Jezebel by K. Larsen is FINALLY LIVE again! And the reason it disappeared in the first place…

by Maryse on July 2, 2015 · 4 comments

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Jezebel by K. Larsen <— IS it my imagination!??? It’s BACK UP my friends!!!! For some reason it was up for only a few days, BLEW READER’S MINDS and then it disappeared off of Amazon, and I have no idea why… Ohhhhh the intrigue ’cause EVERYONE seemed to have LOVED the first version.

AND NOW THE COMPANION NOVELLA IS UP TOO!!! —-> Lying in Wait: A Companion Novella to Jezebel

Amy: Maryse, don’t forget about Jezebel in the midst of this week’s bookgasms. ;) That. Freaking. Ending. I was REELING. Even if it seems slow at parts and even if you think you have things figured out, stick with it! The ending will have you saying WTF, even if you don’t ever say that, LOL!! …  I was saying yesterday that I was pretty sure I had figured out what was happening (the twist), and I even started to feel a little indifferent towards the story near the end because I was right about it, but then BA-BAM!!! What happened was so WTF to me and was so NOT the ending I was expecting. If for nothing else about it, read Jezebel for that twist. ;)

Joy: OMG …OMG… OMG…. I just finished Jezebel!!! Who else has read this???

Brenda: Omg!!! It was so good! I read all day. Could not put it down!

Milissa: Omg has anyone read Jezebel?I can normally see how the book will end. But let me tell you I was totally mind f**ked. Yall have got to read it..

Maryse:  I have it!! I got it before it went off Amazon, so I’m waiting for it to be available again so we can all read it together. :D

Di-Ann: Oh my goodness. I just finished Jezebel by K. Larsen and OMG. So unique, beautifully written and that ending slayed me. Just when you think you have figured it out, NOT!! I dare anyone to tell me they saw it coming! LOVED IT!!!!!

Ela: Maryse you must read Jezebel by K. Larsen just as your crew pointed out!!!! I set up a spoiler thread on your blog

Okay I just found out from the author’s Facebook post here about why it went down… she had an anxiety attack!!:

“…Jezebel was killing it rank wise- I should have been celebrating and jumping for joy- instead- I was chewing anxiety pills like candy. I cried. I didn’t have dessert. I didn’t drink anything but water. I laid in bed all day. I lost 8 lbs total since June 5th. I didn’t sleep. My heart rate was over 100 for 7 days. From Saturday the 6th until Saturday the 13th I. Didn’t. Function. If you’ve read my bio- you know all of that is 100% the opposite of who I am.

In that mindset- I thought pulling Jezebel would alleviate my anxiety. Anxiety is a fairly normal reaction to stress…”

Ahhhh…. okay that explains it. I want to hug her!!

BUT!!! IT IS LIVE once again and I hear the twist in this book is SO CRAZY it will blow your mind. Author also says it’s a standalone even though there’s a crazy twist (so I assume no cliffy) but there will be a novella released, too.

When asked on her Facebook page if it was a standalone, she says:

Kind of. There is a small novella that comes out June 3rd. But, otherwise, Yes!

sidenote from Maryse – I think she means July? *crosses fingers* OH!!! My crossed fingers worked ’cause HERE IT IS ALREADY LIVE!!! Lying in Wait: A Companion Novella to Jezebel <— *snort* :P  

Okay YAY!!! I finally get to read it! I bought it when it was first released, but held off to read it with everyone… now that it’s available again, I’m on it!

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Amy July 2, 2015 at 11:20 PM

Oh, that poor lady DOES need a hug…but yay for it being back up and for the companion novella!! There were some unanswered questions for me so I’m hoping the novella will take care of that…nothing integral to the story, but it would have felt more complete to me if they had been addressed.

I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to it, and given the different personalities and reading tastes around here I think it’s guaranteed to be varied…which is FUN! :D

Cheryl July 3, 2015 at 7:21 PM

The poor author! This is one Amy told me I must read.

Amy July 3, 2015 at 11:19 PM

YES Cheryl…you gotta read it! And when I finish the novella I’ll let you know about it, too. So far, so good. ;)

Shawna July 7, 2015 at 4:31 PM

After Maryse posted about this book and all the hype, I one clicked Jezebel and went in blind. WOW! I just read it from front to back cover and I am left with…WOW! This is a must read. Did not see that twist coming at all and really enjoyed the characters. I am onto the Novella right now and I can’t wait!

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