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by Maryse on October 22, 2009 · 3 comments

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The answer and question format at the Barnes and Noble Center Stage discussion area will continue until tomorrow. In the meantime, I  have gathered even more tidbits that I found particularly interesting (for the full effect, though, read the entire discussion on the B&N website. J.R. Ward gives off a great vibe when answering her fans! – LOVE her!)

AGAIN!! CAREFUL when proceeding below - *potential SPOILERS ahead* (but there won’t be many more, as apparently, the author has been warned that she is revealing too much) ;)

  • Tohr’s HEA will not be Payne, nor will it be the SV
  • Zsadist will share more about himself to John Matthew, but he does hold some back.
  • Tohr and JM will have some healing as JM begins to understand what Tohr has gone through.
  • WOW Here’s something I’ve been mispronouncing… *blush* I’ve been pronouncing Xhex (“Zex” kinda like Xylophone – the X sounds like a Z, ya know?). The Warden actually pronounces it “Hex”…*hrmph* – did anyone else have it wrong?
  • Oooh! She mentions V’s and Butch’s relationship, the tie is as strong as the one with their own mates, just on a different level. She also alludes to something about Butch, but then makes a point to say she will stop right there… (I wonder what that could mean?). I will admit, that pairing was (still is) intriguing to me…
  • Fascinating little piece of info where she explains how her fan’s reactions to the ending of Lover Unbound, made her realize that what she sees in her head, does not always translate perfectly to the readers.
  • Lassiter will get his own book, but I believe she is keeping him on the BDB side of things (even though he is a fallen angel, from what I have gathered, she will not necessarily be crossing him over to the Fallen Angels series)
  • Wrath and Beth will eventually have a son!

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Mandi October 23, 2009 at 7:30 AM

Oooh..hadn’t heard about Wrath and Beth having a son!!

jenshockley November 4, 2009 at 5:55 PM

I was always saying it as “zex” too! I was so glad to see that on the Center Stage. Are you a member of her boards? You get great info from here there too – especially in the live chats!

Maryse November 6, 2009 at 12:14 AM

Ahhh nice to know I wasn’t the only one ;)

Thanks for the heads-up on the message board. I will definitely check it out :)

I did attend her latest live chat. It was great! I’m shocked that she let go of so much valuable information, but honestly, it just makes me want to read the books more!!

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