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by Maryse on September 24, 2018 · 29 comments

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Happy Monday everyone!!!! I’ve got a review coming up in just a little bit (today), but in the meantime:

Let’s play “Three Things”

  1. I made chicken and dumplings this weekend (but I didn’t eat any of the “dumplings”) and I put in wayyyy too many peas. I’m not a “pea-girl” (and this weekend it became official). LOL!
  2. I’ve had one of those stupid sleepless nights and have pretty much only slept 2-3 hrs. I am so exhausted I can barely function. My brain is so confused. ;) (I think I’ll blame the full moon today – it’s a harvest moon!).
  3. A book made me ugly-cry this weekend but it was so worth it. :D That’s the review that’s coming.


  1. Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely <— LAUREN BLAKELY ALERT!! HE’S HER ABSOLUTE BEST FRIEND EVER!! “…Nothing will change our easy breezy friendship. Until I have the bright idea to convince him to start a new band with me. Trouble is, our sizzling chemistry in the recording studio is getting harder to ignore, no matter how risky it might be...”
  2. Runaway Girl by Tessa Bailey <— TESSA BAILEY ALERT!! SHE’S ABOUT TO GET MARRIED UNTIL… “…A chance meeting of gazes through the church window pane with someone familiar who radiates intrigue. Independence. It’s the final push Naomi needs to realize…she’s boring. A blonde, cookie cutter, well mannered trophy wife-to-be. How can she expect to lead a fulfilling married life when she’s never lived?”
  3. How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days (Chick Flick Club) by Lila Monroe <— HER HAIRY MANWHORE NEIGHBOR!!! “…Stylist Gemma Jones is competing for a once-in-a-lifetime promotion. All she has to do is take some fashion-backward guy from geek to GQ-worthy. The only problem? The man in question is her hairy manwhore of a next-door neighbor. AKA Bigfoot…”
  4. Rapture (Renegades Book 8) by Skye Jordan
  5. A Nordic King: A Standalone Romance by Karina Halle <— Karina Halle’s & IT’S A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE!!! She’s the Nanny for a King’s two princesses, and she’s falling in love with him! “ matter how I feel about him, we can never be together. You think it’s bad enough being in love with your boss? Try falling in love with a king.
  6. The Wedding Lullaby (One Night to Forever Book 2) by Melissa McClone
  7. Collared by the Badman (Russian Bratva Book 11) by Hayley Faiman
  8. Perversion (Perversion Trilogy Book 1) by T.M. Frazier <— T.M. FRAZIER’S LATEST GRITTY READ!! “...I’m the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood. She’s a con artist working for my greatest enemy. I use her. She manipulates me. We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war…”
  9. Marred: Kyle and Violet (Cliffside Bay Book 4) by Tess Thompson <— “The fourth installment of The Cliffside Bay Series by bestselling author Tess Thompson follows the interwoven stories of five best friends, the beach community they love, and the women who captivate them. Prepare to get lost in a wave of small town charm, men you would love to take home to your mother, and smart, resilient heroines you wished lived next door.
  10. Dating the Enemy by Nicole Williams <— NICOLE WILLIAMS ALERT!! HER LATEST (ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS!!) Opposing columnists have different views on “love”…  ”…She believes in fate—he in chance. She knows there’s one right person for everyone—he knows there are multiple ones. The two writers couldn’t be more polarized on relationships. They’re professional rivals, and philosophical antagonists. For eight years, their battles have been fought with words and ink. That changes when they apply for the same position at the World Times and find themselves face-to-face for the first time. Brooks isn’t the sour-faced, antiquity of a man Hannah pictured…”
  11. Boy Toy Auction by C.A. Harms
  12. Make Me Fall (Books & Brews Series Book 2) by Sara Rider
  13. Chased into Love (Bachelorette Party Book 4) by Rochelle Paige <— REFORMED PARTY GIRL IN VEGAS!! “…Ariana Valenti had always been a party girl. But after a major wake-up call, she’s a reformed one. Except not everyone in Las Vegas has gotten the message, which sends her running to Chicago…and straight into Mark’s arms…”
  14. Fool Me Forever (The Confidence Game) by Ainslie Paton
  15. The Dragon Next Door: A Sexy Paranormal Romance by Serena Rose
  16. Uncontrollable (Beyond Human) by Nina Croft
  17. Hating Him by M. K. Hale
  18. Vows on Ice (Boys of Winter Book 6) by S.R. Grey
  19. Redemption by T.K. Leigh <— Ooooh I’m already furious! WHAT AN A$$!!! “Everyone deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistake. At least according to Brooklyn Tanner. Over the course of their long, complicated friendship, she’s given Andrew Brinks more than enough chances. What has she received in return? Heartache. Pain. Agony…”
  20. Her Captive (Her Dark Mafia Heart Duet Book 1) by Talia Ellison
  21. Her Secret (Her Dark Mafia Heart Duet Book 2)  by Talia Ellison
  22. Rule #3: You Can’t Kiss Your Best Friend (The Rules of Love) by Anne-Marie Meyer <— HE’S HER BEST FRIEND… “…I’ve screwed up bad—especially when I ask Ethan the secrets to a good kiss. Big mistake. Feelings have changed and I’m pretty sure our friendship just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Too bad I seem to be the only part in our duo who feels this way...”
  23. Adrenaline Rush (Death Chasers MC Series Book 4) by C.M. Owens <— C.M. OWENS ALERT!! HE’S SCARY & OBSESSED WITH HER... “…Aside from my brother, there’s only one other person from my past who could hold any power over me now. I…just wasn’t expecting him to have gotten so batsh*t crazy. Rush… The boy prospect who grew up into a scary killer with very little morality left inside him. I should be a little more terrified about how obsessed he seems to be with me, but…I’m just warped enough to overlook the crazy. Mostly...”
  24. Our Final Tale (Iron Fury MC Book 6) by Bella Jewel <— BELLA JEWEL ALERT!! SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHO HE IS… “...She owns every single piece of who I am. Nobody else has ever come close. And now I’ve found her. And she’s lookin’ at me like she doesn’t know who I am.  Like I wasn’t her first kiss. Her first boyfriend. Her first love. Her first heartbreak...”
  25. desolate (Grace Trilogy, Book One) by Autumn Grey <— HE WANTS TO BE A PRIEST BUT… “…Little did I know she would become my temptation and vice, and quite possibly, my ruin. Now I’m standing at a crossroads, and my head is a battlefield. How do I choose sides when it means losing a part of who I am?”
  26. Gym Junkie by T.L. SWAN <— T.L. SWAN’S LATEST (and oh my… what IS he doing on that cover? *gasp!!*) She’s into a guy at her gym… “He’s as sexy AF. Dominant as all hell. Built like a machine. And when he turns up at my work My absolute worst nightmare.”




