20 Monday Early Bird Book Releases & some going live at midnight!

by Maryse on July 18, 2016 · 9 comments

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<— Well hello there!!! One of our favorite authors just released this fun-sounding one, and that blurb definitely has me! But… that’s not the only earlybird. ;)

I highlighted over 20 below (from authors like Jennifer Estep, and Bella Jewel and Karina Halle) and some new-to-us authors that might just rock our worlds! Some to satisfy all of our romance reading moods. Take a look!

Oh yeah… and tomorrow’s pre-orders (below). Kim Jones, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Nalini Singh, Kendall Ryan, Beth Flynn and Gail Carriger just to name a few. *oomph*!!!!! :D


  • Bossman by Vi Keeland <— LIVE!!! VI KEELAND ALERT! Oh this sounds like it’ll be some steamy romance fun. She’s on a bad date and a cocky stranger becomes quite opinionated when he overhears her exit strategy, but… “I thought he was going to rat me out. But instead, he pretended we knew each other and joined us―telling elaborate, embarrassing stories about our fake childhood. My date suddenly went from boring to bizarrely exciting…” And then… she find out later that he’s her new boss!

BrazGirl: Thank you Maryse! This one is exactly what I wanted today. At 24% and loving it!!! :)

Teresa: Just finished Boss Man and it was awesome !

  • The Dirty Angels Trilogy: The Complete Box Set by Karina Halle <— LIVE!!! BAD-GUY JAVIER ALERT!!! HECK YES!!!! MINE!!! The trilogy, bargain-priced: ”When twisted drug lord Javier Bernal kidnaps beauty queen Luisa Reyes, the abused yet feisty wife of a rival cartel leader, he thinks he’ll have an easy job. Torture the trophy wife until he gets what he wants, then kill her. Business as usual. But the longer Javier has Luisa in his clutches, the more he ends up falling under Luisa’s spell…”

Pia: Mine too :D

Kristy: Omg I loved this series!! I loved Javier in the sins and needles series and I was glad to see he had his own spin off. This is deliciously dark.

