Latest Author and Book News – November 15th 2011 – Plus! The Kindle Fire Is Shipping!

by Maryse on November 15, 2011 · 3 comments

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Lots of cool tidbits today… and look. Amazon announced that the Kindle Fire is shipping (I think I read that it started shipping a day early, even)!

  • Oooooh some awesome J.R. Ward updates about Tohr’s book (Lover Reborn – expected release date March 2tth 2012). These are lost in a sea of Facebook posts on her page, but I remembered seeing and thinking “Oh!! I have to immortilize those tidbits on my blog forever.” So I searched and I searched and I found ‘em!! First an update on the length of the book:

“Well it’s a official! Tohr is off to New York- on the final count he came in at 194,057 words/813 pages- which is just short of Rehv, but definitely longer than John Matthew by a healthy margin. Balled at the end- just f’in balled even though I knew what to expect- there’s one scene in particular that gets me EVERY time!”

and then she said:

“Tohr report: Okay, so he made my amazing editor miss her subway stop by FOUR stops (she ended up in a diff. part of NYC altogether) and caused her to cry- more than once. Also, Twisted and Braveheart read him, and at least on the latter’s case, developed “lumpage” which guy-speak for OMG I would be crying if I had ovaries right now. Kleenex, ladies, you’re gona need KLEENEX…”

Oh YAY!!! I so wanna cry, too!! Can you imagine how freaked out Tohr’s gonna be when he starts feeling for someone else? ACK!!! My heart already hurts for him.

  • Jamie McGuire updates us with some exciting news!! Our favorite bad-boy, Travis, and his book, made it into the Goodreads Choice Awards (Semi-Final Round) under these categories: Best Young Adult Fiction and Best Goodreads Author!! YAY Jamie! You can still vote for your favorite (and if you’ve already voted, go check cause this is the second round of votes, so your first votes are null and void and this point). Go vote again (and don’t forget to vote for Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey) again, while you’re there in the Best Romance section:

  • Also!! That very book (Beautiful Disaster) is now officially available on Amazon in print format :)
  • Oh RIGHT!! One more thing. ;)  Beautiful Disaster in e-book format is on sale right now!!!! SO worth it. Worth the full price too, but if you want a bad-boy thrill, and haven’t read it yet, this one’s for you!
  • Kindle Fire is now shipping!! What an awesome looking reader. Not my iPad, of course but darn close!
  • Olivia Cunning informs us that “Double Time” (Trey’s book in the Sinners on Tour series) is expected to be released in one year. Awwww what!!!? A whole year for Trey? I’m bummed! – expected releade date November 2012.
  • Diana Gabaldon reminds us that “Scottish Prisoner” goes on sale in two weeks (expected release date November 29th 2011). I need to catch up on the Outlander series. It is SOOOO good. I think I stopped on book #4 or #5, only because they are so involved and I was in the mood for a “vampire” read, but OMG do I miss Jamie. This book reminds me I have some serious reading to do.
  • Laurell K Hamilton gives us some Merry Gentry news on her Facebook page!!

“…don’t be afraid that Merry is lost. She’s been whispering in my ear of late. I find myself staring off into space when I should be playing with Anita and company, and think of Merry, the babies, Doyle, Frost, Sholto, and the rest. Merry would like to simply enjoy her life, which is pretty wonderful right now, but Queen Andais may have something to say about that. Damn it. Now back to the book that I’m actually supposed to be working on. *laughs* Focus! Oooh . . . shiny. Focus! Hmm . . . our Darkness. Focus, damn it!”

  • Karen Marie Moning announces some release dates (Fever Moon is her graphic novel and Iced is the FIRST in the Fever spinoff series (a Dani O’Malley novel):

“Release dates: FEVER MOON: The Fear Dorcha was just moved up to July 10th, 2012! (I’ll be signing at Comic-Con.) The special edition of INTO THE DREAMING has been moved to May, 2012, and ICED goes on sale October 30th, 2012. Which means soon I get to share some sneak peeks!”

Ok I’m still working on this post, finding more news so more to follow… ;)


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Tina November 15, 2011 at 12:53 PM

I’m hoping my new Kindle Fire is waiting for me when I get home. It was my birthday present to myself. Can’t wait to open the box.

Maryse November 15, 2011 at 1:17 PM

I bet you it will be there!! They were shipping it out one day early!

patricia November 15, 2011 at 2:04 PM

I know I am so excited…I feel like a kid again… more feeling left out….now just got to figure out what I will call him……….and look at all this book activity speaking of book activity….(hmmmmrmmmmr TIna I think I am going to spon tainiously bust from anticipation ughhhhh I am overloading). MAryse was that a good author nudge….teehee

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