For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free audiobooks deal —>

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PREORDERS (going live at midnight!!!  :D )

  1. Strong: A Stage Dive Novella by Kylie Scott – September 25th 2018
  2. Hot Winter Nights: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel by Jill Shalvis - September 25th 2018
  3. Hidden (A Requisition Force Novel) by Rebecca Zanetti - September 25th 2018
  4. Perversion (Perversion Trilogy Book 1) by T.M. Frazier – September 25th 2018
  5. Hour of Darkness: A Hunter Legacy Novel (Midnight Breed Hunter Legacy Book 2) by Lara Adrian – September 25th 2018
  6. The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan - September 25th 2018
  7. The Triangle by J.A. Huss – September 25th 2018
  8. Faking It by K. Bromberg – AUDIOBOOK ONLY – September 25th 2018
  9. Dirty Rich Betrayal (Dirty Rich Book 4) by Lisa Renee Jones – September 26th 2018
  10. and…
  11. Cards of Love: The Moon (New Camelot Book 4) by Sierra Simone – October 5th 2018
  12. Once Upon A Wild Fling by Lauren Blakely – October 8th 2018
  13. Fall (VIP Book 3) by Kristen Callahan – October 23rd 2018
  14. Secrets (Web of Sin) by Aleatha Romig – October 30th 2018

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{ 29 comments… read them below or add one }

Leslie M September 24, 2018 at 7:17 AM

Good morning! Sipping on my spiced pumpkin coffee here. Yum! Trying to figure out what I should read next…

I love peas and chicken & dumplings sounds delish. I was thinking of maybe making pepperoncini pot roast but too lazy to go to grocery store. It’s not even going to hit 60 here today so I want something warm & comforting.

bev September 24, 2018 at 9:16 AM

1. Forgot my coffee at home.

2. Started Ghosted, but forgot my kindle at home.

3. Listening to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. Apparently left kpop at home today too.

R. Renee September 24, 2018 at 9:47 AM

1. I did warm and comforting last night with roasted chicken and veggies. Yumm!
2. I’ve converted many a pea hater with a curry based pea salad that uses petite peas (which removes most of the “pea flavor”).
3. I stayed up ’til 5am reading and boy am I regretting that decision.
4. I need that Sierra Simone like right now!
5. I can’t count today.