  • Unwanted (Elemental Assassin Book 18) by Jennifer Estep <— LIVE!!!! POPULAR PARANORMAL SERIES ALERT! “The fallout from his disastrous “family reunion” in Bitter Bite has left Finn feeling hurt, angry, and depressed…”
  • Blood to Dust by L.J. Shen <— LIVE!!! DARK READ ALERT (by the author of Sparrow! It’s a standalone!!) She’s been kidnapped… “His name is Nathaniel Thomas Vela, and I’ve never seen his face, though I hear that it’s beautiful. Behind the rugged and handsome exterior, there’s a quiet murderer, a killer who thinks guns are for pussies and ends people with his bare hands. His name doesn’t matter, neither does his face, but what does matter is my heart. And right now, sadly, it’s his…
  • Moore To Love by Faith Andrews <— LIVE!!! SHE’S TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT and she’s hired a trainer to get in shape, and then she crashes her car into the guy she’s crushing on… “He’s out of my league. Slim, sleek, and athletic to my plump, dull, and unfit. Lane has no reason to like me, but to my utter shock . . . he does and this newfound attention from the opposite sex has me all sorts of baffled…”
  • Chaos by Alexis Noelle <— LIVE!! BIKER BOOK ALERT! “Finally, after years of Hell, everything feels like it’s right where it’s supposed to be. Except with her. She’s far from where she’s supposed to be. Tracie is so damned determined to be with someone who isn’t “one of us.” Delusional. That’s what she is…”
  • Challenge: A Contemporary MMA Romance: Oni Fighters Book 3 by Natalie Gayle <— LIVE!! MMA FIGHTER ALERT! “What happens when fate intervenes and leaves them both reeling, with nothing more than hazy memories of how they landed in their new and terrifying reality? “
  • Salvatore: a Dark Mafia Romance by Natasha Knight <— LIVE!! MAFIA ROMANCE ALERT! HER FATHER SIGNS HER OVER TO A MAFIA FAMILY……the time for him to claim me. For Salvatore Benedetti to own me. 
I had vowed vengeance. I had learned hate. And yet, nothing could have prepared me for the man who now ruled my life…
  • Redemption (The Volkov Mafia Series Book 4) by Samantha Harrington <— LIVE MAFIA ALERT!
  • Trucker (The Good Guys Book 1) by Jamie Schlosser <— LIVE!!! SHE’S HITCHHIKING & HE’S A TRUCKER ALERT!I’d never picked up a hitchhiker before. Had never planned on it. But there was no way I could leave this girl out there on her own…
  • No Falling Allowed (No Kissing Allowed) by Melissa West <— LIVE!!! SHE’S STARTING OVER IN A SMALL TOWN, AND REALIZES HER RECENT ONE-NIGHT STAND IS NOW HER NEW BARTENDER-BOSS ALERT!…disowned and broke, with a new job that I can’t mess up. Oh yeah, and staring at my one-night stand, who happens to be the complete opposite of my type. Southern. Cocky. Bartender.
  • Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson Manning <— LIVE!! HE’S BEING PAID TO SECRETLY GUARD HER…
  • Totally, Sweetly, Irrevocably by Kira Archer <— LIVE!! HE’S A COP & SHE’S A PEEPING TOM ALERT! “No matter how hot their stakeouts, by-the-book Officer Boyd can’t see a future with a dangerous, rule-breaking wild-child who despises the law…”
  • The Bad Boy Next Door: A Red Hot Bad Boy Romance by Lacey Legend <— LIVE!!! HER SEXY NEW NEIGHBOR ALERT! “After growing tired of the loud music coming from his house, Ruby went next door to introduce herself to the bad boy and ask him to turn the music down…”
  • Six Month Rule (Kingston Ale House) by A.J. Pine <— LIVE!!! SHE DOESN’T DATE FOR LONGER THAN 6 MONTHS ALERT! “Holly’s been busting her butt to make partner at Trousseau, and there’s no way she’s going to let some stuck-up British arsehole get in her way—no matter how drop-dead gorgeous he is. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun in the process…”
  • Hot on His Heels (What Happens in Vegas) by Margo Bond Collins <— LIVE!!! BOOK CONVENTION ALERT & SHE WINS A DATE WITH HIM! “Jake Blaine could kill his boss for rigging the contest, but now he’s face to face with the one woman who could expose his alter ego. He’s not about to leave, but he can’t tell Sadie he’s the editor she’s looking for…”

“He was just a stranger
Just a selfless stranger with a face I’ll never forget
Can’t forget
Won’t forget

And like everything else, he just disappeared
As if he never existed
I have to find him…”

  • Feel the Heat: A Contemporary Romance Anthology <— LIVE ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY!!
  • Falling for the Chance by Michelle Josette <— LIVE! SHE’S TRYING TO MOVE ON A FEW YEARS AFTER HER FIANCE’S DEATH…Not only can she not move on emotionally but she has now found herself stuck in a career path far from where she saw her future self. One hot Friday afternoon in Dallas she meets two potential men that could make her see things differently. Martin and Mike couldn’t be more opposite…
  • Evasive Maneuvers by Lynn Michaels <— LIVE!!! M/M ROMANCE ALERT! “When he meets the man that makes his heart melt, he lies to impress him. Unfortunately, facing the truth may turn out to be the least of his problems when he’s forced to come face to face with the sins of his father…”
  • Hell On An Angel (Fated Love Book 2) by Lauren Firminger <— LIVE!!! SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE ALERT! “He was my life when I had nothing left. He made me believe that maybe I wasn’t just destined for pain and hurt. In the blink of an eye that was taken away from me and again my heart was broken…”


PREORDERS (going live tomorrow or at midnight !!! :D )

