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It’s been awhile since I’ve caught up on my paranormal/vampire news fix, so I thought I’d catch up, and catch you all up too (here’s the thing…I need to catch up BIG time, so some of this may already be old news to you…)

In a past tweet, Laurell K. Hamilton indicated that the Anita Blake TV series that was set to air on the IFC channel will not be airing (if I can recall it correctly, the direction wasn’t entirely to her liking)…AH! Found a link to her blog post, and here it is! Quite an interesting post, actually, as she goes into some detail about why the plans have fallen through, and then a few tidbits about each of our favorite characters, and what they mean to her (whaaaattt? Almost killed off Jean-Claude – NEVER say such a thing!! Take it back now!)

Some casting news on True Blood3 from Access Hollywood (including who will be playing the sexy werewolf Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) – Oh Damn! I just saw his pics for the first time, and I vote we change the story and Sookie stays with him (whoa!!)…Ok Ok, relax, I am, and will always be team Eric, but come on … look at him!  reports that Season 3 will also have Eric tied to a love interest that isn’t Sookie. Grrrrr!! (OK, I have just consoled myself by looking at “Alcide” again). Much better…

Shocktillyoudrop has more True Blood casting info (including the actor that will play Tara’s overbearing vampire boyfriend “Franklin” in the upcoming season). That was an interesting storyline, so I’m glad they will be integrating it into the show.

Trailer for the upcoming season of the Vampire Diaries (set to air again on January 21st). While I myself am not as addicted to the show as I was to the books, I still think they picked the perfect Damon. Watch the promotional video at TVOvermind.

Some pics of the Vampire Diaries actors shopping (Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley). See ‘em at GeekSugar. has some creepy promotional pics, video’s etc… for the new movie “Daybreakers”.  The kicker is the instructional poster on what to do if you find a human…one being: Don’t try and feed on humans immediately. Conservation is the key (EEEEK!!!)…Ok (that movie looks totally creepy, I don’t think there are any sexy vampires in this one), but since I love horror, I’m all for it! has a link to the “Ask Rob” contest, along with E-Channel’s list of “Top 10 Vampires we Love”…wait a minute – whoever came up with this list needs to read more (there are much hotter vampires in books)!! also sets the record straight with a few quotes from Twilight’s Robert Pattison and his single status. has a cool clip of New Moon’s Taylor Lautner’s  opening dialogue on Saturday Night live.

Looks like Rachel Lefevre will not be resuming her role of Victoria in the upcoming Twilight Saga movie “Eclipse” (due to scheduling conflicts). Bryce Dallas will be playing the character instead. Filming will start in August, with a June 2010 release date. Read about it on

Ok, so has an interesting enough article about the success of the recent vampire related YA books etc etc.., but a line caught my eye, and NOW I wanna know. There is a quick blurb about Richelle Mead, and I quote:

Richelle Mead had been writing adult paranormal books when Razorbill suggested she give the young adult genre a try.

The resulting “Vampire Academy” series has well over two-and-a-half million copies of the first four titles in print, with more books (and a movie) on the way.

Whhhhaaaaa?? A Vampire Academy movie??? My quick Google searches have not resulted in anything, but what do they know, that we don’t? Richelle? Any comments?

Another cool article I found about “Urban Fantasy” (and Paranormal Romance) and it’s increasing popularity. They hinted that the SciFi genre may be suffering because of this. They theorize that it is due to the stories taking place in our world (I guess the readers can “relate” better)…but personally, I think it has more to do with the romantic tension and interludes that each book entails. Sure, sure…magic’s  cool and all, but it’s even better when the magic’s between the sheets (OH NO! – I did NOT just say that out loud!) *blush*…anyhooooo… Read it on

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