Maryse September 24, 2018 at 10:07 AM

LOL bev… what a Monday we’re both having. ;) Ugh…

Maryse September 24, 2018 at 10:09 AM

LOL R!!! Counting…shmounting! The more “things” we get from each other, the better we get to know each other. I love that!!!

Maryse September 24, 2018 at 10:09 AM

Ohhh Leslie. You lucky girl. It’s still super hot, and I just want that cool, crisp air so I can leave all my windows open.

Kathy P. September 24, 2018 at 10:31 AM

Binding 13 by Chloe Walsh is on sale for. .99. I snapped it up as I am a sucker for a sports romance and girl from the wrong side of town! I am 80% in to Nordic King by Karina Halle and enjoying it. I had to force myself to put it down last night. This is my second book in the series and I do love a royal romance.

Amy September 24, 2018 at 10:40 AM

Good morning, ladies!

1. I love occasionally having Mondays off.

2. Still no baby bird. The eggs didn’t hatch again. :(

3. My hair stopped falling out! YAY!

And I finally made progress on No Tomorrow this past weekend. I’m at 62%, but I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. Keeping my attention?Definitely. Emotional? Absolutely. But the redundancy is grating on my nerves. As is Blue. Heh, maybe I’m just too touchy right now. *shrug*

R. Renee September 24, 2018 at 10:41 AM

I’m exactly where you are Amy! Percentage-wise and feelings-wise! I think I’m going to take a break today and read the TJR short to clear my head.

Amy September 24, 2018 at 10:42 AM

Archer’s Voice is on sale for 1.99!!! LOVE. THAT. BOOK!!!!!!

And I’m dying to know what new book made you ugly cry, Maryse…

Amy September 24, 2018 at 10:43 AM

Ooooh R, that’s a good idea! I just might join you with that one. ;)

Kimberly September 24, 2018 at 11:05 AM

1. Tornado took out the power station in my neighborhood on Friday afternoon putting 187K homes without power

2. I did not have the emergency kit my Dad always warned me to have

3. I will be setting up an emergency kit this week :D

I did finish No Tomorrow yesterday. No ugly cries for me if that’s the magic book. Hope you can get a better sleep tonight Maryse!!

Amy September 24, 2018 at 11:33 AM

Oh no, Kimberly. Oh no. That’s awful.

But I’m torn between feeling sympathetic over your situation and giggling over your number 3. *covers mouth and snorts*

Jenn September 24, 2018 at 11:39 AM

Good Morning/Afternoon

1. I finished “A Nordic King” absolutely loved it. My favorite book of hers is “The Play” and then this one right behind it.

2. Currently at work listening to a playlist on Spotify for Kate Stewart’s “Drive” book now I want to read it again.

3. My brain function is at an all time low today as I think I am coming down with a cold…it will be my first in over 5 years so I guess I can’t complain….:)

Jenn September 24, 2018 at 11:47 AM

Amy-Like you I want to know too; my last “ugly cry” was not even over a human character but a fuzzy one!

R-I may just join you too…TJR :)

Kathy-Thank you for the heads up on Binding 13; I 1clicked it but still not going to read it till a couple days before “Keeping 13″ will be released

Robyn September 24, 2018 at 12:59 PM

Hi everyone! Early Friday morning I leave for MD for a couple months. So I’m packing and getting ready to roll.

Maryse- I’m making vegetarian “chicken and dumplings” for the first time. I’m using chickpeas instead of chicken and veggie bullion cubes that mimic the taste of chicken. I hope it turns out good.

I finished No Tomorrow. Well, it certainly was a roller coaster ride. Blue and his problems kinda drove me nuts and how easily the h accepted it. I know it’s true love and all that, but still. And some of those places where they did “it” were sketchy and weird. Let’s just say I would have questioned a lot of things more than the h did. Yikes! It was still a book that held my interest till the end.

Michele G September 24, 2018 at 1:21 PM

Good Afternoon everyone!!

