Latest Author and Book News – November 5th 2011

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Today’s latest book and author news (including a limited time bargain priced e-book, an early ScanguardsVampires release, and an update on Cat and Bones)!!

  • Jamie McGuire announced a short delay with the print version of her book Beautiful Disaster:

“I have some good news and bad news: Bad news… Beautiful Disaster paperback version has hit a small snag, which cost us a couple of weeks. :/ Good news…it’s coming!”

  • Jessica Park‘s highly acclaimed novel “Flat-Out Love” (I loved it, too!)! Not sure how long that will last, but if you want a funny, sweet, romantic read with an interesting twist, get it!!
  • Tina Folsom has released Zane’s story early (Zane’s Redemption (Scanguards Vampires #5)!!! It’s up and ready to go on Amazon as we speak.
  • Laurell K Hamilton is currently writing, and has given us a progress update:

Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) was loud in my head, though confusing. The character growth and the plot are sort of arguing with each other, or rather the large cast is puzzling me as a writer. Tougher job for me, more fun for all you guys. :-)

she also mentioned this (an interesting perspective from the writer’s experience):

“I want the next scene done today. Why? Because there are two types of scenes that stopping in the middle of is a bad idea for me – fight scenes, and sex scenes. Either way, it’s like the next day I’ve lost all my momentum and I have to start over, maybe not in pages, but in mindset and attitude. Finish the fight, or finish the sex; leaving it until tomorrow will be deadly to my productivity.”

“Well it’s more than official- Tohr has surpassed John Matthew in length! By like a good two thousand words and I still have 150 pages or more to go through. So yup, Reborn is bigger than Mine! Erhm… that sounds dirrrrrty… :(

  • Some last minute news that I just happened upon, (bad news but should be better soon!) – Stacia Kane, author of one of my favorite series (Downside Ghosts) has been hospitalized (emergency surgery), but it looks like she will be okay. To contact her and send her well wishes, please see the two latest posts on her blog (as updated by her husband).

“Once Burned, Vlad and Leila’s book, is now in my editor’s hands…

…Because the book wasn’t turned in until November 1st, the release date has been pushed back from the end of March until June 26th. Basically my choices were these: rush to finish the book by October 1st and then have a less thorough edit done on it to make the March release date, or finish the book in the time necessary to give it my best effort and have the normal, multi-layered editing process done for an end-of-June release. I chose the latter.”

She also goes on to say that she’s really into Vlad and his heroine, and there will be a second book for them. And a quick tidbit about the rollercoaster ride we’ll be in for, with the next three Cat and Bones books. About how it wraps up, her editor said:

““Wow. I didn’t see that coming.”

Never fear, readers, this doesn’t mean I’m killing off Cat or Bones. I’ve said from the beginning that readers who stick with the the series will see an eventual happily-ever-after for the couple. Until that final resolution, however – game on! *wink*.”

Well… I love the drama!!! So I’m anxious to continue on their wild ride! So that’s it for now. If I find more, I’ll add it :)

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patricia nesbitt November 5, 2011 at 3:39 PM

Oh crap…..I am not sure if I can handle a wild ride…………..not with cat and bones

Jackie November 6, 2011 at 9:36 AM

I love Vlad – can’t wait!!! xxx

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