Let’s try this again, shall we? My blurb-jolt list from yesterday!

by Maryse on June 6, 2018 · 8 comments

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LOL!!! I know, this is unusual… but… BUT!!! It wasn’t fair! eek I was especially excited about the books I found on yesterday’s new release list that had me wiggling in my seat with nervous anticipation, ’cause I wanted (WANT) to read them all at the same time. Everyone screams… ME!!! I was THRILLED to put together this blurb-jolt list. :D

And then… since there was an Amazon glitch for a good part of the day yesterday, most of the books in my blurb-jolt list were unaccessible. GASP!!! Offffffff COURSE it would be the books that I choose to *squee* over, that would go missing. rolleyes So I’m representing them. They deserve a hug… and a read. ;)

What else am I excited about? 

➔ The Girl and Her Ren (Ribbon Duet Book 2) by Pepper Winters (’cause now I can read this INCREDIBLE sounding duet!!!! I hear “forbidden” *waggles eyebrows* Eeeeeeeeeeep!!!) 

➔ The Kiss Quotient (many in our book crew are super excited for this one, and I’m hearing there’s tons of great buzz about it – she’s got Aspergers and in her 30s and ready to try dating),

➔ If You Say So (actually a recent release that I missed, but how could I resist with that gorgeous cover. And the blurb totally gave me an old-school bad-boy fighter feel, kind of like one of my most favorite books ever ;) , so I’m intrigued if it will give me that same rush “when the infamous Jay “The Hurricane” Hamilton—one of the highest-ranking boxers at The Underground—labels her a ring rat, she writes him off as just another guy with an over-inflated ego…“),

➔ The One You Can’t Forget (Roni Loren’s latest, and she’s getting mugged and he saves her… and she’s the attorney that helped his wife ruin him…eek),

➔ In Bed with the Beast by Tara Sivec (she gets kicked out of her dad’s basement and HE lets her move in temporarily… “‘Despite his attitude problem and long list of rules, Belle finds herself warming to the muscled man with a penchant for growling…” (<—OH YEAH that sounds right up my romance alley!!! I love moody-roommate books!! Especially when one gets sick and the other helps, or they accidentally snuggle-watch a movie together),

➔ This Could Change Everything (her rant against her boss goes public, and now she has to start over… elsewhere) ,

➔ Finding Wicked (DESERTED ISLAND ROMANCE!!! A plane crash and she’s stuck on a deserted island with her HOT CEO!!) P.S. The author is giving away THREE SIGNED SETS of the 2 books in this series to three lucky commenters on my latest blog post.

and of course, what’s a blurb-jolt list without a psych-thriller?

➔ Something in the Water: A Novel (ohhhhh boy, she and her husband find something in the water and decide not telling anyone can’t hurt, right? “Their decision will trigger a devastating chain of events. . . .” eek YIKES!!! I MUST read this!!) :D !!!

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Grey June 6, 2018 at 4:44 PM

Wait… what? I get to be first in the middle of the day on a Wednesday? *tosses… Moscato* because it’s after 5 o’clock here!

Maryse June 6, 2018 at 5:25 PM

*twirls in the moscato*

*gets bonked on the head by a bottle*

*faints with a smile*

Cheryl June 6, 2018 at 6:13 PM

*raises glass to catch Moscato raining down*

*revives Maryse*

*picks up Kindle and starts reading*

Jan June 6, 2018 at 6:40 PM

*holds out glass to be filled with Moscato*

*takes a sip*

*picks up Kindle and starts reading*

R. Renee June 6, 2018 at 6:42 PM

Maryse no Moscato for you! Too much sugar, but I’ll pour you a glass of French Rosé.

Maryse June 6, 2018 at 7:11 PM

OMG YESSS!! Rose is my favorite anyway.

THAT, and Prosecco. Can I have Prosecco?

R. Renee June 6, 2018 at 7:24 PM

Prosecco’s fine. Not as dry as Rosé, but definitely not sweet. I’ll allow it! :D

Maryse June 6, 2018 at 7:35 PM


How I love my bubblies!!!!!!!

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