1. I just got home from a great 5 days in Puerta Vallarta with my hubby. I simply loved it there! It was really beautiful! The downside was the 12 hours it took to get home because of layovers and delays. It was worth it though!

2. How did I never know there were book playlists on Spotify?! I know y’all talk about playlists for books all the time…this genius here never put it together until I saw Jenn’s post above! Yay me! A new discovery!

3. Reading “Heart-Shaped Hack” by Tracey Garvis Graves and I love it! Ian and Kate are so cute and fun together!

4. I also one clicked Binding 13 – - I mean $0.99 for a book that is 887 pages long (or something like that) – - it’s less than a penny a page…total bargain for a book so many are raving about! Yes, the accountant in me came out to play with that one.

5. Next book on my list to read is totally going to be the new TJR one – - so excited it was on KU!!! Happy moment for sure!

6. I think I know the book that made Maryse ugly cry …if it’s the one I think it is, I ugly cried too when I read it…

Okay, I’ve overstayed my welcome a bit here…I was feeling chatty! Everyone have a great week!

Michele G September 24, 2018 at 1:24 PM

Have to add on….regarding my #4 – - that is $.001 per page…that’s just a crazy great deal! Sorry had to correct myself…cause it’s wayyyy less than a penny a page…ok I’m done now :-)

Jenn September 24, 2018 at 4:28 PM


Nay September 24, 2018 at 5:28 PM

Just popping in after being in bed the past 2 days with a stomach bug. I feel too puny to think of 3 things. *passes around hand sanitizer*

Amy–that’s great that your hair stopped falling out. I hope that Biotin helped a bit. It’s been truly a miracle for me.

Jenn–I’m so glad you enjoyed No Tomorrow–that was my last ugly cry.

Jenn September 24, 2018 at 5:50 PM

Michele-not sure why only your name posted in previous post so let me try again.

Jenn September 24, 2018 at 5:55 PM

I finished TJR book and it’s amazing what I felt in the 35 minutes it took for me to read it. Now I’m going to brave reading “Lies We Tell Ourselves” Amy Matayo

Jan September 24, 2018 at 6:18 PM

Ha ha ha. You ladies have made me smile again this morning. *sips coffee*

Michele’s crazy calculations. Kimberley’s emergency kit. (Now that’s learning the HARD way). Amy snorting over Kimberley’s post.

1. The new Stage Dive (Kylie Scott) novella arrived this morning. Goody Might read it later today.
2. The new Grace Burrowes HR landed on my kindle today too. A Truly Perfect Gentleman. It had a fight with the Kylie Scott but the Grace Burrowes won and I had to manually download the Kylie Scott. (Does that happen to anyone else? When 2 kindle preorders come on the same day, but only 1 downloads?)
3. *shrugs* I dunno. That’s all, I think. *sips coffee*

Ashley September 24, 2018 at 6:52 PM

1. I stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night reading but I HAD to finish my book because…
3. I love books. *happy sigh*

Amy September 24, 2018 at 7:13 PM

*likes* Ashley’s comment. ;)

Cheryl September 24, 2018 at 7:17 PM

What a crazy monday!1 Glad now I can finally sit down and catch up on comments.

I agree with earlier comments about No Tomorrow. It was a rollercoaster ride thru crazy town. I found myself skimming it at times and thought the h definitely had her “love” goggles on. How could she not see all the bizarre behavior and actions?! I almost dnf it early on but glad I stuck with it.

Count me in on reading the new TJR.

Are the MC’s in Binding 13 teenagers in high school or college age? Was a confusing description. Meet in college but talks about teenage love.

MichelleS September 24, 2018 at 7:42 PM

Three things:
1. I love chicken & dumplings. I cheat now and used canned biscuits cut up. Delish!
2. I got some new meds and I feel like I am on speed or something. I’m buzzing around like Dani O’Malley. Need to come down.
3. I’m still devouring anything written by Jewel E. Ann. She’s my new KA. I’m currently reading Idle Bloom.

Oh! And my library loan of My Oxford Year expires at midnight, it’s the audio book, so it’s been a slow go. And just when the crazy stuff started happening. Need to go out on headphones right this second.

Jan September 24, 2018 at 8:42 PM

*downloads sample of Idle Bloom*

bev September 24, 2018 at 9:59 PM

Only a quarter of the way through, but not loving it.
Liking it ok.
The journal entries are jerking me out if the story.
Also, I understand her pride not wanting the money but then put it into a trust fund for your daughter.

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