  1. Sinner’s Revenge (A Sinner’s Creed Novel) by Kim Jones – July 19th 2016
  2. Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss Book 4) by Nalini Singh - releasing July 19th 2016
  3. Imprudence (The Custard Protocol) by Gail Carriger – July 19th 2016
  4. Obsession (Steel Brothers Saga Book 2) by Helen Hardt - July 19th 2016
  5. His Royal Secret by Lilah Pace - July 19th 2016
  6. Killing The Sun: Part 3 by Mara White & K. Larsen - July 19th 2016
  7. A Gift of Time (The Nine Minutes Trilogy Book 3) by Beth Flynn -  July 19th 2016
  8. Falling by Jane Green - July 19th 2016
  9. The Girl Who Escaped ISIS: This Is My Story by by Farida Khalaf & Andrea C. Hoffmann - July 19th 2016
  10. Protected: Alien Mate Index Book 2: (Alien Warrior BBW Paranormal Science fiction Romance) (The Alien Mate Index) by Evangeline Anderson - July 19th 2016 <— OH MY SISTER’S GONNA BE HAPPY!!
  11. Hitched (Imperfect Love Book 2) by Kendall Ryan - July 19th 2016
  12. Wicked Sexy (Wicked Games Series Book 2) by J.T. Geissinger - July 19th 2016
  13. Anything but Love: A Romantic Comedy (Wingmen Book 3) by Daisy Prescott - July 19th 2016
  14. Wanderlust by Roni Loren - July 19th 2016
  15. Nero’s Dream: A Dragons of Incendium Short Story by Deborah Cooke - July 19th 2016
  16. Torn (A Wicked Trilogy Book 2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - July 19th 2016
Tessa: Torn? Torn is out tomorrow? *one clicks* Thank you Maryse. I’ve waited forever for her to write the second book. It was so long, she had to re-read the book for a refresher. (I can’t complain. She started writing Seth’s books, which is making me SOOOOO happy.)
  1. Eminent Love by Leddy Harper - July 20th 2016
  2. Damaged (Torn Series Book 8) by Pamela Ann - July 21st 2016

➜ CHECK OUT ALL the upcoming BOOK RELEASES here (frequently updated and it goes all the way to 2017!)


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{ 9 comments… read them below or add one }

Fabi July 18, 2016 at 10:42 AM

Since I was in a book fog after Wolfsong, I decided to go with an erotic romance novella to sort of clear my mind. ;-)

Her Husband’s Brother (A Love and Justice Novella Book 1) by
Erica Lynn

I’m not usually one for novellas, but, omg, this is good!

I had the privilege of meeting Erica Lynn at the recent Writer’s Retreat that Robin hosted. Such a sweet and funny young lady. I can’t believe the steam she writes in these pages. :-) She has 3 books out in this series with the last one published just last week.

If you’re in the mood for a short, steamy read with an interesting plot…look no further.

R. Renee July 18, 2016 at 11:01 AM

Fabi, now you know why we call her Erotica Lynn LOL. Wicked Game is the one that just came out, but it’s a standalone. I have it on my TBR to fix me after I finish *fishing* – which BTW I stupidly did at 5am this morning. Suanne really shouldn’t be read during non-drinking hours.

Tessa July 18, 2016 at 11:25 AM

Torn? Torn is out tomorrow? *one clicks* Thank you Maryse. I’ve waited forever for her to write the second book. It was so long, she had to re-read the book for a refresher. (I can’t complain. She started writing Seth’s books, which is making me SOOOOO happy.)

Maryse July 18, 2016 at 11:42 AM

YAY Tessa!!!! I’m so glad you’ve been anxiously waiting for one of ‘em!!!! :D

Diana July 18, 2016 at 12:30 PM

I agree with Tessa, I’ve been WAITING for Torn!!! I literally check my calendar once a month to see when it’s out. SQUEEEE!!!! *does happy dance*

Tessa July 18, 2016 at 12:57 PM

:D The first was good, wasn’t it Diane? I may need to skim it again for a refresher. However, right now, I’m reading Unwanted. Poor Finn.

Lisa July 19, 2016 at 12:08 AM

One clicked Bossman….ofcourse.
And Daisy Prescott Anything But Love….The previous book in this series Confessions of A Reformed Tom Cat was awesome (think I put on my favorite books list actually). If you love Penny Reid’s style of writing you’ll love these.

Fabi July 19, 2016 at 12:21 AM

I got a sample of Bossman too. It looks too delish to pass up.

Fabi July 19, 2016 at 10:22 AM

Maryse, Twisted by Andrew E. Kaufman is on sale for $1.99. I’m looking to you for a BR soon with this one. :-)

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