!!!

Cheryl January 1, 2018 at 12:35 AM

Happy New Year!! Love you guys!!!

Tasha J January 1, 2018 at 9:32 AM

Happy New Year everyone!! I actually stayed up till 11 last night and boy did I have a headache this morning for it! Like a hangover, without the drinking. :P

bev January 1, 2018 at 10:37 AM

Happy New Years!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

Jean January 1, 2018 at 11:56 AM

Happy New Year!!

bev January 1, 2018 at 12:08 PM

Does everyone know what their first read of the New Year will be?

I think mine is going to be The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon.
New to me author so fingers crossed.

I cleared out my currently reading, will go back to them, but wanted a fresh start. Maybe only one book at a time too….we’ll see.

Jean January 1, 2018 at 12:19 PM

I have 10% left of Moon Called and then I’m going to read Devil in the Spring!!!!!

Tessa January 1, 2018 at 1:20 PM

Happy New Years!

I’ve no idea what I’m reading after Keeping Kyler. Probably finish the ARC I have. It’s kind of boring, and not what I was expecting. I admit I was looking for erotica, not suspense/ mystery which makes no sense why she’s investigating.

bev January 1, 2018 at 1:42 PM

Jean you are just making my New Years.

Tessa that’s an interesting switch for a book to take.

Tessa January 1, 2018 at 3:22 PM

She’s an insurance fraud investigator who suspects that an art theft was fraud. It’s stupid because she bases it on five mil deposited into their account. It’s not hard to trace where that money came from. *rolls eyes* Especially since she’s not supposed to go into someone’s bank account five years after the fraud.

Nay January 1, 2018 at 4:05 PM

Happy New Year, my wonderful friends!!

I’m finishing up Erica Lynn’s steamy novella, Gretel, and then I have to find a quick read to fit in before we start the COTAR BR tomorrow!!

Cheryl January 1, 2018 at 4:28 PM

Just finished Unhinge. The writing was great, but I’m not sure what to make of it. It certainly kept my attention- I had to know what exactly happened. There were some plot holes and some timelines that didn’t match up. I’m still not sure if I liked that ending or if it was something straight out of a soap opera.

Now to finish putting away christmas decorations.

Leslie M January 1, 2018 at 5:47 PM

Happy New Year!!!

I am starting off with one of Lisa faves: Yes, Mr Van Der Wells by S. Ann Cole.

Cheryl January 1, 2018 at 8:41 PM

Leslie I was thinking of starting another S. Ann Cole book that was on R’s list- Free Hostage, but the one you’re starting is a KU book, FH is not. Hmmm…

Leslie M January 1, 2018 at 9:22 PM

Free Hostage did sound good! R. piqued my interest on that one.

R. Renee January 1, 2018 at 9:28 PM

FH probably isn’t on KU because it’s her first book with Entangled. They’re both really good and very similar as far as writing style and humor. Try YMVDW first since it’s “free” and see what you think.

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