Interesting tidbits from J.R. Wards Center Stage discussion:

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While I catch up on the entire “Center Stage” discussion with J.R. Ward, I figured I’d post and comment on some of my favorite quick tidbits (it’s pretty much all interesting, and can be read in it’s entirety on the Barnes and Noble website here – lots of stuff about her different story lines, how she puts it to paper, her playlists and so much more!)

Sidenote to my mother (MOM – don’t read any of this until you are done the BDB series) - tee hee!

Also - there are potential *spoilers* below – so be warned!

Ok…onto the serious stuff:

J.R. Ward is on page 512 of John Matthew’s book, and soon she will be on to four weeks of revisions (she expects the book to expand between 600 and 800 pages!!) It will be called Lover Mine and will be out May 2010.

Hints on what to expect with Lover Mine: (mating ritual will not be what we expect – and apparently there will be lots of it between Xhex and JM, in fact it makes J.R. Ward blush!)

In Lover Mine, we will see a softer side of Zsadist with all his baby paraphernalia (how sweet is that! He is my favorite brother). Apparently, he is also the author’s favorite too!

Tohr will get his own book within the next 3 or four books. So sad – Wellsie remains in the Fade with her son, but Tohr does meet someone, someone we’ve seen before (I think this will be an amazing story – heartrending but wonderful…)

Qhuinn will get his own story, but she is not certain if it will be a short story or a stand alone book. Trez and iAm are hoping to get their own books.

Blay will also get a happily ever after… and that would be, you guessed it – Qhuinn ;)

After John Matthew’s book, the next BDB book will be Payne’s (V’s twin sister, who if I’ve understood correctly, will be joining the Brotherhood). The induction ceremony will be the same for female or male (ouch!) but she is rethinking the whole “standing there naked” thing… Big revelation at the end of Lover Mine when someone (all of them?) find out who Wrath has been sparring with.

Rhage and Mary’s next big thing will have to do with children (it was rumored that it would be adoption, but J.R Ward is stating she has never specifically said that ;) )

About the Fallen Angels series:

There will be at least seven books in the Fallen Angels series (including Covet). The next book in the series will be Crave (and the hero will be a very “HOT Isaac”). She discusses the criticisms she has received regarding the slower start with Covet, and difficulties and options that lead her to decide on that particular pace.

Adrian and Devina have a long history that will unfold over the course of the books…(old lovers maybe? eeeek!! I love Adrian. I love Eddie too!)

We might see the dead girl again (I saw that coming considering Jim’s reaction to her)

In the timeline, Covet took place during Xhex’s abduction (interesting…)

Hey I missed a cameo in Covet!! Butch was in the back of the church. Now I have to find it and re-read that part – how did I miss it?

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Mandi October 21, 2009 at 8:00 AM

Oh happy JR Ward details.

So excited to find out Qhuinn’s HEA!!

I missed Butch too..I remember seeing Phury.

Maryse October 21, 2009 at 8:45 AM

Oh yes!! I love it! I’m so surprised she gave it away, but it makes me anxious to read it now…

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