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I found us lots of great news, funny anecdotes and sneaky little tidbits from some of our favorite authors and their upcoming books!!

  • Richelle Mead announced the title and release date of book #3 in her Bloodlines series: “Hey! Did you hear the news? Bloodlines #3 is called The Indigo Spell and will be out on February 12, 2013.” Plus some pictures on her blog herehere and here of her “The Golden Lily” book signing
  • Jamie McGuire updates us on Travis’s POV of Beautiful Disaster progress —> “Chapter Eight.” *squee* She’s hoping to have it out this early fall.
  • Ohh!! Some cool pictures of Nalini Singh‘s and Lara Adrian‘s Germany Book tour/convention: here and here
  • *Squeee* again, because Molly Harper just announced in this interview that she WILL be releasing a 3rd book in her naked werewolf series. OMG the first one (How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf) made me laugh and swoon and just *wow* it was a great read!
“I am very pleased to tell you that there will be a third Naked Werewolf book. On pain of death — or at least, a stern talking-to — I cannot tell you when it will be released or who the main characters will be. But it will be set in Alaska and the main characters will be connected to Mo, Cooper, Maggie, Nick and the pack.”
  • Olivia Cunning updates us with a blog post on some “Sinners on Tour” news (and a few funny secrets that are almost released in Trey’s interview). I’m curious if any of these “when Myrna’s away” scenes are going to show up in his book (Double Time: Sinners On Tour) … (eeeeeeeep!!) :
“Also I have an unofficial release date for Jace’s book, Hot Ticket. February 13th. Get his bad-ass story right before Valentine’s Day.”
  • Colleen Hoover‘s “Slammed” continues to climb in Amazon ranking!! #66 in the Kindle Store! Have I told you yet, how much I love this book? I have? Over and over again? Can I tell you again? Tee hee!!
  • Gena Showalter updates us on her book progress:
“I turned in Last Kiss Goodnight (yes!! and I’m so thankful for my editor’s amazing suggestions, even though she put me to work LOL), but now I’m diving back into the second Angels of the Dark book. For those that haven’t heard, the title is Beauty Awakened!”
  • Tarryn Fisher posted a progress update for her upcoming “Dirty Red” book #2 (on her webpage) –> Er. The dancing is creepy (and funny). BTW Book #1 (The Opportunist) made us all so crazy that we had to form a “support” group on my spoiler/talk forum.
  • Entertainment Weekly released the gorgeous magazine covers for the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie. Must see!! Renesmee is really a great mix of the two of  ’em!
  • Rachel Vincent appears to have had a little “ending” dilemma with her latest book (from her Soul Screamers series). She forgot how she wanted to end it…
“Rachel: Did I by any chance tell you how I planned to end this book? Because I may have forgotten what my plan was and I appear not to have written it down. At all…No 1.: Nope. And if you did, I *may* not have been listening very closely.——Rachel: PLEASE say I told you how I planned to end this book…Rinda: Nope. You said you wanted it to be a surprise.Rachel: Yes, but not a surprise for ME! *cries*”
But all is well that ends well, as Rachel updates us with:
“So, maybe sometimes people forget how they were going to end their series-ending book because that idea wasn’t good enough after all, and when they’re forced to come up with a new idea, that idea is probably/almost certainly better than the idea forgotten in the first place.And, by people, of course, I mean me.”
“I just gave Kaylee something I never expected to be able to give her. This draft of WITH ALL MY SOUL is *almost* done…”
  • For all of you Dex and Perry fans (Experiment in Terror Series), while Karina Halle is working on book 5.5, she has also been inspired to write yet another Dex POV scene. And umm… hehe. It’s gonna be hard on us. I almost don’t know how much I want to say, but she Tweeted this, so that’s the part I’m saying:

Karina Halle ‏@MetalBlonde: No one would read a sex scene between Dex and Jenn…right? Right? Cuz this is close to happening…but I can stop…

Maryse’s Book Blog: ‏@MetalBlonde Okay… ACK!! Is it okay to admit that I was doing my best NOT to imagine them “like” that? My heart.

Karina Halle ‏@MetalBlonde: @ItsMaryse that goes for two of us. But it will be very telling :)

and last but not least…

  • S.C. Stephens releases yet another Kellan Kyle excerpt (from her upcoming book #3 in the Thoughtless series) *sigh* I HEART rock stars….
“Would you sit down, please?”I pressed the palms of my hands over my stomach, trying to stop the butterflies from taking flight. “Aren’t you nervous? Even a little bit?”Kellan took another swig of beer. “Well, watching you is making me a little nervous.” Setting his drink down on a nearby table, he patted his lap. “Come over here and help me relax.”Smirking, I walked over to him. He didn’t have a nervous bone in his body. Not about this, anyway. This, Kellan could do naked, in front of a million people, and be just fine. There was something seriously wrong with him.I straddled his lap, tangling my hands in his hair. Maybe his calm would seep into me, if we got close enough. I placed a light kiss on his lips and Kellan let out a soft laugh. “There, I feel better already.”


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Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons June 16, 2012 at 8:30 PM

Holy freaking cow! How am I just now finding your blog? So overdue! Thanks for all the book news.. Thanks to you I now have like 10 open windows to click through =)

I’ll be back! mwah!!!!!

Carla June 17, 2012 at 1:42 AM

Oh my God S.C Stephens are killing us! I can’t wait anymore! And the same thing goes for beautiful disaster… oh my!

jen July 4, 2012 at 9:35 PM

when is thoughtless #3 coming out

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