Kylie Scott’s Cover Reveal of Her Upcoming Rock Star Book, “Lead”!

by Maryse on April 2, 2014 · 5 comments

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<— I’m very excited to post THIS gorgeous cover of “Lead” (the upcoming book #3 in Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive Series). And since I’m still kind of floating in my “love-fog” from book #2 in the series, this book #3 cover release is well timed. ;)

Kylie Scott: GAH. JIMMY. I really do have a certain weakness for this cover. Also…delighted to announce PLAY hit #11 on the New York Times List and #27 on the USA Today!!! I’m blown away. Thank you all so much for your support.

YAY!!! Congratulations Kylie. I had NO doubt “Play” would “rock the charts”. It was awesome! :D

ROCK STAR ROMANCE BOOK lovers rejoice. This series TRULY rocks my world. Book #1 (“Lick“) blew me away and I gave it 5 stars and book #2 (“Play“) blew me away even more (and even more than book #1) and I gave it 5 stars, too.

But THIS one? Oh I cannot WAIT for Jimmy! Why? Because I got to know him as the ultimate “jerk” of the group! And you know me. I love falling for the book-jerks. rolleyes

Heidi just asked: Maryse have you seen the pretty bit of the cover of Lead?

Maryse’s Book Blog: HECK YAH!!! GORGEOUS!!!! And I SO want Jimmy’s book ’cause to me, he’s the tormented one. And I LOVE my heroes brooding, angry and tormented!!! SO I can HUG ‘em!

Heidi: Yesssss omg my new purpose in life is to hug all of stage dive. *sigh*

Maryse’s Book Blog: I used to say I wasn’t much of a hugger, but I think I’m totally full of it. I hug LOTS! LOL!!! :D

Lori: hahaha Maryse we were just talking about the pretty!

Maryse’s Book Blog: Sooooooooooo pretty!!!! Jimmy was such a jerk… but I bet he’ll make me wanna snuggle him too. I doubt he’d like that much, though. :P

Jennifer: Soo freakin flamin hottttt!!!

Lori: that jaw…and an ass too? it might be my favorite of all of em LOL

Maryse’s Book Blog: Ohhhh Lori where is it? I think he’s sittin’ on it, so I’m curious how you know about it already. :P

Lori: funny Maryse :)

Maryse: *giggle* ;)

Kylie: Thank you very much, Maryse! I have to say, this cover is a definite favourite. I respect him deeply for his mind.

Sherry: Nice!

Acacia: Just finished the first one and bought the second one right now! Love it.

Heidi: Wow look at that strong jaw. o_O

Valerie: Thank you for getting me hooked on this series. Just finished Mal’a book. My fav by far because of the twisted humor. I now want to see parts of the first one and that one from Mal’s POV. Would be great. I am sure jimmy will be very interesting too.

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Christine April 3, 2014 at 1:05 AM

So excited! Can’t wait for this books release. Love this series

Shanda April 3, 2014 at 6:22 AM

Oh wow, I mean WOW, I love that cover, I am just coming off from the high of Play also. Love, I mean LOVE this series !!!! I can’t wait for Jimmy !!!

Georgia April 3, 2014 at 7:27 AM

LOVE this series!! Can’t wait for book 3 and that cover….well…it’s just YUMMY!!

Jean April 3, 2014 at 9:01 AM

Wow, that cover….so hot! Can’t wait for Jimmy’s story….I think I’m going to fall for him soooo bad!!

Chris October 18, 2017 at 7:07 PM

Can anyone tell me who that hogtie is on the cover of Lead

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